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Read Now: Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel

The terrific romance novel Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father pictures a reality where billionaires believe they are entitled to be cold and dismissive with other people.

Whenever there’s a bold person who dares to retaliate or even scold them, they would face hell. What’s truly interesting is that the one daring person in this novel, who’s not afraid of being scolded or even fired is a woman. A badass heroine I might add.

Kara always speaks her mind, being quite aware of the consequences she could face if she should cross a line when speaking with Frank. Where will her boldness lead her?

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Part 1: Kara’s Story In Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

Kara believed she had the perfect life. She was smart, beautiful, had the perfect job and just got promoted and, to top all that, she was engaged to be married to the man of her life.

In a split second her life crashes when she wakes up naked in a hotel room next to a stranger. To add more to her trouble, the man accused her of tricking him into bed, although he was in her room, not the other way around.

Kara tried her best to convince the man that she had no idea how the two of them ended up in bed together but he wasn’t having it. It turned out that Kara had slept with the owner of the hotel, the famous billionaire, yet ruthless Frank Harper.

Frank intended to spend the night with his fiancée, Isabella, and he too, had no idea how he ended up with another girl in bed. The only logical explanation for him was that the woman played him and wanted something in return.

No matter how many times Kara pleaded with him to take responsibility for his actions and tell her fiancé that what happened was a mistake and they weren’t at fault, her words fell to deaf ears.

Even more, Frank grabbed her forcefully and threatened her that if she ever showed her face to him again, she would face serious consequences.

When the billionaire disappeared from the room, Kara’s fiancé Finnic came and accused her of cheating on him. He was so enraged that he couldn’t listen to a word the girl said. Even more, he promised her that she would be known in the entire city for being an adulterer, and she would never be able to find another decent job again, as he would make sure she would get fired again and again.

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Kara

Four and half years later, Kara was still struggling with finding a suitable job for her to support her twins. The only person that stood beside her and helped her ever since she found out she was pregnant from the night she spent with Frank was her mother.

When Kara seemed to lose her hope, an elegant woman showed up and offered her a job for a famous CEO, known to be hard on his employees. No secretary could last more than a month working for him. They would either resign or get fired.

In dire need of money, Kara agreed to work with the difficult CEO. To her surprise, he was none other than Frank Harper, her children’s daddy.

Although she immediately recognized him, Frank had his doubts about the girl’s true identity. He still hadn’t changed his mind about the woman he slept, yet he wanted to find her to make sure she didn’t have anything on his head that could tarnish his public image.

Nevertheless, his cruel demeanor quickly resurfaced when he criticized Kara’s quietness and taste in clothes.

Recovering from the shock of finding her twins’ father, Kara couldn’t help retaliate. She quickly taunted him for being an inconsiderate, rude person and boldly told him that she wouldn’t have signed a contract to work for such an arrogant man.

As she tried to quit her new job, Frank reminded her that the new signed contracts had a stipulation which prevented the employees from resigning withing three months of being hired, lest they wanted to pay a considerable amount as compensation for the inconvenience.

Tied by the contract, Kara had no choice but to work for Frank. But she didn’t plan to be an efficient secretary. On the contrary, she was adamant in offering the man reasons to fire her himself.

Things backfired though as, the more Kara tried to anger Frank, the more he felt drawn to her. What will happen when he learns that he is also the father of her children?

Part 2: Major Themes Explored In Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Frank

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Kara and Frank’s story is complex and intriguing, yet juicy and entertaining.

The author contoured the story around various themes such as love, power, redemption, identity and family, highlighting the romance aspect of the novel.

The love theme is approached through the romance relationship developing between Kara and Frank, two very distinct people, with different backgrounds and upbringings. Frank belongs to the upper rank of society, boldly making use of his power and wealth, while Kara struggles to build a career after graduating college.

When it comes to the identity theme, you could find it peculiar that Kara immediately recognizes the man she had a one-night stand with, while Frank has his doubts about her. But the truth is that Kara purposely hides the traits that she knows would tip Frank off about her real identity.

This hide and seek game between the two protagonists and their quarrels make the novel an enjoyable read. The way they tease each other but also look out for each other is endearing and will definitely keep you invested in their love story.

Although Frank initially wants to find the woman he spent one night with and make sure she won’t spoil his public image or bore any child of his, learning that it was actually Kara the woman he slept with changes everything.

Not only will he gladly accept Kara and the twins, but he will also try to make amends for his past mistakes.

Part 3: Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father, An Honest Assessment Of The Novel

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Love Story

Let me be honest here. Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father is one of those books that will keep you glued to its chapters.

You dive right in the middle of the action from the very beginning. There is no unnecessary introduction of the characters or too many details of their background. You will get the gist as you keep reading the book.

And yes, all your questions will be answered. Of course, I was terribly curious to know who framed Frank and Kara the night they ended up in bed together, but everything will be revealed when the time is right.

The same thing applies to the mysterious fiancée Isabella. Although she’s mentioned from the beginning of the novel, she won’t make an appearance until later in the book, but, let me tell you, she’s quite an intriguing villain.

The one character that truly won me over in this romance novel was, without a doubt, Kara. I like that she’s fearless, bold, ready to take a stand for herself and protect her twins against anyone, even their father.

Her natural self and the fact that she had the guts to confront the famous arrogant CEO Frank Harper despite the fact that she could face serious backlash make her a badass heroine.

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