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Honest Audible Review: Pros And Cons Of Audible App

There are lots of audible books apps, but Audible is one of those we commonly hear when it comes to audio story consumption. Audible books apps are practical since you can listen to them in a variety of settings, such as on your morning commute or while running. Audio book’s service like Audible has risen due to the ever-increasing popularity of audible books app.

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However, what is Audible? How does It function and what kinds of subscriptions are available? Below, we’ll go through all of the above and a much more honest review of the Audible app.

Part 1: About Audible App

What is an Audible App?

 Audible download app: headphones with books

Audible is the system via which Amazon creates and offers audiobooks for sale. This is like those audible books apps where you can purchase books without a subscription. This belongs to that group of audible books app that absolutely costs money to purchase. The monthly cost of a subscription is not predetermined because the cost of each book title varies.

So, with the usual scheme of audible books apps, the books are free from the start while others are at lower prices. Among the other audible books app, Audible is no doubt popular. That’s why the majority of audiobooks on this app are not free. While some are even exclusive, which means you can’t see the book titles on other audible books apps.

Also, Audible offers other types of media, such as podcasts and songs which you can listen to if you don’t like listening to audio stories. It’s like an audible download app that can be used for multi-purposes. And unlike those other audible books apps, Audible has the largest library with over 200,000 titles to select from. So, now what are its pros and cons?

Part 2: Audible App Pros And Cons

Audible Pros:

 Audible download app: woman reading on a laptop

Compatible with different device

You can download audible audio books and even listen to audible offline. This app is multi-functional. This is one thing I like about it. Also, you can download audible books on your mobile or listen to audible on pc since this app is compatible with different devices. Audible understands that computers and phones can’t be used in the same place.

Whisper Sync feature

This is what sets this app from the rest of the audible books app. The app has a whisper sync feature. It is a unique feature in Audible that syncs your listening sessions with your e-reading device.It enables you to start the book on your e-reading device from the same point where you left the last time you listened to it on Audible, so you’ll never get lost even if you’re following lots of audio stories.

This is convenient if you like consuming a book in different formats. You ll never feel lost and finish it in less than your usual time, but the book you’re listening to must be on Amazon so this feature will work.

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Audible Cons:

 Audible download app: dollars expensive

Predetermined Costs

I mentioned this earlier above, but let’s discuss more if Audible is really worth the price, since yes, like those audible books app out there, Audible will certainly cost you.

The price of Audible audiobooks used to seem more expensive. The cost has leveled off, though, as Kindle prices have increased over the past few years. If you’re not redeeming Audible credits on full-length books then to download audible audio books will surely be pricey. Shorter books come cheaper. Larger works typically cost a lot on Amazon.

Unlike the other audible books app, there’s no free account on Audible. Even though Audible offers a 30-day free trial, still, the free thing comes with limited access. After the trial period ends, you can either choose not to be a member and pay full price for the audiobooks or opt for a subscription plan.

You can cancel your subscription, but credits expire when you do so. Audible credits can be used to purchase audiobooks if you want to have a discount.


You have two options after the trial period is over: either decide not to join and pay the full price for the audiobooks, or choose a subscription plan. Compared to many other audible books app, Audible is more expensive. As I already indicated, after the 30-day free trial, when it requests your credit card information, it costs you $14.75 per month or $149 if you decide to pay for its Gold membership annually. You receive several benefits from this membership package.

 Audible download app: home library with many books

When it comes to technicalities and huge books collection to download audible books in Audible would be such a great experience, and it would be worth it, I think, depending on who you are and what your priorities are. The only downside for me is that I can’t download audible audiobooks that are costly. So, if you’re someone whose priority is to save money, then Audible is not for you because as I mentioned earlier, unlike other audible books apps, Audible is way more expensive. So, if I can get the same benefits as what Audible is giving, at a cheaper cost in other audible books apps, then I would prefer that option.

Audible download app: pink and headphones

There are so many audible book apps out there that don’t cost much like Wehear.

Wehear is one of those audible books apps which is as good as Audible. The app also offers a wide selection of book titles, the narration is superb, plus the audio stories are engaging. Same with Audible, the Wehear app has a good quality sound, works with all devices, is multi-functional, and is user-friendly.

Audible download app: Wehear logo

The good thing with this app is that you won’t have a hard time registering or downloading. Since the app is user-friendly it will save both your time and money when you download audiobooks to iPhone. Another thing that I like about this Wehear app is that it has lots of free stories compared to Audible. You can download audible audiobooks from Wehear such as books of different genres like romantic or paranormal stories. Also, you don’t need to necessarily download Wehear to find related information about the audiobook you decide to read. However, if you want to keep the book in your reading collection, of course downloading the app is more convenient.

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