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Romance Book Review: She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment

Set in a luminous, and in the playground of ruthless billionaires, this enticing story will escort you to a remarkable journey of underrated love, burning passion and tale of satisfying revenge. None of its element won’t disappoint or fail to catch your attention. Every chapters are spellbinding, it will be impossible to stop and not stay wake up late at night. Every characters are eloquently written, they render a paramount quality to the story aside from its unique plot, and make you gradually fall in love with their souls as though they’re right there, speaking to you and narrating their own story.

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Part 1: Main Story of She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment

It all started when Nora Smith got pregnant under peculiar circumstances, generating a massive shockwave to her family and the man to that she promised to be engaged. She couldn’t remember how could have someone managed to impregnate her nor what events did lead her to be in such a situation.

Treated as physically unattractive because of her size, and the least favorite among her middle-class family, Nora was branded as a liar, a sinner, and manipulative for telling her version of events. Her unfortunate bearings created an absolute mess and temporary rift among the Smiths (her family) and the Grays (her fiancee’s family).

Instead of defending her, and not causing further damage to her walfare, her family even despised her, to the point that they wished to harm the child just so their reputation and engagement won’t be tarnished by the rumors.

Nora, however, stood by her decision and continued the pregnancy despite the matters that were at stake. Her engagement. Her image. And her hopeless relationship with her imprudent family. All became the least of her concern, even the real identity of her child’s father.

She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment - Pregnant Nora

Time passed, and everything changed. Her appearance (from the woman being abused for her imperfection to the most dreamt woman), her position in society, and her personality, entirely throw out her past self.

The painful memories that induced the scars on her heart are now embedded in the distant past, ready to be lost in oblivion and be served as a lesson. But Nora, even with everything she accomplished, couldn’t just completely let her previous life go without solving the mysteries and resolving some of the dilemmas that led up to where she had become.

And so, she made the wisest yet riskiest decision she ever did. To come back, finally, end the engagement with the Grays and attain at finding the truth as to what happened to her second child. Because apparently, she had twins. Only, she was able to save one, her daughter whom she now highly adore and treasure.

The remaining one was still unknown. Who was he, and where was he was the information she was badly after?

She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment – Pete and Cherry

With her daughter, and geared with the set of plans to rectify the horrible mistake of the past, Nora returned after five years of being away. Surprisingly, the clues about her son weren’t the only things she stumbled upon while recovering the truth.

Coincidence conspired. Fate finally made a move against her, persistently trapping her in the arms of the man she never expected to meet after all this time. Justin Hunt-the heartless billionaire, and the man that was least of her concern. For a while, that is.

Secrets are slowly uncovered. Bit by bit. Not just the ones created by the main antagonists of her life, but her prime secret, as well, that she wasn’t ready yet to reveal. To everyone.

Overall, the story is magnificently written under its genre. Never once in the story, I didn’t laugh, become giddy, or intrigued. It’s the romance that’s intended for everyone. It started a bit heavy and intense but as it goes, the comical relief are starting to blend in.

The amount of conflicts-both internal and external-suited the character’s capabilities and benefitted the pace of the main plot, disabling its predictability, and making it more mysterious and beguiling to the normal eye.

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Part 2: Main Characters of She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment

1. Nora Smith/ Dr. Anti

She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment - Nora Smith

Quite the character, I must tell you. Fierce. Unbothered. Clever. And

Characteristics that aren’t new to spot but rare to be justified in a female protagonist. However, the author constructed her beautifully, and rightfully to the theme of the story. Her character development rocketed fairly, to the point that everyone was easily get intimidated just by her appearance, and the obstacles seemed to be a piece of cake as she handles them.

It’s not a wonder how she went from downhill to the most praised woman. All her life, she was inflicted with insults about her body and everything that she lacks. None of them affected her, though, and she stood up on her own, showing that it’s not her job to fulfill the high standards of people, a trait that empowers women at its finest.

Not to mention that her children are charming.

2. Justin Hunt

She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment - Justin Hunt

He could be less amiable at first, as love was just a word, hardly existing and a mythical sensation that doesn’t come naturally. As a billionaire and the head of a prominent business empire, Justin was highly regarded as being the most celebrated bachelor.

Praised by his astonishing looks, and immeasurable abilities, people looked up to him like a gracious greek god, capable of doing everything. Don’t let that consume you, though. While he seemed heartless, cold-hearted, and domineering on the surface, he was a lost child inside. Eager to find love and harbor a family on his own.

Nora’s arrival was a miracle, a fulfilled wishful thinking. And before he could know it, he was slowly straying away from the life he had once been in.

Part 3: The Author – Mr. Yan

Mr. Yan is a Chinese writer that already written several novels in the romance genre that gains millions of reads and followers on every platform that he used. They are mostly light, and realistic, emphatizing some societal issues that we had grown to ignore today.

His writing style is flexible, and precise, and can be described as imaginative. He was able to tickle the minds of his readers by providing them with first-rate content and an idealistic and fantastic world.

Part 4: Evaluation

It would be undoubtedly 9/10.

The pivot of the story did not just linger on the tragic life of Nora, her adventures as a mother of two, and an heiress of an upper-class family, but also, it discussed a wide variant of issues and misconceptions that are still sadly notorious today. It’s an absolute epitome of a gloriously romantic novel. Definitely, a must-read.

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