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  • 1. What is Wehear?Wehear is an audible world which includes all genres of audiobooks. Romance, Fantasy, Adventure.... You can certainly find audible stories that you like! Come and dive into Wehear!
  • 2. What interesting functions does Wehear have?You can find several interesting functions like:
    1. Speed control while you are listening audiobooks
    2. All the audiobooks in Wehear are available to download and play offline
    3. Fine sorted audiobook collections, such as Romance, Fantasy, Steamy, etc.
    4. A special recommendation collection of audiobooks, which recommends you audiobooks that suitable to listen while you are driving or having a break. You can find this collection in the page [Booklist]-[Hear anytime, anywhere]
  • 3. How can I find audiobooks that I love?In Wehear app, there are several ways for you to find audibooks that you love:
    1. At the end of the page [Discover], you can find several genres of audiobook collections, in which you can definitely find audible stories that you like.
    2. In the page [Booklist], audiobooks are collected according to their features. If you love a certain kind of audiobook, don't miss this page!
    3. You can also search the keywords of your beloved stories' genres:) For example, if you love Romance, you can search this keyword to find romantic audiobooks that you like.

    There are more ways for you to find your beloved audiobooks. Download Wehear to view more!

  • 4. How to listen audiobooks in Wehear?You can listen any audiobooks that you like in Wehear by simply click the [play] button:)  Whether you are on your way home or doing your housework, Wehear audiobooks can exist as a friend that always be with you, using their sound to cheer your days up:)
  • 5. How can I download Wehear?There are two ways to download Wehear app:
    1. Scan the download QR code that on the front page of Wehear website.
    2. Search [Wehear] in Google Play Store or App Store to download.
  • 6. Why do I encounter locked chapters while listening?Authors and narrators need a great effort to write stories for you. Because of this, in order to better support the authors and narrators, part of the chapters are locked. You can unlock these chapters by using coins or bonus. Besides, there do have a lot of fully unlocked audiobooks in Wehear. Come and have a look!
  • 7. What are the bonus and coins for?Bonus and coins are used to unlock chapters of audiobooks in Wehear.
  • 8. Where can I get bonus and coins?Bonus: You can get bonus by finishing daily tasks in the Task Center or attending activities in Wehear. Bonus will expire in several days after you claim it.
    Coins: Coins need to be purchased in the Store, and they won't expire.