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Lilly was the doctor of her pack and Alpha’s sister as well, so it was kind of strange that she was segregated. Well, stigma leaves its own taste in the mouth of its victim, and that was what must have been the case in Lilly’s situation. You see, Lilly had secrets that were “abominable,’ as far as being a werewolf and member of a pack was concerned. Little wonder she daydreamed of going rogue. For a special wolf like her, freedom was the best option.

When Lilly shifted, she shifted into a large wolf that made everybody tremble. She was hideous, her wolf, Kira was a nightmare. Lilly would shift and she would stand taller than Alphas of different pack, as in, age-old Alphas. Well, as much as it was not Lilly’s fault, she was not accepted in her pack because everyone looked at her in a certain light. “The abominable and blackest wolf,’ maybe. But Lilly was cast aside and away, even though she was the pack’s doctor.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of Dr. Luna

Chapter 1

Dr. Luna Chapter 1

Lily Strummer was a peculiar wolf, and she was treated in that way in her pack, the off thing here was just that she was treated negatively. In this chapter of Dr. Luna Novel, there were scenarios where a patient that Lilly had taken time to treat to be healed was still terrified of Lilly and felt her head could be bitten off by Lilly at any time.

In this chapter, an incident as peculiar as the secret behind Lilly’s wolf took place, and it was one that ushered her towards finding her mate. In a bid to look out for a young wolf in pain, Lilly found herself face to face with Alpha Tyler of the Diamond Pack, and he was her fated mate. Lilly had always imagined herself never finding her mate so, hello? Who was this guy?

She had always known of Alpha Tyler’s existence, except that she had never been interested. Lilly had never been in the same space as Alpha Tyler before no matter how long she knew about his existence.

Lilly had her insecurities, and they almost got the best of her, except, Alpha Tyler knew his onions, and knew a woman of substance when he saw one, so he went after Lilly. After Dr. Luna Lilly escaped from him when she met him for the first time, Alpha Tyler swore to go after her, and that was exactly what he did.

Chapter 4

Dr. Luna Chapter 4

“So, you’re the future Luna.”

According to the author of Dr. Luna Novel, “a poisonous voice sounded from the doorway…” It was Jessica, Alpha Tyler’s former mate. She had been Tyler’s mate for a long time and was about to get married to him the following week. Jessica would have become the Luna of Diamond Pack, except that Lilly had shown up unexpectedly. Jessica came spitting venom at Lilly.

“You see, I was engaged to Tyler, and we were supposed to get married next week. Up until a few hours ago when he met you. Then he dropped me like yesterday’s news.”

That was Jessica explaining to Dr. Luna Lilly exactly what she had done. Lilly had ruined her chance at being the Luna of Diamond Pack, and of course, no one would fancy that, so Jessica started to throw tantrums.

That also goes to point out the power of the mate’s bond. Alpha Tyler had a girlfriend and in fact, a fiance for as long as he could remember, but as soon as he met his fated mate, that was the end of whatever bond he had with his chosen mate, Jessica, and the surprising fact was that Jessica knew that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. The moon goddess had taken over, so she was powerless over Alpha Tyler now. It was all over.

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Part 2: Main Plot Of Dr. Luna

Dr. Luna Novel

Dr. Luna, Lilly, was exempted from her pack. Following the fact that she had a sacred secret concerning her wolf, the rest of her pack saw her as a cast away. First of all, Lilly’s wolf was so huge, it towered above many Alpha wolves in other packs. Lilly was feared, by all means, others thought that her wolf might swallow theirs. It was mind bugling for Lilly because she thought she would never find her wolf at that rate.

The only people that accepted Lilly for who or what she was, were her brother, Aaron, and her father, the Alpha, Ethan. Lilly and Aaron were not even blood related, to be honest, but they shared a common ground. Aaron’s mother had died, and Lilly’s mother had also died. They were of the same father, Alpha Ethan, but not from the same mother. In that case, Alpha Ethan is known to have lost two Lunas. While that was the case, Alpha Ethan and Aaron made sure to protect Lilly because of the special breed that she was.

The fact that Lily was the pack’s doctor did not stop her from being ostracized from her pack. She was still eyed while she walked past, and she was still gossiped about even though she was Alpha’s daughter and would-be Alpha’s sister. A lot bothered Lilly, and as far as she was concerned, there was no mate for her out there with the sort of reputation she had but the moon goddess had other plans. One day, Lilly had just closed off from work and had the usual episode of even the patient she had treated being afraid of her.

Lilly thought of taking a run with her wolf, Kira, after work. Lilly’s large she-wolf was vicious, and more often than not, Lilly had to struggle for dominance with Kira because Kira was always ready to mount an attack on anyone who did not act accordingly. Kira was more than delighted to take that run with Lilly after work, and so they set out. Lilly travelled farther than her pack’s territory and before she knew what was happening, she was coming to the aid of a certain child she saw stray by the path, and subtly in need of help.

Lilly was a doctor after all, and so even if her wolf advised her against engaging the little child that it might be a trap, Lilly could not bear to leave someone in need, not to mention a child for the matter. Dr. Luna Lilly came to the aid of the child, but she encountered a life-changing person while she saved this child. Lilly came face to face with the one and only Alpha Tyler of the Diamond Pack whose territory she was in.

At once, Lilly’s wolf started to dance and prop up and about in Lily’s head. Mate! She had found her mate, and vice versa. Lilly decided to play it cool and just talk naturally to Alpha Tyler, even though his aura was pulling her to him as if there was no tomorrow. Lilly had her insecurities concerning her mate. With the secret she had, would her mate accept her? She was scared of being humiliated by her mate so the fact that she had met her mate, more so in Alpha Tyler, did not affect Lilly at all.

Howbeit, Alpha Tyler was head over heels for Lilly. He wanted her, and of course, his wolf wanted it’s mate. Lilly hurried away from Alpha Tyler’s presence, but that did not stop him from showing up at the door of her house in her pack, demanding his mate. It was a shocker to Alpha Ethan and Aaron, especially for the fact that Lilly had a sacred secret. Alpha Ethan, being an older wolf, could not afford to force Lilly not to go with her mate, but Aaron being the younger one with hot blood tried to prevent Alpha Tyler from going away with his sister.

Aaron had been Lilly’s rock throughout the time she spent in their pack feeling like an outcast and often times, he was the person who prevented Lilly from going Rogue as she claimed to want to do, but now he had to let go of her and allow someone else to take care of her. Aaron had to make the Alpha Tyler promise to take due care of his special sister just like he, Aaron had been doing for the past years they spent together and seeing how dearly Aaron held Lilly to his heart, Alpha Tyler just had to agree to be a worthy mate to Lilly.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Dr. Luna

Dr. Luna Read Online

Dr. Luna Novel is written exquisitely for the elite class of werewolf romance novels. The author uses finely tuned grammar to express and buttress the messages behind the novel. Lilly had a secret, but that secret was not enough for her true and fated mate to reject her. The moon goddess had personally made her special, so why would she have any worries? Everything that happened to Lilly was orchestrated by the moon goddess.

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