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The instruction from Bethany’s mother was that she should take her niece, Bella, and go into the safe house where she would hide until further notice. According to His Little Wolf Novel, it was common practice for “Beth,” as they called her, to be in this situation. It was not new to her, so she casually went into hiding with nothing but a little, “Okay mom.”

Bethany could not deny the fact that she felt nothing but complete creeps any time she was in that safe house. It was always only her, and she could only imagine things that would make her want to disappear from there as soon as possible, but she always had to wait. It was just that, on this occasion according to His Little Wolf Novel, Beth had waited a little bit longer than usual. Why was that?

Beth took a nap because it was what was best for her, and even if she was in a position where she’d rather stay awake, she chose to force herself to sleep. When Beth woke up, it took her a while to come to terms with where she found herself in. Still in the safe house? Not on her bed in the main house? Oh, my Goddess! What must have happened?

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Part 1: Main Plot Of His Little Wolf

His Little Wolf By Becky J

Beth could not deny that she had a gut-wrenching feeling at the pit of her stomach when she woke up to find herself and her niece still in the safe house, alone. According to His Little Wolf Novel, she should have been back in the main house on every other occasion. This occasion was different, and she had a strange feeling about it. Deciding to give herself some grace, she waited for a little extra time before she came to the conclusion that the worst might have happened.

Having cleaned up her niece and set her things together, even as far as taking some extra emergency food from the safe house, Beth snuck out of the room to find out what must have happened. What Beth saw shocked her. Everyone in the pack was dead. The deeper into the chaos she walked, the more of her family members she saw lying on the floor with decapitated bodies and torn throats. It was such a horrendous sight to behold, Beth could only thank the Moon Goddess that her niece was fast asleep.

Having seen that everyone sje knew was no more, His Little Wolf Novel narrates that Beth hurried towards the general pack’s safe where she knew nobody could get into. Children and old people would hide from the rogues and war inside that safe every time, and it was guaranteed that they would survive. But that was not so on this occasion. To Beth’s dismay and horror, everyone in the packhouse safe was dead. Heart breaks like no other. That was what Beth felt.

Calling out loud to the hearing of any survivor, she eventually got a response. An excited Beth hurried towards the sound of the voice, only for her to see her best friend’s mother in a pool of blood. The woman told Beth what exactly happened. It was her son, Marcus! He was the traitor that sold his pack to rogues because he wanted to take the land and be an Alpha. To achieve that, everyone had to die, so he leaked the hideout of the safe, and that was how the rogues got into the safe and killed everyone.

Following the woman’s explanation, it was evident that Beth was not safe. Beth tried to save the woman, but the woman assured her that there was no need for that, and that Beth should save herself since she was the only survivor of that pack, except of course, her little niece and the traitor, Marcus. The woman advised Beth to call her sister who had married into another pack, to save her. Her name was Brooke.

Beth had forgotten that she had a sister that could help. In the midst of such chaos, she had forgotten about her savior, and could only think about surviving per the next minute. Thankfully, she had a relief box set up for her by her parents a long time ago. A phone, and other necessary items were handy, so she used the phone to call her sister, Brook. Beth’s call came in for Brook, but Brook was unavailable, and Beth’s anxiety only grew.

Brook had just become the Luna of another pack after she found her mate three weeks ago, and she was in a celebratory mood. Her family were even supposed to visit in a couple of days for her Luna ceremony. Little wonder Brook had left her phone unattended to for so long and missed Beth’s desperate calls’ Eventually getting to her phone, Brook reaches out to Beth, only to hear the devastating news that her entire family, the very ones she was expecting in some days to come, had all been murdered.

Chaos grew in the heart of Brrok as she handed over the phone to her husband, Alpha Calvin, who would now see to it that Beth and her niece, Bella would be taken care of in their pack. An entire pack had been put down by one of their own. What would happen to Marcus, the traitor of the pack that died. What would revenge taste like in the tongue of Beth if she ever dared to stand up to Marcus? There are a lot of questions to ask as far as His Little Wolf Novel is concerned. Questions that even delve away from the main plot of the novel.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of His Little Wolf

Chapter 1

His Little Wolf Chapter 1

“Rogues, we’re under attack. I need you to take Bella to the safe room and don’t come out until I come and get you, okay? Promise me you won’t come out until it’s safe, Beth!”

Beth’s mother was telling Beth to go and hide in the family’s safe room. This was the beginning of a sudden turn of events in Beth’s life, and one that will change her forever. Rogues had attacked her pack, and although she had hoped that just like other times, everything would wind up alright, she was wrong. Heavy disaster was what followed as soon as these set of Rogues attacked Beth’s pack.

In this same chapter of His Little Wolf novel, Beth had waited for a very long time for someone to come and fetch her and her niece from the safe room, but to her dismay, nobody came. After a while of trying to decide what to do, Beth just had to come out to see for herself. Discreetly, she made the move outside the safe room and that was when she saw that everybody in her pack had died, including every single member of her family. The only surviving members of Beth’s family were herself and her niece, Bella.

Beth hung on to a little glimmer of hope according to His Little Wolf Novel. Apart from the safe room that belonged solely to her family which she had just come out from, there was the general pack’s safe room. Beth was so sure that anyone who had hidden there would be safe, as just as her family’s safe room, the pack’s safe room was difficult to locate. Unfortunately, Beth was wrong this time. She walked in to see that the safe room which contained little children and old people had been broken into, and everyone in it had been murdered.

Chapter 2

His Little Wolf Chapter 2

Beth called out for any survivors, and in this chapter of His Little Wolf Novel, she received response from a woman called Mrs. Thompson. The name of the chapter is also titled after her. Mrs. Thompson was at the verge of death, but she was able to convince Beth that the person who had caused everyone to die was a traitor, and that it was none other than her son, Marcus. Yes, Mrs. Thompson’s son, Marcus wanted to become an Alpha, and the only way he could achieve that was by killing everyone in his pack so that he will become the only surviving one and owner of the land.

“Beth, it was an inside job. One of our own was working with the Rogues. He showed a group of them this place, he let them in.”

“Beth it was… Marcus who brought the Rogues in here he was a part of it, he doesn’t want to have an Alpha anymore, he wants to be one, so he made a deal with a group of Rogues. They helped him wipe out the pack, he’ll be the new Alpha, and he’ll take them in.”

The above statement was made by Mrs. Thompson. She was reporting and narrating to Beth exactly what happened. It was all her son, Marcus’ doing. He had an ambition, and for him to achieve that ambition, according to His Little Wolf Novel, he would kill anyone on his path.

Part 3: Conclusion Of His Little Wolf

His Little Wolf Read Online

His Little Wolf Novel is an intriguing piece. A novel with such an intense plot carries emotion and active participation by the reader in every word mentioned in the novel. The author of the novel was able to drag out the raw feelings of the characters into the readers, as it is guaranteed that readers would clearly and nearly be able to touch and feel the exact emotions of these characters.

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