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16 Best Romantic Comedy Movies On Netflix To Make You Laugh

There are times when you are relaxing and engrossed in staring at your social media wall or following while scrolling your cellphone screen staring at several chats with various topics. Someone you know posted a best romantic comedy movie on Netflix.

Suddenly, all the issues that initially seemed ordinary became interesting and discussed again. Not only that, some of them even commented on and compared their experiences while watching the romantic comedy movies list. Then a question arises in your mind. What makes people so, love comedy movies?

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And the best romantic movies on Netflix turned out to be one of the reasons, for romantic comedy movies. Demands me and those who feel pampered by their presence. Some films tease with two genres, combining comedy and romance movies or something like science fiction or fantasy. With all that in mind, it seems complicated to ignore all the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix.

16 Romantic Comedies on Netflix

1. What A Girl Wants

Film Comedy Romance What A Girl Wants

This 2000s film comedy romance Amanda Bynes is about an American teenager who travels to England to find his long-lost father but ends up finding more.

Forging a relationship that has integrity can help to strengthen the bond a man has with a woman. Moral principles that will guide and can help couples to behave the best without bias, comedy romantic movies with the title what women want from a man who is respectable, fair, and ethical even though he has to face the risk of sacrificing his election.

2. Crazy Stupid

Romantic Comedy Movies List Crazy Stupid

More than a decade since it first hit theaters Crazy Stupid Love endures as a well-done romantic comedy, an example of the romantic comedy movie genre that has its heart in hand and a few tricks up its sleeve. At once very sincere and intelligent, sentimental but rarely schmaltzy and filled with characters whose optimistic search for love is both playful and raw with feelings. Crazy Love opens in an upscale restaurant, where various couples go out to dinner playing footsie under the table, feet sliding forward timidly as body language speaks.

This romantic comedy movie list also tells how the playboy managed to find his true love in Hannah (Emma Stone) who is Cal and Emily’s first child. How will each story continue in fighting for their love? The answer is in the film Crazy Stupid Love (2011) which airs on Netflix.

3. What Happens In Vegas

Best Romantic Comedy Movies On Netflix What Happens In Vegas

Won a three-million-dollar jackpot that made it impossible for them to get out of their marriage. Joy and Jack meet by chance when given the same hotel room due to a computer error. After the misunderstanding was resolved and received room upgrades and coupons from various clubs, they partied and drank together and eventually got married. The next morning, agreeing it was a mistake, they plan to divorce.

If they work in marriage but still want a divorce after six months, each can keep half of the winnings. If one of the parties does not cooperate, the money will be tied up in litigation by the judge. Designing more and more devious schemes to undermine each other, you love comedy movies. As Jack tells Joy that their counseling session was canceled to show that he is not committed, Joy invites the girls to their apartment to seduce him, and throw a party. Jack returns his engagement ring to Joy’s ex-fiance, Mason, without Joy’s knowledge. However, at Joy’s work retreat, they suddenly find themselves attracted to each other

4. Isn’t It Romantic (2019)?

Hollywood is slowly starting to leave the stereotypes and stigma based on body shape towards female protagonists in films, especially in this romantic comedy movies list genre.

In addition, the figure of a handsome man who likes the female lead represented in this film by Liam Hemsworth is not the ‘prince’ that is usually shown in romantic comedies. Of course, not handsome, not rich, Rebel Wilson’s appearance is indeed a mainstay in addition to romantic comedy stories that are actually ‘just like that. Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is a New York architect who works hard to get noticed at her job but is more likely to just deliver coffee and bread than design the city’s next skyscraper.

Best Romantic Comedy Movies On Netflix Isn't It Romantic?

Things go from bad to weird when he passes out during a subway heist and miraculously wakes up to find himself in another universe. Always disinterested in love, Natalie’s worst nightmare soon comes true when she suddenly discovers that she is playing the lead woman in a real-life romantic comedy. Rebel’s various actions, expressions, and satire are refreshing things when watching this film.

That way, the love story in the top romantic comedy movies represented by Isn’t It Romantic becomes more realistic, because the ‘prince charming’ actually only exists in Disney or Disneyland stories. Although eliminating many things that become stereotypes, this latest romantic comedy film still uses a similar story pattern. A happy ending is the ‘key’ of this comedy and romantic film genre.

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5. Tall Girl (2019)

Best Romantic Comedy Movies List On Netflix Tall Girl

Light and entertainment remind us that physical is not everything. Sometimes a lack of self can lead to an advantage that other people do not have. This includes the latest comedy romance film genre from Netflix.

When the tallest girl in high school falls for a handsome foreign exchange student, she becomes embroidered in a shocking love triangle and realizes that it’s much more than her insecurities about her height that leads her to believe. Especially if you do it with your beloved partner while watching a marathon of entertaining romance comedy films!

For the type of comedy and romance movies that make laughter and tears at the same time. Comedy romance movies you can watch on Netflix

6. Holidate (2020)

Comedy Romance Movies List On NetflixHolidate

Met by accident at a drop-off point, introduces Sloane (Emma Roberts) to Jackson (Luke Bracey). Tired of nightmarish dates and his family’s meddling during the holidays, they make a plan, where they meet as a couple only over the holidays to make life at least tolerable.

Slowly, while ridiculing the clichéd life of romance, their relationship grows into something deeper. Until finally found the courage. In front of hundreds of people, she confessed her love for Jackson, and the two embraced. The final credits reveal that all the couples are still together. Comedy romance movies you can watch on Netflix

7. Ten Things I Hate About You

If you are hesitating to watch this movie because it’s a classic let me tell you, I wasn’t even born when this movie was released but I like it. I love how it makes me feel different emotions. Teenagers like me will love these romantic comedy movies. And the chemistry between the characters is great! It’s 2020 and my first time watching it. If I liked it the first time, I’m sure you will too!!

Comedy Romance Movies List On Netflix Ten Things I Hate About You

10 things I hate about you this romantic comedy movie list is one of the best comedy and romance movies I’ve ever seen! It’s not an exaggeration.

The chemistry between Patrick and Kat is amazing. They are 2 people who love each other and are the perfect match. The plot got me spinning (in a good way). It keeps me engaged all the time. It’s the perfect mix of comedy and romance movies, and teen crime. It surprised me how good these comedy and romance movies were. There are many scenes throughout the film that I thought was perfectly directed and written. Please watch these comedy and romance movies, you won’t regret it!

8. Love Hard (2021)

Romantic LA journalist who is always single, Natalie, played by Nina Dobrev, thinks things start to show when she “hangs out” with a man from the East Coast, Tag, played by Darren Barnet.

Best Comedy Romance Movies On Netflix Love Hard

He confidently takes a surprise vacation flight, only to find that he has been conned by Tag’s childhood friend who is equally unlucky in love, Josh. This light comedy romantic film tells of his attempts to fall in love.

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9. Afterlife Of The Party (2021)

Comedy Romance Movies List On Netflix Afterlife Of The Party

A “social butterfly” experienced the biggest party breach of all deaths during his birthday week. To his surprise, he is given a second chance to right his wrongs on Earth by reconnecting with loved ones, and most importantly, proving that he is worthy enough to step into the huge VIP room in the sky.

10. He’s All That (2021)

Comedy Romance Movies List On Netflix He's All That

Addison Rae’s comedy and romance film debut, as Padgett Sawyer depicts an influencer who specializes in changing people’s appearances, betting that he can turn an unpopular classmate into a prom king. However, the reality is that there are feelings in both of them and Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan) knows Padgett’s initial plan to approach him.

Approaching the end of 2022 is also a great year for romantic comedies on Netflix, If you’re a fan of the genre of comedy and romance movies I mean, of course, the holiday season is sure to bring a small avalanche of television and streaming movies about pumpkin spiced romance back home.


11. Good On Paper

Comedy Romance Movies List On Netflix Good on paper

Good on Paper is a 2021 American romantic comedy film, directed by Kimmy Gatewood in his directorial debut, from a screenplay by Iliza Shlesinger. On paper, Dennis Kelley (Ryan Hansen) fulfills all of Andrea’s needs and wants in a long-sought-for partner. But Andrea’s friend, Margot (Margaret Cho), believes she’s not what she seems.

The premise of Good on Paper (2021) will be related to many people who live a relationship full of lies. The plot tells how Andrea, a fairly successful stand-up comedian, is involved in a relationship with a man who claims to be a hedge fund graduate from a prestigious university.

There are no memorable or iconic shots that can show the emotions of annoyance and disappointment that Andrea feels. The development of the conflict and the level of humor or dramatization is noteworthy, considering this is a romantic comedy film. In addition, the acting of the supporting players involved made an impression. Overall, good on paper (2021) was made quickly. Luckily this film has a pretty good script.

Curious about the whole story? You can watch Kimmi Gatewood’s debut as director of this romantic comedy on Netflix!


12. The Duff

Best Comedy Romance Movies List On Netflix The Duff

Arguably one of the best teen romantic comedy movies that I have ever watched. After Bianca played by Mae Whitman learns that she has been designated as “Duff” in her high school, she enlists the help of popular athlete Wesley played by Robbie Amell to help train her to change her image as an imbalance to teach her so that she can pass.

Bianca manages to get the attention of her boyfriend Toby, played by Nick Eversman, but soon realizes that she is actually in love with Wesley. In true teen comedy romantic film mode, the two reconcile at prom, and Bianca finally gets the guy.


13. Just Friends

Romantic Comedy Movies On Netflix Just Friends

Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) reunites with his best friend and high school crush at a reunion and is then determined to win it over. But he had to fix his girlish ways first.

The romantic comedy is back in a major way and I’m talking comedy too.

This isn’t just about sexual tension and falling in love…I want quirky, silly obstacles with low stakes and awkward situations!, but actual big-screen comedy and romance movies are coming in 2022 (and many that are already out and streaming ) with your favorite stars and hilarious plots that tumble toward a big happy ending.

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14. The Kissing Booth

Best Comedy Romance Movies List On Netflix The Kissing Booth

Is a Netflix original romantic comedy film featuring three romantic comedy films starring Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney. King plays Elle, a high school girl who has had a crush on her best friend Lee’s brother, played by Joel Courtney, since childhood.

When she signs up to run the school’s kissing booth at the spring carnival, Elle is pushed face to face with her crush, Noah, and the two must work together. The three romantic comedy film series show the ups and downs of a couple’s relationship from beginning to end, ditching the ending to interpretation.


15. Jacked Love

After a failed engagement, Maya (Amber Stevens West) tries to avoid embarrassment by traveling home from Africa with a man (Shamier Anderson) who pretends to be her fiancé.

Comedy Romance Movies List On Netflix Jacked Love

When it comes to romantic comedies, I don’t want to hear a single thing about multiverses or murder mysteries. They’re fine. They have their time. This is a valid-time romantic comedy film.

16. Crazy About Her

Starting from a glass of drink, their meeting turned into passionate one-night love. He wakes up with a feeling afternoon in the morning. Adri tries to find Carla’s whereabouts. Feeling already in love with Carla, Adri tries every way to meet her. He also pretended to have a mental illness to be allowed to be treated there. The only problem is that Adri can only leave if he is proven to be cured. After that, Adri dropped Carla back at the hospital where she finally gave him her number and he promised to call as soon as she was released.

Comedy Romantic Movie on Netflix Crazy About Her

The touching moment was seen when the teary Carla entered the institution again. Crazy About Her is included in my first romantic comedy movies list. Although not enough to make me laugh but even think about the theme raised. Only after I correlated it with real life did I laugh, this confirms if you are crazy about him because love is not a mental illness but, hey love is blind right?

Why are romantic comedies popular?

Sometimes, it’s just about relaxing and laughing while watching the fun from the list of our romantic comedy movies. That’s why romantic comedy films are so popular. The genre brings people together to easily watch romantic comedy films, where the content of romantic comedy films is not completely mindless, but can not be seen as a brain. So easy to watch, and applicable to a wide range of psychographics, make romantic comedy films a fun genre in their own right. Sure, they’re often formulaic and predictable, but that’s why romantic comedies are fun. You either know what will happen in the end or you just go along with it.

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