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Read Master Of His Heart Novel (Brielle and Max)

It takes a fearless woman to stand tall when being humiliated by her own fiancée and sister. When everybody keeps considering Brielle as the villain of her story, she decides to flip the table and show the world how she’s been wronged.

While doing so, she gets her sweet revenge by betraying her fiancée with his own uncle. What starts as a one-time flirt turns into something more as both Brielle and Max become addicted to one another.

Will Brielle stand by her plan or leave everything behind for Max?

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Part 1: Master Of His Heart, A Tale Of A Betrayed Daughter, Sister And Fiancée

Brielle grew up in an orphanage together with Lilian. The two of them bonded like sisters, especially when Lilian baked a cake for Brielle’s birthday, using the little money she had.

Although they didn’t get a taste of the cake as it landed on the floor, the two girls laughed and promised to taste the most delicious sweets when they grow up and have each other’s back for their entire lives.

This is why, when Robert and Miranda found their long-lost daughter Brielle, the girl insisted they took Lilian at home as well. Her parents complied with her wish and slowly they started doting on Lilian more than they did on their own daughter.

Unfortunately, the girls drifted apart, especially since Lilian kept laying traps for Brielle, making her seem jealous of the affection that Robert and Miranda were showing her. The parents always took Lilian’s side, belittling Brielle for being envious and malicious.

When the girl got engaged to Spencer Dorsey, Lilian became extremely jealous. She wanted the man for herself and she eased her way into his bed, making sure her best friend witnessed their amorous session.

Since Brielle knew that no one would believe her if she told the truth, she decided to get revenge on her own terms. First, she had to hit Spencer where it hurt the most, his ego. This is why, she seduced his cold uncle, who was only two years older than his nephew, the handsome billionaire Max Dorsey.

The aloof Max knew exactly what Brielle wanted and entered her little dangerous game, unafraid of the consequences. After all, he wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone, especially not scared of a spoiled brat such as his nephew, Spencer.

Master Of His Heart Brielle

Following the footsteps of her former best friend, Brielle feigned innocence and ‘accidentally’ exposed some of the illicit affairs that Spencer did within the company. First, she secretly let Max know that her fiancée had purchased and furnished a mansion with the company’s money.

As an excuse for his deeds, Spencer argued that it was a gift for his future wife. Although Max knew the truth, that the mansion was a gift for his mistress Lilian, he let the matter go, as long as his nephew signed the deed off to his fiancée, Brielle.

Spencer was enraged, but there was nothing he could do. Further, Brielle told Max about the nearby building that his nephew bought and luxuriously adorned under the pretense that it would be used for business. In reality, it was a place to throw parties for the upper office members every week.

While Brielle was uncovering Spencer’s lies, Lilian was working on making her look even worse in the eyes of her family and friends.

The girl completely shattered Robert and Miranda’s trust in Brielle when she let a fake diary scattered in her room which contained false stories about being a loving and considerate daughter despite being harassed and abused by Brielle.

Furthermore, she took credit for the monthly anonymous donations sent to the orphanage she grew up in, knowing that it was actually Brielle who was the benefactor.

Caught in a web of lies and caught in a dangerous love game with Max, Brielle has to find a way to expose Lilian and Spencer to the world and find happiness with the man she loves.

But will Max accept the woman who was supposed to be his niece-in-law? Will he open his heart to Brielle?

Part 2: Take A Look Into Master Of His Heart Romance Novel

Master Of His Heart Max

Master Of His Heart Chapter 12

Spencer was a little uneasy while waiting for Brielle’s call to apologize and beg for forgiveness. He was certain that the Haywoods backed him off, especially since they were the ones who pushed their daughter into his arms.

Brielle had no intention of apologizing though, as she hadn’t done anything wrong. On the contrary, she had also secured a great deal for the company and Spencer recklessly took the deal and handed it over to Lucinda.

She packed her belongings, left her resignation letter on the desk and left the office. Reaching the parking lot, she was blinded by the lights of a familiar car. Max stopped the vehicle and urged her to get in.

Brielle knew that if she got in, she would most likely end up in bed with him again. Max noticed the box she was carrying and realized that the girl had quit her job.

She boldly pointed towards a nearby building, telling Max that Spencer purchased the building for product development, but the place was adorned with expensive furniture, Persian rugs and even vintage vases.

Spencer used small amounts of money and adorned the place slowly to not draw any attention. But what could be the purpose of a luxurious building? It couldn’t have been proper for product development.

For the information he received, Max wanted to know what reward Brielle wished. He was looking at her with lust, but before the girl gave an answer, her phone rang.

Part 3: An Equivalent Romance Story To Master Of His Heart Novel

Master Of His Heart Novel

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