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Enslaved To The Bond by Red Johnson Read Online

Enslaved To The Bond is the story of Alpha Noah, Alpha Gordon, and Omega Rose. Alpha Noah, to begin with, was going to get married to his fated mate when something that bordered on extreme disaster took place. The night before his wedding, Alpha Noah walked in on his fated mate having passionate sex with her stepbrother. It was the most abominable sight anyone could have ever witnessed.

As if the fact that his mate was cheating on him was not enough, it had to be done with her stepbrother, and then she could not at least hold off the fact that she was going to get married the next day, in a couple of hours to be precise. Alpha Noah and his wolf Noel experienced pain like no other upon witnessing the sight, and the fact that Noah had to officially reject his fated mate on the same alter that he was going to get married to her if he had not seen her cheating on him with her stepbrother.

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Part 1: All About Enslaved To The Bond

Enslaved To The Bond Read Online

Well, after Alpha Noah experienced such a heart wrenching episode on the eve of his wedding to his fated mate, he gave up the idea of mates and the mate bond. As far as he was concerned, he was fine all by himself, and for two years plus, he was alone until the moon goddess struck him again and he found another fated mate. It was just that this time, his fated mate came with some features that he did not understand. First of all, according to Enslaved To The Bond Novel, the circumstances that surrounded how he found her was worrisome.

Omega Rose was of course, weak, given that she was an Omega. But apart from that, she was rather unfortunate to a great extent. Omega Rose was fated to Alpha Gordon, and the Alpha of course, given that she was an Omega, would rather reject her. Alpha Gordon was advised not to reject his fated mate as she was the only one that could give the pack an heir that would be duly recognized. With a situation as tough as this, Alpha Gordon was advised to keep his fated mate, Rose in the pack to fulfill her duty as the one who would birth the heir, while he got himself a chosen mate.

Alpha Gordon did just that. Gordin kept Rose away in a private chamber with a security lock that only his Beta knew the password to, and then he had a chosen mate become the Luna of his pack. Luna Alana, the daughter to the Alpha of a neighboring pack would become his chosen mate and Luna, while Omega Rose was kept away. According to Enslaved To The Bond, every plan by Alpha Gordon and his family that concerned Rose was going on smoothly until one day, Alpha Gordon went to visit his fated mate in her private and secured chamber and realized that she was no longer there. Alpha Gordon and his wolf, Voss grew wild at the sudden turn of events.

What must have happened to Rose, and how did she get to run away from her chamber that was fastly secured. It was all thanks to Alpha Gordon’s chosen mate, Luna Alana. Of course, she hated Rose, and as far as she knew about Rose’ existence, she understood that Rose was a threat to her.

Luna Alana knew that she was only the Luna for ceremony, and that Rose would birth the heir to the Alpha position which Alpha Gordon currently held. Luna Alana tricked Rose into leaving the pack, asking her to follow a pair of odd-looking men as she claimed that Rose would have a better life, and that her freedom was better than living in that private chamber which she had lived in for two years without coming out unattended to.

A clueless Rose accepted the offer and left with the men, unknown to her that she was being sold into slavery. That was how Rose found herself in the hands of disgusting and trivial men who would auction her alongside rogues for slavery. It was rather too late when Rose found out that she had made the mistake of her life, and according to Enslaved To The Bond Novel, all she had to do at that point if she wanted to survive was run!

The odds were against her and the chances of her ending up as a good slave owner were slim. Somehow, Rose managed to escape, but it would not be so easy for her to run away from men who saw her as a means to earn a lot of money, so she was ruthlessly pursued by rogues.

As it has been stated earlier, the moon goddess was up to something unconventional. It happened that Alpha Noah was trying to rid his territory of rogues, and the notorious slave auction was one of the illegal events he was investigating. In that case, Alpha Noah witnessed the auction, and he hated every minute of it according to Enslaved To The Bond Novel. While the auction was going on, word was sent to the leader that one of the prisoners had escaped, and that prisoner’s escape was enough to put the auction on hold as hunters were sent after the escapee. Who was this escapee? It was Omega Rose.

Alpha Noah was interested in the event, so he sent his beta on another assignment, while he stealthily followed the hunters in pursuing this escapee that had caused the auction he was investigating to stop. That was how it happened that Alpha Noah started to perceive amidst the foul odor of the rogue scents around him, a pleasant scent that only grew more and more vivid as he approached the forest. What was the scent? It was the scent of another fated mate of his, Omega Rose. She was running away from her chasers and tripped as she fell at the feet of Noel, Alpha Noah’s wolf.

Alpha Noah could not believe it. He had given up on mates and the mate bond so what was this? His wolf Noel could not stop howling and being excited about finding yet another mate, but Alpha Noah, whose heart had been torn to shreds in the past two years was not at all excited about meeting another mate. He was not interested. But before he bothered about that, Alpha Noah and his wolf made sure to get rid of the rogue hunters that were chasing Omega Rose, before anything else.

When the coast was clear, Alpha Noah had some time to ponder over this mate of his, and he realized that there was yet another scent coming from her that he could not tell the origin of. What was that static scent he perceived? Upon taking a closer look at Omega Rose, Alpha Noah realized that she was already marked. Marked? So how come she was his mate as well? And who was the person that marked her?

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Enslaved To The Bond


Enslaved To The Bond Prologue

The introduction of Enslaved To The Bond Novel, this chapter narrates the story behind Alpha Noah’s decision that a mate, fated or chosen was not what he wanted. In this chapter of the novel, Alpha Noah walked in on his fated mate having sex with her stepbrother. It was the shocker of the century when Alpha Noah witnessed this and as a result, he had to reject his mate on the very alter that he was going to get married to her in the first place.

This was the beginning of a down toll for the Alpha as far as love, mate bind and being intimate were concerned. The young Alpha had been hopelessly in love with his mate for as long as he knew, and would stop the world just to please her but what was he faced with instead? Betrayal.

Chapter 2

Enslaved To The Bond Chapter 2

In this chapter of Enslaved To The Bond Novel, Alpha Noah met his mate for the second time. His new mate was Omega Rose who had just fled from her slave masters as she was sold to them by the Luna of her pack, the very pack that had her mated to its Alpha, Gordon. It poised as a shocker to Alpha Noah when his wolf literally dragged him to where Rose was. He was caught up in the middle of a slave auction as a spy, and the last thing he wanted was to be directly involved in the chaos, but his wolf, Noel, could not hold back when he felt his mate around the corner. It had been two years of being without a mate.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Enslaved To The Bond

Enslaved To The Bond Novel

An intense novel such as this, written to precision to depict a certain emotion in the readers is what the author tried to achieve here, and it is safe to say that the author succeeded in his feat. Enslaved To The Bond Novel is carefully written and precisely constructed with simple grammar and little to no errors. A book worthy of the time out into it during writing will definitely reap rewards from interested readers.

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