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English Romantic Movies List | 10 Great Stories for You

As romantic movies beg to be revisited, almost all of our picks, from popular to hidden gems, are available for the top 10 English romantic movie’s latest Hollywood romantic movie list. Movie marathon, anyone? Happy endings are not guaranteed, but unforgettable stories are 10 great stories for you!

We love stories that explain the endless pile of Hollywood full romantic movies list that piles up on our nightstands. Thanks to the latest Hollywood romantic movie list, we can fall in love again and again, without risking heartbreak. All it takes is one time to watch romantic movies list English so that we feel “on top of the world”. Well, at least in the first hour.

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It’s early next year, which means 12 months’ worth of new movies lies ahead. There’s going to be action movies, horror movies, comedies, and whatever top English love story movies do that they need to release, like, right now. However, if you are a fan of the best romantic comedy movies, English 2022 also has several options available in the area.

Part 1: 10 great romantic Movies list

1. Along For The Ride

Along For The Ride

Hollywood’s full romantic movies list came first from A teenage girl who sleeps at night because she never bothers her mother and stepfather. Her life is only focused on her education and hanging out with people around her mother. Ahead of his graduation from high school, Auden was declared accepted to Defriese University. Before college, he accepted his father’s offer to spend the summer with his new family.

His summer plans begin in a beach town called Colby. who runs a boutique called Clementine’s. Auden and his two new girlfriends help out at the boutique.

In that city, Auden meets a teenage boy named Eli. He is also an insomniac who always roams Colby City at night.

They are interested in doing things they miss at night when the two meet.

It didn’t take long for them to become attracted to each other, but Auden realized that there was a reason behind why Eli looked like him. So, don’t you miss these top English love story movies on your mind?

2. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is not about how friendship can lead to love. It’s about how friendship is a necessary ingredient for love. It illustrates the need to find someone you can talk to who will leave you emotionally naked and make you laugh out loud.

Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex will ruin the friendship.

When I was growing up and starting to dabble in romantic partnerships myself, then remembering the movie When Harry Met Sally… felt like a rare choice that I wanted to emulate and embody, and I studied it like a textbook. In many ways, it’s a guide to the best romantic comedy movies in English, and entertaining films that pay close attention to the core and bolts of falling in love.

3. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

This love story English movies list is set in the late eighteenth century, a female writer must paint the wedding of a young woman on a remote island in Brittany. What else is needed in a successful love story? Excitement. And this passion that smolders beneath the surface of Celine Sciamma’s award-winning romance top10 English romantic movies is just begging to ignite. A meditation on liberation through art, the Portrait narrative unfolds between artist Brittany and the captivating bride-to-be assigned to paint. Observe but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t feel.

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In top English love story movies, couples spend the next few days together, during which their romance grows stronger, and they help Sophie, the housekeeper, have an abortion. With their affair soon to be cut short by the return of The Countess, Marianne sketches a picture of Heloise to remember her, and Heloise asks Marianne to draw a nude sketch of herself on page 28 of her book. The Countess approved the now completed portrait, and the next morning Marianne said goodbye. As he was about to leave the house, he heard Heloise say, “Turn around”. He turned and saw Heloise in her wedding dress.

Malcolm & Marie

4. Malcolm & Marie (2021)

From the latest Hollywood romantic movie list. Euphoria makers Sam Levinson, Malcolm & Marie is, fun fact, a Hollywood feature film entirely written, shot, and produced during the pandemic. A tale of romantic reckoning, following Marie and Malcolm on the last leg of the relationship rollercoaster that is fateful to the final crash. Among the ranks of the English best romantic movies list, although the reviews are more diverse, I honestly watch it for Zendaya only.

5. Notebook


It all started when Noah met Allie Hamilton at a carnival on Seabrook Island, South Carolina. Noah falls in love with Allie, but Allie rejects him.

Long burned, Allie melted, and long summers together. Unfortunately, Allie’s parents did not agree and asked her to immediately break off their relationship Allie writes and Noah have been together for over 60 years, and Sparks is impressed by their strong love for each other. “They told us the story of how they met and fell in love, which parts

During the early stages of her illness, Allie had kept a journal detailing their romance and life together so she could read it to her to help her remember, which she did almost every day.

One day while he was reading a notebook, he briefly recognized it. He asks how long before he forgets again, and the Duke tells him no more than five minutes.

Duke has a heart attack and is admitted to a nursing home, while Allie rests in the dementia ward. After recovering, and despite not being allowed in, the Duke visited Allie’s house. room at night, and he remembered it again. Like most top English love story movies you must feel how they kissed, held hands, and fell asleep. In the morning, a nurse found them both dead, their hands still clasped together.

So wonderful!

6. Disobedience


Sebastián Lelio is back with a first-ever English feature film. Another LGBT story, though very different from previous attempts. ‘Disobedience’ develops around a modern Jewish woman (Rachel Weisz)

who, after his father died, returned to his Orthodox family in London. Once there, he secretly falls in love with an old friend; a woman who is now married to her cousin. top10 English romantic movies. I think this is the top 10 English romantic movies even though there are a lot of controversies, I don’t care!

7. Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love

Telling the story of someone who was sold into toying with as a child, Angel knows nothing but betrayal. Can it be fixed?

This, love story in English movies list is a powerful story about unrelenting love and perseverance. Love is put to the test when a young couple’s relationship clashes with the harsh realities of the 1850 California Gold Rush. This is a life-changing story about the power of unconditional love and all. Redeeming Love shows there’s no broken heart that love can’t heal

8. Marry me

Menikahlah Denganku

Return to wow Hollywood full romantic movies list Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson on top10 English romantic movies, on the big screen for a fun, lighthearted romance. J-Lo plays Kat Valdez, a pop music phenomenon with an enviable style and charismatic aura who will tie the knot in front of a global audience of 20 million people.

As she prepares to take her vows, she finds out about her fiance’s infidelity, and in an impulsive move with many people, she chooses to marry a stranger in between. As desire turns into a beautiful romance, a whirlwind adventure unfolds that promises to amuse you and make you laugh until you cry.

9. I Want You Back

Aku Ingin Kau Kembali

I Want You Back is a Hollywood full romantic movies list about a duo, thirty and newly brokenhearted with new wounds from hurt and despair. remembering their broken hearts, they quickly stared after their partner suddenly dumped them and started again. Burning at themselves and afraid of having to restart their love life, they devise a plan to sabotage the couple and win them back, whatever it takes.

While this sounds early at first, it turns into a funny situation when they turn funny, although our plans are curious to see how it all ends. It sounds like the typical top English love story movies trope, but with a delightful flair of quirky and engrossing twists and adventures coupled with a dose of laughs that are engaging, entertaining, and well worth checking out, unless you have other plans!

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10. Father Bride

Father bride

A shoe businessman who doesn’t want to let his son get married. Meanwhile, his son, Annie, just graduated from college and decides to marry her boyfriend, Bryan. George, the father felt Annie was still too young to marry, plus the child had not known her lover long.

Not ready to lose her daughter anytime soon. So that often inadvertently sparked a dispute between them and George was also not liked by his future son-in-law.

Nevertheless, the mother turned out to give the green light for Bryan to marry her son.

Will George give Annie his blessing to marry Bryan? Find out the answer in the top English love story movies Father of the Bride on your watching list too.

It’s early next year, which means 12 months’ worth of new movies lies ahead. There’s going to be action movies, horror movies, comedies, and whatever top English love story movies do that they need to release, like, right now. However, if you are a fan of the best romantic comedy movies, English 2022 also has several options available in the area.

Of course, the top 10 romantic English genre films are quite big. In Hollywood’s complete list of romantic movies below, you’ll find musicals, period pieces, and mythological thunder gods.

Hey, superheroes who save the universe need love like all of us. Keep reading to find out more about our list of the top 10 Hollywood romantic movies, which you can check out this year.

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