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Complicated Love Triangle Novel Review: It Ends With Us

The core stories of It Ends With Us might only involve a love triangle between Ryle, Lily, and Atlas, and the settings might “only” happen in college situations. However, Colleen Hoover, the author of It Ends With Us, has admitted that it is one of the most difficult novels to write.

The stories tell us about Lily’s life after college, who falls in love with a neurosurgeon named Ryle. Atlas, Lily’s ex in It Ends With Us, suddenly appears after Lily and Ryle begin seeing each other. From this moment onward, he continues to threaten the relationships and make things complicated, especially for Lily.

However, Ryle also shows his violent and abusive sides as we go on reading more chapters in It Ends With Us. Soon, the two guys begin to test Lily’s boundaries. Can Lily get out from these whole sorts of complicated love triangles? Or, will she get “trapped” in one of the guys (or both)?

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Part 1: Meet The Awesome Characters Of It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Lily Bloom

It Ends With Us Lily

Lily, the female MC of It Ends With Us, should be a pure and innocent woman, if only she didn’t have terrible love past with Atlas Corrigan, her first love. Her traumatic experiences lead her to have a relationship with Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon who appears too good to be true for the first times, only then to show his true abusive face.

In my opinion, Lily of It Ends With Us novel is a woman who needs to stand up for herself, instead of enabling cruel men’s decisions that put her into disadvantageous positions- which is something that she repeatedly does in the novel’s chapters.

Ryle Kincaid

It Ends With Us Ryle

At first, in It Ends With Us, Ryle appears just like a stereotypical prince charming: Handsome, smart (he’s a neurosurgeon), powerful yet sensitive, and seems investing times in understanding Lily’s struggles. However, as time goes in It Ends With Us, Ryle has proved that he’s, indeed, an abusive man. He has forced Lily for physically intimate contacts so many times, and he’s proud in executing various physical punishments to her.

Atlas Corrigan

It Ends With Us Atlas

Atlas Corrigan is yet another male character we can find in It Ends With Us book. Since he’s Lily’s ex, he would be the first man Lily wants to kick out for good in her life. Too bad, he intervenes so rapidly into Lily’s new relationships. Like Ryle, he appears like a good guy at the beginning, yet, we know Atlas is no different than Lily’s new man.

Part 2: Core Storylines Of It Ends With Us Book By Colleen Hoover

It Ends With Us Book

The stories of It Ends With Us book start by telling Lily Bloom’s life after her college years. In this book that becomes one of the sequels by Colleen Hoover a.k.a. CoHo, Lily is 22 years old woman who is ready to ditch her past with Atlas Corrigan, a man who used to be her best friend and lover.

In her attempts to rebuild her life and reopen her heart in It Ends With Us book, Lily meets Ryle Kincaid, a handsome neurosurgeon in his twenties. At first, Ryle seems like the perfect man for Lily; he’s not only all about looks and intellects; instead, he also seems to invest his times in understanding Lily’s struggles.

No wonder that Lily falls in love faster than ever! After all, in It Ends With Us book, Ryle persists in his efforts in wooing Lily until, at some points of the novel, he gets Lily’s heart. So, aren’t the two young adults “happy ever after”?

Not at all! Lily wants to forget her ex, Atlas- yet, it was Atlas who came and intervened her love life with Ryle! At the same time, Ryle of It Ends With Us also proves that he’s an abusive, forceful, and high-handed man. Not only that he doesn’t hesitate in forcing Lily to do whatever he wants, but he also frequently gets away by weaponizing Lily’s feelings toward him.

What does Lily do, and is Atlas defending his ex from the vicious man in It Ends With Us? Unfortunately, Lily doesn’t do anything other than making excuses for the bad behaviors- and Atlas also turns out to be a nasty person.

So, will Lily be trapped in this vicious love triangle until the end of the chapter?

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Part 3: Colleen Hoover (Abbreviated: CoHo), The Author Of It Ends With Us Book

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Being the #1 New York Times best-selling author makes Colleen Hoover a.k.a. CoHo, the author of It Ends With Us, becomes one of the most famous authors in the YA romance universe. Even though CoHo has stated that her novels, including It Ends With Us that we discuss in this article, are for young adults, lots of teenagers are still reading it for fun.

It proves that CoHo’s goals in entertaining the readers are successful. After all, Colleen Hoover a.k.a. CoHo, the author of It Ends With Us and other romance novels on the Internet, always states that her novels are meant for entertainment purposes rather than informing or educating the readers.

Still, the stories of It Ends With Us feel too dark and triggering to be called “entertaining”, at least, in my opinion. There are lots of scenes in this novel that feels like normalizing the abuses. Ryle Kincaid, the novel’s male MC, has proven himself so many times that he’s not a safe man, yet, the female MC continues to have the “it’s okay” mentality.

Colleen Hoover herself has suffered and endured tons of abuses; all of which makes It Ends With Us a rather difficult novel to write and understand. Still, this novel manages to be like other CoHo-created novels: The top-listed YA romance novels… Mostly because of the plot twists.

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