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Fantastic Book Review: My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother

Another heart-racing tale of love and hate to make you feel all the feelings in My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother! Lydia and Avery have despised each other ever since, especially Alpha Avery. The grumpy alpha had to act nice around because their parents were a couple.

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Until they decided to marry. He needs to be nicer this time which frustrates him. Avery’s hatred of Lydia is triggered whenever Lydia is with someone, making “My Jealous Stepbrother” a fitting description of his muddled emotional state. To learn more about their story, let’s look at the main plot of My Jealous Stepbrother by Veliciah.

Part 1: The Amazing Plot of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother

When My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother’s female lead, Lydia returned home after being rejected by her boyfriend, she was met by her mother with some shocking news. Her mother was about to marry John Hale, the father of their pack’s Alpha.

What irritates her is that her soon-to-be stepfather is Alpha Avery’s father, whom she knows despises her. On the other hand, she is relieved that her mother is happy. The next day, they were picked up by John Hale, and the alpha mansion will become their new home.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother: Mother's Love

Lydia’s stepfather was incredibly lovely, and she quickly encountered Alpha Avery. Upon entering her new room, she recognized Alpha Avery as the bird she had seen, whose face was covered in plastic. He’s a shapeshifter. Lydia helped him get off it from his face. The man’s unexpected kindness left her bewildered.

He even apologized for the harsh treatment he gave back in their recent encounter in a supermarket. My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Avery, the main lead, was grateful as well for saving his life. Lydia was under the impression that it was genuine; however, it was not the same man she had met; instead, it was the vampire persona of Avery. She discovered Avery has a split personality disorder from his father, but it’s really just Avery’s magic talking.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother: Shapeshifter

Avery’s character in My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother is a hybrid, with werewolf and vampire blood running through his veins. The alpha didn’t want to be a vampire, so they split up. But he must because if he keeps running away from his vampire side, he will die, and Lydia will not let that happen.

Being a hybrid vampire worries Avery because he knows he will never find his mate. Because of the vampire history, the pack experienced at the hands of the Vampire Queen, Avery’s mother, no she-wolf will accept him as a mate.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Complete Novel

Lydia was constantly convincing him to accept his vampire side in order to keep her alive, but Avery was always using his power as the pack’s alpha to tell Lydia to back off. To preserve the alpha’s life, Lydia has no other option but to propose to him to be her mate.

According to John Hale, having a mate who accepts Avery for who he is would calm his wolf side and allow him to accept his vampire self. Lydia did everything she could to convince Avery to agree. Soon enough, Avery accepted his offer and marked her at the mate ball. The beginning of their eternal embrace and mate bond began at that moment.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Complete Novel: Hybrid

Everything was fine until Kade, a Lycan wolf in My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother, entered the picture. He is aware that Avery is a hybrid and has threatened to reveal his secret if he does not step down as an alpha. Kade wants to be the pack’s alpha, but alpha Avery has always been the one who’s looked up to the most.

Kade even went as far as to kidnap Lydia as a show of force. This causes Avery’s range to merge his wolf and vampire selves. Lydia is already pregnant, and he would never let anything bad happen to his mate or their child. Fortunately, despite being a hybrid werewolf, Avery’s people chose him. He eventually beats Kade and saves Lydia.

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Part 2: The Main Characters of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother


My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother: Lydia

Lydia, the stunning female lead in My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother, is an omega with low self-esteem. She was an omega, one of the lowest ranks in a pack, so it was a significant change in her life when her mom married for the second time, and she became the stepsister of Alpha Avery.

Furthermore, she believes the alpha despises her. It was no surprise to her because who would have wanted to be associated with a low-ranking werewolf? She had no idea that it was more than that. Secrets will be revealed once she and her mother have settled into the alpha mansion.

Alpha Avery

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother: Alpha Avery

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother’s male lead, Alpha Avery combines the characteristics of both the werewolf and the vampire into a unique hybrid species. He detested having to be the vampire because the Vampire Queen had started the war by slaughtering a pack of werewolves many years ago. What made matters worse was the fact that the queen was his own mother.

Because Avery refused to accept his true nature as a vampire, he developed multiple personalities, much to the annoyance of his stepsister Lydia. His werewolf self was irritated by the girl, whereas his vampire self, admired her wit. Nonetheless, both of them piqued Alpha Avery’s interest.

Part 3: What Makes My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Novel Unique?

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother: Alpha and Omega

A protagonist with multiple personalities is unusual in a novel. CEOs, Alpha Kings, Hybrids, and Vampires are all common characters, but adding a unique twist like that makes the story more interesting. Because Alpha Avery’s personality is two, it has always had a change of characteristics, mood, and sometimes settings that needed to be executed.

In addition, it is beneficial for readers to read stories like this one that deal with issues related to mental health because it will give them some insight into what might be going on in their own heads.

Lydia’s feelings toward Avery aren’t typical. Despite Avery’s multiple personalities, she is willing to lay down her life for him, and she can converse with him. It was a challenging role for a woman to be dealt with by a man like that.

I applaud Veliciah, the author of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother, for creating such a lovely and unique werewolf romance story. To read more of her story,

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