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5 Best Free Audiobooks Of All Time

Audiobooks provide the same benefits as reading. It also helps relax our eyes rather than staring at a screen for a long time which may, later on, cause our eyes to be blurred, that’s why people opted for listening to audiobooks rather than reading printed texts or ebooks. With so many benefits one can get from consuming audiobooks, no wonder, free audible books are now on the rise. However, with its continued popularity and market demand, lots of audiobooks are now no longer free. Rare are audible free audiobooks app. Good thing that amidst the rising costs of audio stories, there are still free audio books online app such as Wehear.

There are lots of free audio books on Wehear. Wehear provides free books for users. It is an audible world of different kinds of sound stories. I think this is one of the best free audio books app because the app itself gives you a wide selection of audiobooks despite the free subscription. And I think this is something story lovers can’t miss to indulge in for not all nowadays are offered free. Aside from this audible free app caters to more free masterworks for free, unlike the other audio app. In Wehear you can listen to literary masterpieces such as Pride and Prejudice, The Adventure Of Sherlock, The Little Prince, Dracula, and many more. However, if you want to listen conveniently to more free audible books, you need to download the Wehear app so listening won’t be a hassle for you.

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Okay, so I’ve mentioned earlier that there are lots of free audio books on Wehear done by literary masters, so let’s talk about why each of them is a must-listened audible free audiobooks on the app.

5 Free Audible Masterpieces

1. Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen

 Free Audio Books: Pride and Prejudice book with roses

Anyone would be willing to spend much for this book. This is a worldwide phenomenon and has even been adapted to film, but who would not want to have this as an audible free book? This masterpiece work is on almost every audiobook app but it is at a costly price, but romance story lovers want to listen to books for free. So, if you’re one of those frugal listeners, then you can download the Wehear app and listen to books for free.

Listening to such free audio books masterpieces like Pride and Prejudice is worth the hype. This masterpiece by Jane Austen is definitely worth reading.

I won’t be discussing the plot because I might spoil some events, but I would say that this is one of those romantic free audio books that tells a deep message to its readers. Yeah, Pride and Prejudice is a love story but it’s more than that. Readers can learn from the characters, as Elizabeth and Mr. Dracy unlearn and learn their own pride and prejudice throughout the course of the story.

Click here to listen: Pride and Prejudice

2. The Adventures of Sherlock

 Free Audio books: Sherlock Holmes street painting

This is one of those best free audio books. Certainly, adventure story lovers would love listening to audible free versions of this!

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are enchanting, full of fantastic mini adventures and enthralling series. Every lover of Sherlock Holmes and anyone looking for outstanding mystery books or short stories should definitely check out this collection of stories.

And speaking of mystery novels, there are lots of free audiobooks in this genre. Lovers of adventure stories opted to download the Wehear app, for the reason that many mystery novels are offered there for free.

Click here to listen: The Adventures of Sherlock

3. Little Prince

 Free Audio Books: The Little Prince Book on bed and flowers

Of course, who doesn’t know the Little Prince? This short story was really on demand both for entertainment and for educational consumption, now wonder this masterpiece has been adapted into free audible books too. But, concerning the masterpiece’s popularity, you could only find a few free audio books online of this title. The Little Prince audio version is commonly offered at a costly price.

So, if there are any The Little Prince free audio books on site, I think it’s worth grabbing the chance. This story is liberating and mind-renewing.

The message of this audible free story is about the significance of digging deeper to discover a thing’s true meaning and truth. This is the Little Prince’s primary theme. In the story, the fox is the one who teaches the Prince to use his heart as well as his eyes when making decisions. Imagine how the message could be more felt if it’s being listened to than just purely read.

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4. Dracula

 Free Audio Books: Dracula book with cigarettes and pumpkins

This story is a legend. I think every generation knows the story of Dracula, and now, lots of movie adaptations of different versions have been made from that masterpiece. How much more about not making free audio books of it?

You can listen to books for free on Wehear and Dracula is one of those free audio books on the app. I would say, the audiobook adaptation, and Wehear’s version of Dracula’s story is as excellent as the movie version. Listening to this audible free masterpiece on Wehear would let you experience the same chills, suspense, and horror, as what the Dracula movie could give.

We all know the story of Dracula as the origin of a blood-sucking monster who happened to be at first a Transylvanian aristocrat who wants to be young forever. What I like with the audible free version of this book on Wehear is the narration. It was told with a high-quality sound, and slow pace storytelling enough for me to follow the story sequence, plus the narrator’s voice is soothing and fitting to the setting of the story.

Click here to listen: Dracula

5. Persuasion

Free Audio Books: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion is another good free audible book by Jane Austen. This masterpiece can be accessed too in a free audible app such as Wehear. Persuasion is the final book of Jane Austen. This is the last book she wrote before she died.

This free audible novel, Persuasion, tells about a second chance of love, whom Anne Elliot was persuaded by Captain Wentworth not to marry and wait for him for eight years after Wentworth returned with prize money from the Napoleonic Wars.

I guess these free audible books are really a masterpiece and the best of all time, for the reason that despite the changes in the market trend, audiences, and reader’s taste, these classic masterpieces are still standing like they have a lasting name over time. So, who would not say that these books aren’t legends? The authors of these masterpieces really did give an excellent contribution to literature. And lucky are we, in this generation that with the rise of technology we are able to keep these works in different versions, such as audible free books or free audio books online which we can easily access. Thank you to the emergence of audiobooks, and more thanks to free audio books given to certain apps.

Click here to listen: Persuasion

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