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Dark YA Romance Novel Review: Make Me Lie by C.R. Jane

A demon’s daughter meeting guys from the secret Sphinx society – what is darker than “Make Me Lie”, a well-known YA romance novel by C.R. Jane? Make Me Lie novel itself is all about a demon’s daughter in the Darkwood University named Aurora who are surrounded by dangerous-looking and cruel guys who intend to uncover her secrets.

The guys in Make Me Lie book are Stellan, Cain, Remington, and Pax. These guys might seem harmless, and one of the guys even has the angelic look. However, all of them hide dirty little secrets and are determined to punish Aurora and start war with her in the cruelest ways possible.

Aurora feels so stressed and pressured at the same time while dealing with these guys in the uni. The fact that she did plastic surgery for herself even intensifies the elements in Make Me Lie novel. Will she be able to overpower these guys in terms of controlling herself?

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Part 1: Meet The Awesome Characters Of Make Me Lie by C.R. Jane Novel


Make Me Lie Aurora

The real name of Aurora, the female MC of Make Me Lie book, is Delilah. She is the daughter of a serial killer demon, and her mesmerizing eyes are the most distinguishable physical features of her, as Stellan has mentioned several times throughout the novel’s chapters.

Aurora’s father isn’t the only abusive figure in her life that leads her and everybody else to not recognize her by her real name and undergo plastic surgery. When she enters the Darkwood University, she must also face the quartet-alphaholes; all of these guys bring excessive nightmares to her.

The Four Guys

Make Me Lie The Four Guys

The four sinfully-handsome, dangerous, and cruel leading guys in Make Me Lie book are Stellan, Cain, Remington, and Pax. Stellan is Aurora’s childhood crush who lost his sister to a demon. So, he knows Aurora for a longer time than the rest of the guys.

In Make Me Lie book by C.R. Jane, Cain might have the most angelic look among all boys. However, he’s a manipulative person who is as dangerous as other boys. Remington is not only a playboy soccer player, but he also hides tons of dark secrets behind his façade, and Pax is a psycho and high-handed guy who enjoys torturing women with his fists.

Part 2: Core Storylines Of Make Me Lie That Are Dark Enough To Read

Make Me Lie C.R. Jane Read Online Free

The core storylines of Make Me Lie C.R. Jane are focused on an exclusive university named Darkwood University for talented individuals with high drives to realize their dreams. The university also involves a secret society named Sphinx, with the four guys as the most ruthless and dangerous beings in the university.

Meanwhile, we know a girl named Delilah a.k.a. Aurora in Make Me Lie. She is a daughter of a psycho demon; not stopping there, her demon father has always been physically and mentally abusive to her.

So, in Make Me Lie C.R. Jane novel, Aurora is determined to change her destiny; not only that she enrolls to the Darkwood University, but she also radically changes her physical presences: Dyeing her hair, going by her alternative name instead of her real name (Aurora instead of Delilah), and going on a plastic surgery.

Make Me Lie Epub

However, it doesn’t change the facts that Aurora should face the ultra-dangerous quartets. The first one she has to face in Make Me Lie is Stellan, her childhood crush, who lost his sister to a demon. Stellan is also the first guy to notice and become mesmerized with Aurora’s captivating purple eyes.

As we turn the pages to read more chapters of Make Me Lie novel, we witness Aurora’s struggles in facing even more dangerous, abusive, and patriarch guys. Cain, Remington, and Pax don’t only stay as the other three male leads in this novel; there are yet even more dangers that lurk around the uni, trying to uncover the darkest secrets of Aurora and makes her “pay”.

These entire nastiness in Make Me Lie would make the readers think, what faults do Aurora commit, apart from her attempts in rebuilding her life, that make the four guys and others are after things that she wants to hide from the world? Will Aurora successfully keep her secrets from these guys?

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Part 3: Meet C.R. Jane, The Wonderful Author Of Make Me Lie Book

Make Me Lie C.R. Jane

Make Me Lie C.R. Jane is not just another female author with high doses of imagination in her published novels. Her imaginations are also so vivid that I can feel the bonds between her and her characters in her author bio.

For instance, the lines that states, “Eva and her men have been in my head,” make me certain that she “communicates” with her characters to write suitable plots and direct the characters accordingly from there. As someone who regularly does the same for my characters, I thought such things make C.R. Jane’s written novels even more lively.

We can feel the intense darkness portions since the first few introductory chapters of Make Me Lie book. It’s not only all about a secret society in a dark and shady university; it’s also all about a girl who tries to hide and forget her identity while protecting her vulnerability and struggling with things that used to traumatize her.

When we read some parts of the novel’s title, we’ll know that Make Me Lie C.R. Jane is the first book in C.R. Jane’s Rich Demons of Darkwood series. Speaking of which, C.R. Jane herself is a quite famous author, and you can either see updates of her written novels and series on her official website or head straight to her Twitter account.

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