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Taming Killer Review | All About The Heartless Alpha Book

All Alphas are stereotypically heartless, but Dimitri Varlos, the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, pictures the Alpha’s classical heartlessness in a more vivid way in The Heartless Alpha novel. Alpha Dimitri is known as the bloodthirsty killer due to the long times he suffers because he can’t find his mate yet.

Only few werewolves are brave enough to face the terror of The Heartless Alpha. Meanwhile, we have Lily, a girl in the Snow Moon pack who doesn’t only lose her memory, but the entire pack members also treat her like a slave and abuse her so frequently… And she is headstrong enough in the face of Alpha Dimitri despite so many abuses that she has to endure.

The more we read into the contents of The Heartless Alpha, the more we will see the smart ways Lily uses to test Dimitri’s patience! Will she give up in her efforts to tame the Alpha, or, will the two become a mate?

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 1

As the first chapter in the book, The Heartless Alpha Chapter 1 gives more portions to the flashbacks of Lily’s miserable life in the Snow Moon pack. Back then, she was only five and she didn’t have many recollections of her past memories, except that the Alpha and Luna of the pack “adopted” her.

Here, I choose to agree with SVsmith, the author of The Heartless Alpha, in giving the ” ” sign before and after the word adopted. After all, the Alpha and Luna couple turns out to be an abusive couple, along with Evelyn, their evil Golden Daughter. Thank goodness Lily’s wolf saves her!

The Heartless Alpha Chapter 6

The openings of the stories in Chapter 6 of The Heartless Alpha show that Lily has moved to the Blood Moon pack. Finally! She is well-fed here and the Alpha provides her with some dresses despite the styles not being the fashionable ones. If there was a weird thing, that would be on Alpha Dimitri – never once did he visited Lily or made her feel visible!

Others in the Blood Moon pack missed the old Dimitri who is cheerful and always laughing… Not today’s Dimitri, whom everybody else regard as “The Heartless Alpha”. Now, it all depends on Lily’s ways in melting his heart!

The Heartless Alpha Lily And Dimitri

The Heartless Alpha SVsmith is one of Dreame’s novels that tells one of the MCs in some latter introductory chapters of the novel. Chapter 1, which marks the very beginning part of the novel, only gives us pictures about Lily, the abused woman in the Snow Moon pack.

Alpha Theo and his Luna, Tina, were the couple who brought Lily to the pack when she was only five and barging into the pack’s kitchen to have some foods. Unfortunately, both werewolves are so abusive, and their daughter, Evelyn, is no different than them. At this point, I’m thinking that Alpha Theo is the first “The Heartless Alpha” in Lily’s life.

All Snow Moon pack members in The Heartless Alpha novel don’t treat Lily as one of them. Instead, Lily becomes a slave in the pack. The Alpha, Luna, Evelyn, and others, would always beat her up whenever they thought she made a mistake. As a result, Lily becomes malnourished; after all, those nasty people often leave her without foods or drinks.

The Heartless Alpha SVsmith PDF

Lily’s fortune in The Heartless Alpha book begins to change when she discovers her wolf, Aya. Since then, Aya has been her one and only friend and confidante. Moreover, it turns out that Alpha Theo sets Lily up to marry Alpha Dimitri Varlos of the Blood Moon pack.

However, Lily doesn’t know that Alpha Dimitri Varlos is The Heartless Alpha; a bloodthirsty and ruthless killer who has killed lots of humans and werewolves. Hearing upon his name alone puts people’s minds to great terror; no wonder, Evelyn and Alpha Theo’s Luna put on a smug face as the two are in the arranged mating ceremony!

So, how will The Heartless Alpha a.k.a. Alpha Dimitri takes care of his mate? Will Lily be able to defend herself, or, will she give in to the sinfully handsome, powerful, but ruthless Alpha?

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The Heartless Alpha SVsmith

When I read the author’s profile, I get an impression that The Heartless Alpha SVsmith specializes in writing all about wallflower but empathic female MCs. Lily in The Heartless Alpha isn’t the only female MC; I see at least three more female MCs in SVsmith’s different novels that are already online.

After reading more portions of the chapters in The Heartless Alpha book, my additional impressions for such character creation processes are that those are related to SVsmith’s goal in writing novels: To touch the readers’ soul with her writing pieces.

SVsmith is a “she” despite her masculine name… And this one is a shocking news for me, even though all of the books she has authored fall into the romantic novel genre. Anyway, SVsmith herself is a big fan of everything fantasy: Werewolves, the supernatural world, and others… But not vampires. At the same time, though, she doesn’t mind inserting vampires in the stories.

Reading The Heartless Alpha SVsmith itself is like reading some portions of SVsmith’s characteristics. A loving mother to her two sons is one of the things about SVsmith that is visible in the book’s sequels, for example. Anyway…

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