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The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Novel Read Online

Mackenna had lived in Phoenix, USA for five years after running away from her husband, Alessandro Giordano. She had met a young man named Derrick in Phoenix, and intended to give him a chance at dating, so she thought to file for divorce from her husband, Alessandro in Milan, Italy. Mackenna had been married to Alessandro, and as far as she knew, the marriage was in the right place until she discovered that Alessandro hired a young girl to be the face of the fashion company that he was the President of.

Dulce and Alessandro were inseparable, and according to The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Novel, Mackenna had never felt so humiliated in her life. Alessandro kept his marriage to her a secret. He never showed her off to the public and paparazzi who always followed him anywhere he went. Instead, in the eyes of the public, she was replaced by Dulce. Mackenna left her marriage in Milan and ran off to Phoenix where she started a new life.

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Part 1: All About The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife

The Billionaire's Prodigal Wife Novel

Mackenna would see to it that her marriage to Alessandro Giordano completely came to an end. She was returning to Milan after five years to divorce Alessandro because she wanted to completely move on without having any ties with the man. If only she knew that it will not be that easy. According to The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Novel, the humiliation that Mackenna suffered while she was with Alessandro had eaten too deeply into her, and she could not take it anymore, so she left.

At first, Mackenna was only happy to please her husband in whichever way she could but after a while, she realized that all she was to Alessandro was a toy with which he devoured and reached several sexual climaxes with. He enjoyed dominating and wielding his power over her while he kept her hidden from the public. Yes, according to The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Novel, Mackenna’s marriage and relationship with Alessandro was a secret. Alessandro was the president of a renowned fashion company which his great grandfather founded, and it was the number one fashion company in Milan.

Dulce, the name of the young girl which Alessandro would rather be seen with in the public was what broke the camel’s back and made Mackenna opt to leave her marriage to Alessandro and flee to Phoenix, USA, but now, she was returning to fix the final full stop in the relationship. A divorce would definitely finalize everything and make her a free woman. Mackenna returned home to the joy of her grandparents. By the way, Mackenna’s parents had died in an accident a long time ago, so her life was centered around her grandparents and of course, Alessandro, until she fled.

Mackenna felt chills run down her spine as soon as she stepped back into the country, Italy, Milan. She decided that she would make it quick, finish up with the divorce at the civil bureau, and then return to Phoenix. She deliberately chose a period when Alessandro would be away for a Fashion Show so that he would not be in town to meet her, little did she know that Alessandro had deeper eyes in Milan than she could ever think of. Mackenna arrived, met with her grandparents and played catch up which was full of mixed emotions until she left for the civil bureau.

The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife, Mackenna, went to the bureau escorted by her grandparents for moral and mental support. It was a case of them being by her side at one of the toughest times of her life. Her grandparents had always been her rock. It was indeed a difficult task for her, but Mackenna’s grandfather physically and mentally supported her through the process until it was done. It was while she was signing the final divorce that Mackenna knew the gravity of what she was doing. She was leaving Alessandro for good, and it pained her because she still loved him.

When they were done from the civil bureau, Mackenna’s grandfather opted to leave Mackenna and her grandmother while they went shopping, and he headed home. It was looking like a successful venture for Mackenna until the disaster struck a hundred-fold. Every dark Italian man that Mackenna came across had her startled, thinking that Alessandro had found her, but she was always wrong, and her grandmother had to steadily remind her that Alessandro was all the way in Paris for the Fashion show and that there was no way he could spot her.

Just as they were getting comfortable with their outing, the dark man that Mackenna spotted this time walking towards her from across the street was none other than Alessandro Giordano. Mackenna tried to run away but there was nowhere to run to as Alessandro was already inches away from her, besides, his guards were available to chase her and track her down. It was a horrible feat for her to be in that space at that time. Alessandro, ever imposing and dominating, walked up to Mackenna, and the memories of five years flooded back into her mind as she looked at the man that humiliated and used her at will.

Alessandro ordered that his wife follow him back home. He didn’t care about the fact that she had been on the run for five years. Now that he had seen her, it was time to return home but Mackenna refused. She said she wanted to spend time with her grandparents as she thought he was in Paris, and it was not time to see him yet. Alessandro was not buying her explanation. How could he let her out of his sight after looking for her for five years?

Eventually, The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife had to agree with a plan made by Alessandro that they should have dinner that night and return to her parents. He would drop off her grandmother at home and take Mackenna back with him, only returning her to her grandparents after dinner. Mackenna had to agree because there was no other option for her as she could see in the man’s eyes that he was serious and would not take no for an answer.

It was such a time for Mackenna and her grandparents. Saying good bye to them while she was unsure of if Alessandro would actually take her back to them was difficult, but that was the only way forward so Mackenna had to be strong. She followed Alessandro to a top-notch hotel where Alessandro told her that they would have a private dinner in his hotel room since she was underdressed. Mackenna knew as soon as they entered the room that her husband wanted to have her as he usually did before she ran away. As soon as they were inside the room together, he started to undress himself slowly, with his eyes boring a hole into Mackenna’s body.

As usual, Mackenna could not resist the sexual force of Alessandro, and before she knew it, he was pounding her and ravaging her body while licking her breasts just like he had missed her five years ago. Alessandro used Mackenna that day more than he had ever done in his life, and then he got up from her, abandoned her after saying derogatory words to her, and went to take a shower. That was it. That was Mackenna’s chance to escape, and she did so, even though she was nearly caught by Alessandro.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife

Chapter 1

The Billionaire's Prodigal Wife Chapter 1

In this chapter, The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife dared to make the decision that will bring back all the drama and memories of five years ago. Mackenna was returning to Milan, Italy to officially divorce Alessandro Giordano.

“It’s time I moved on. I can’t start dating someone else. Derrick is a nice guy and I’d like to give him a chance, but I want to start with a clean slate.”

Those were Mackenna’s words, which were followed by her departure back to Milan where she started the process to officially divorce Alessandro on paper. She had merely run away from him before for five years, and she did not inform her grandparents exactly where she was so that in no way would Alessandro be able to compel them to reveal her whereabouts. If they didn’t know where she was, there would be nothing to tell Alessandro no matter how much he forced them.

Chapter 4

The Billionaire's Prodigal Wife Chapter 4

“Let’s compromise.”

“Have dinner with me tonight. We will talk a bit and I will bring you back to your grandparents for the evening. You can stay with them until I get back.”

This was indeed a compromise as far as Alessandro and Mackenna were concerned. Alessandro did not want to let Mackenna out of his sight for fear of losing her again, and Mackenna did not want to be with Alessandro for fear that she would be trapped with him again. Thus, The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife had to come to a truce with her husband. This was the only way forward.

Part 3: Conclusion Of The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife

The Billionaire's Prodigal Wife Read Online

The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife is a properly thought out and interesting novel with an exciting plot. The story telling ability of the author is top-notch, and the author does not just bask in what is the norm as far as web novels are concerned. Obviously, the author knows his onions and delivers an exciting novel worth every time and dim spent on it.

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