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All About Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel

He is frantically looking for a fake wife. She is in desperate need of money. What better way to solve their problems if not by marrying each other and agreeing to stay in a phony marriage for a year?

Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel displays an awkward, yet entertaining journey of two people who come from strangers-to-friends-to-lovers in a short span of time, while trying with all their might to remain professional and respect their marriage contract.

Will they keep their end of the bargain or forget about their agreement?

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Part 1: The Story Of An Unlikely Marriage Between A Rich Guy And A Jobless Pretty Girl In Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife

When the head of the wealthy Carter family had fallen ill, he needed permanent assistance, so the man’s son hired him a nurse. Little did he know that the nurse would charm his father and marry him.

In less than a month, Caleb Carter lost his father and his dad’s help, Cecille, now his step-mother, was planning to take over his company. Caleb had one year to get married in order to fully possess his inheritance and not lose the company that his father and himself built.

The handsome man didn’t lack suitors, as there were plenty of women fawning over him, but he needed someone who would agree to marry him for a year, enough for him to inherit his rights. Afterwards, he would get divorced and carry on with his life.

Ever since his ex-girlfriend, Sophia, cheated on him with his stepbrother Byron, Caleb had never fallen in love again nor was he interested in romance.

Anastasia was the main provider for her family. Ever since her father left them, she had to take care of her mother and her younger sister. As the sole working person in the house, Ana struggled with the payments.

She was two months due for rent and, to make things worse, due to a misunderstanding, her female boss fired her from the coffee shop where she was working. The woman seemed to believe that Anastasia was her husband’s mistress, thus literally throwing the girl out on the street.

Distraught and burdened with the worry of being thrown out of the apartment together with her mother and sister, a careless Anastasia bumped into the handsome billionaire Caleb Carter, spilling his coffee on his white expensive shirt.

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Anastasia

Surprisingly, Caleb only wanted another coffee as compensation for the girl’s recklessness. He liked her. She was pretty, she seemed innocent and, most of all, she seemed desperate for money. So, Caleb made her a job offer she couldn’t refuse.

He offered her the contract marriage deal in exchange for ten million dollars and a place to stay for her mother and sister. Although Anastasia was reluctant at first, she had no choice but to give in.

After all, she had extreme financial difficulties, the time was pressing her and they would be evicted from their apartment and, most of all, Caleb seemed to be a nice person, uninterested in a romantic relationship with her. It was all she could ask for.

Their marriage contract stated clear that they would not have any kind of intimate entanglement in private unless both parties agreed, they would act all lovey-dovey in public places, but at home, they would be mere acquaintances.

Furthermore, although they couldn’t publicly date other people, they could still pursue romantic entanglements with others provided that they would be notified and given the approval.

Anastasia and Caleb tried to preserve their marriage on a professional level, but when best friend Lianne and ex-lover Sophia start lurking around Caleb and when stepbrother Byron manifests interest in Ana, things start spiraling in an unexpected direction.

Both spouses become jealous and possessive and as much as they will try to refrain themselves from interfering with each other’s lives, they end up in bed together. What will this mean for their relationship? Will the contract become void? Or will they act as if nothing happened?

Part 2: Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Online Novel Review

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Caleb

You may wonder what makes Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife novel special among other romance books you can find online. Well, first off, Caleb and Ana make some interesting protagonists.

Their relationship is atypical and passionate, although they try their best to keep things professional, their attraction towards one another is obvious.

I’d say that the way the story progresses really surprised me. I half expected that Caleb, as a magnate and cold wealthy man would be icier in his relationship with Ana, yet he seemed kind and even interacted with her family without hesitation.

Of course, there were times when Caleb acted rashly and, becoming aware of the fact that Ana crept her way into his heart, he pushed her away, yet he always found a way to make amends. It’s actually sweet to watch their romance develop.

Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Caleb and Ana’s relationship is sometimes cold, sometimes warm, and at times it even becomes hot and icy. They easily turn from friends to acquaintances to husband and wife and strangers again.

Their emotions seem to be all over the place and it takes some time until they figure out exactly how they feel for one another, but once they do, everything will fell into place.

Part 3: A Similar Book To Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Romance Novel

If you’re looking for another fun romance book, you ought to give a whirl to Contract Wife: Morning, My Darling CEO.

It revolves around the beautiful young girl Cassidy, who finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Heartbroken, she spends the night with the handsome billionaire Chad, thinking that they would never meet again.

Surprisingly, Chad looks for Cassidy again and offers a contract marriage to her in exchange for helping her get back at her ex-boyfriend and former best-friend.

Little does Cassidy know that Chad’s real plan is to lure the girl back into his arms.

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