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Married At First Sight Novel by Gu Linfei

Since the day got hitched to a stranger on their blind date, she had assumed married life would be ordinary but respectful and mundane. It never crossed her mind that her new husband would be clingy like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. To her utmost surprise, he could make her trouble disappear whenever she was at a fix.

Despite her questioning, her husband would always pass it off as luck. Until one day, she watched an interview with a billionaire known for fussing over his wife. That was when she noticed the uncanny resemblance of the billionaire to his husband. The wife to whom she was showering attention turned out to be her!

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Married At First Sight Novel Summary

Married At First Sight Novel

Married At First Sight Novel is a story about an arranged marriage. A grandmother who wanted her grandson to settle down, and a woman who needed a new setup in life, Serenity and Zachary both needed the marriage but it was, however, inconvenient on Zachary’s part for as his grandmother describes him, he is not interested in women.

Married At First Sight Novel began with the exposition of Serenity’s life. She was living with her sister and was a financial burden to them.

Serenity’s brother-in-law argued that the $2,000 she contributed each month was insignificant and that she should divide all expenses; however, little did he know that Serenity made over $20,000 each month and paid her sister $5,000. She asked that the three thousand remaining be kept a secret.

Serenity believed that getting married would be a realistic method to lessen her sister’s difficulties, and Grandma May had a grandson who was thirty years old at the time without a wife.

If Serenity were to marry Zachary, she would be able to leave her sister’s home and move into a home that Zachary would pay for in full. Zachary, who had only recently met Serenity, had hoped that she might reconsider the marriage.

What Happened In Married At First Sight Chapter 1940?

Married At First is a long novel. You know that lots have already happened if you’re able to get to Married At First Sight Chapter 1940. This chapter was intense. This a show of how money works on love, and how love is done in the rich and splendid world of Zachary. The rivalry for love and status was there. The scenes in Married At First Sight Chapter 1940 through intense yet colorful and not so dramatic.

Theme Of The Married At First Sight Novel

Married At First Sight Novel addresses the idea of love at first sight and how it can develop even in improbable and unusual situations.

The significance of communication in a relationship is another topic covered in Married at First Sight. The introduction of a reality show concept into the scenes was the key story point of the Married At First Sight Novel. This posed a significant challenge to the relationship between the characters.

Serenity and Zachary were a young couple who got married for unconventional reasons and on top of that they needed to make their relationship work out in front of the onlookers and the media’s prying eyes.

Part 1: Review Of Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Reality Show Plot Concept

The Characters

In Married At First Sight Novel Serenity and Zachary were the main characters. Serenity and Zachary were characterized in ways that suit a contemporary romance novel. Though the genre of Married, At First Sight, was arranged marriage, the incorporation of the “reality show concept” in the plot makes it different from the usually arranged novels out there.

Serenity is a loving sister who would do anything to help her sister without calculating the risk of her decision.

While Zachary of Married At First Sight, was not quite as impressive as per Serenity’s perspective when they first met, later on his billionaire identity surprised her. Zachary is a successful billionaire who was at first reserved and hesitant when it comes to a relationship yet Serenity’s personality prompted him to open up.

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The Plot

Married At First Sight was told from a first-perspective point of view, basically, Serenity’s point of view. It adds a different touch to the storytelling which allows the readers to get through Serenity’s emotions.

The secret billionaire idea which was revealed through the media was a nice plot concept. That was the hooking part of the novel. Married At First Sight tackles common elements and genres of a romance novel, however, this is undeniably appealing to romance readers.

Part 2: Similar Audiobook To Married At First Sight

Which Is Better Audiobook Or an Ebook Novel?

Many web novels nowadays like Married At First Sight also have audiobook formats, since audiobooks are best for busy people. You can go far with audiobooks you can listen to while driving, or doing house chores, this is even good for relaxation and bedtime routine.

So, many readers of typical ebook novels prefer to have the audiobook version because of its versatility. Comparing audiobooks and ebooks depends on personal preferences, thus if an audiobook is a format that helps you read a lot and makes you enjoy the story more, then an audiobook is good for you.

Billionaire’s Wrong Bride Similar Audiobook

Married At First Sight Audiobook

Billionaire’s Wrong Bride is a similar book to Married At First Sight, this audiobook adapts the concept of arranged marriage too.

However, its slight difference was the characterization since the male lead here is dominant and ruthless, yet he’s soft when it comes to the female lead.

This audiobook was narrated well with effective sound effects enough to transport you to the world of the characters.

Mia is forced to marry a devil billionaire. Growing up she saw how her rich father mistreated her mother so by then she swore that she would never marry a rich man. She thought that they were all ruthless and treated poor people like trash. Little did she know she is exchanged in a deal to marry the rich billionaire – Xavier Leonardi.

Xavier is heartless and a playboy. He never believes in a relationship but then he is to marry a girl who is not up to his standard. He is angry and frustrated by this contract marriage. He wants to hate her but feels attracted to her. What will happen when two completely opposite people start living together?

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