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Hot Chapters of Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

In a world where magic is present, everything is possible. And Emrys knows that. Driven by a commitment he feels towards the girls who took care of him when he was a little boy, he manages to gain enough power and status to make everyone fear him.

He wants to protect his friends, while also getting revenge on the people who set the fire at the orphanage when he was still a boy. He knows he could have easily been dead if it weren’t for the girls, thus he wants to do right by them.

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Part 1: The Story Of A Young Boy And Seven Godly Women: Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Emrys grew up without his parents. He didn’t have their guidance in life, but he had seven girls who pampered him, seven friends who doted on him and looked after him. Apart from them, there was also director Olman, the orphanage master, who also cherished the little boy.

When playing, the girls always promised Emrys they would marry him in the future. When a sudden fire started at the orphanage and the girls were in danger, an elderly friar appeared in front of Emrys and promised to save his friends, provided that he would become his apprentice.

The boy quickly agreed and the two of them disappeared. For the first ten years, Emrys stayed with the old man at a monastery, learning martial arts, magic and magical skills. The last five years, he was sent to join the war at the border.

Now, fifteen years later, he became Empyrean Lord and decided to go back to his hometown, Jadeborough. The orphanage had been rebuilt after the fire, yet the place seemed so unfamiliar to Emrys.

Learning that old Olman wasn’t the orphanage director anymore, he went to search for him at his house. Reaching his place, he was stunned to see a young boy harassing Olman. The boy was urging the man to give him money, even shoving him.

Realizing the boy was Gavin from the orphanage, Emrys quickly grabbed him and stopped him from harming director Olman. After all, the man had adopted him and he tried to offer him a better life, yet Gavin wasn’t being grateful for the opportunity at all.

The boy could hardly believe that Emrys was alive. He hated him with all his might for being the one who was cherished by the seven beautiful girls. Gavin was always jealous of him and he was actually glad when he believed he died in the fire.

Cherished By Seven Sisters Cordelia

Despite the fact that Emrys was present, Gavin continued to bully Olman, asking for money and reminding him that he would be in charge of his funeral when the old man died. Tired of the boy’s attitude, Emrys slapped him a few times, trying to make him see reason.

After putting Gavin in his place and learning about his jealousy, Emrys asked Olman about the seven sisters. He wanted to find them.

Before the man could give him any answer, someone knocked on the door and it turned out to be Cordelia, his eldest sister. She looked stunning. Rich and powerful, the girl was the CEO of Cordelia Group, a prosperous business company in town.

She pretended to be happy to see Emrys and invited him to join her in her car for a ride. As soon as Cordelia and Emrys got in, she tried to call out his bluff. She believed the boy was a fraud and Emrys had died in the fire years ago.

Before Emry got a chance to speak, the driver stopped the car and threatened both of them with a knife, urging Cordelia to take her clothes off in order for him to take naked pictures of her.

The driver was actually someone working for competition and needed evidence to discredit Cordelia in front of everyone.

Emrys quickly took initiative and beat the traitor driver. He took his pants off and urged Cordelia to look at him. Thinking that the young man wanted to take advantage of her, the girl looked away, but Emrys insisted she looked at his inner thigh.

He had a birth mark there he knew she would recognize. Cordelia glanced at the birthmark and believed Emrys this time. He really was her friend.

Emrys promised he was back to take care of all seven girls. He wanted to find them and reunite their family. What happens when he realizes he is drawn to all seven women? Will they accept him back into their lives?

Part 2: A Thrilling Chapter From Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Cherished By Seven Sisters Emrys

Cherished By Seven Sisters Chapter 10

Emrys allowed Zachary to make his false accusations just to see how far he could go and also see the people who would back that traitor up.

Surprisingly, several people from the company joined Zachary in humiliating Cordelia, backing up his lies. When the reporters overwhelmed the girl with accusations and questions as well, Emrys decided it was time to intervene.

As he stood up, Zachary pointed his finger at him and told everyone that he was Cordelia’s toy boy. Without any hesitation, Emrys grabbed the man’s hair and smashed his head on the table.

Then, he quickly pulled out a flash drive and ordered someone to play the files on the projector. There was clear evidence of how Zachary and Simon were working for the competition and were trying to discredit Cordelia, destroying her reputation and business.

Part 3: A Similar Book To Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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