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5 Best Love Story Movies That You Will Regret If You Miss Them

What best love story movies do you play to kick off your cozy night? Whether you’re spending this night alone or you’ve got a hot date, it helps to have the movie ready to go so you’re not mindlessly scrolling trying to find something to watch.

I don’t know about you, but nothing says best love story movies on Netflix and chill like tension to make you want to have an ice-cold glass of water handy.

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The Best Love Story you will regret if you miss it

Luckily, we’ve done the dirty work for you. We find all the best movies around the world right now, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for them that we compiled the best love story movies of all time for you to watch. We have collected various romantic movies from Hollywood. And because there is no one kind of love, this movie is about everything. Some, are even based on true stories.

Here are the 5 Best love story Movies:

1. Persuasion

Best Love Story Movies: Persuasion

Anne Elliot, who once had a boyfriend as a teenager had to run aground and was forced to separate due to family factors that were not of the noble class. One of the classic reasons, the man that Anne loved didn’t even compare to the famous big name of the Elliot family.

But what can I say, Anne could not easily let go of the man who had filled her teenage years. As if the universe had heard Anne Elliot’s wish and Frederick of course met again when the man visited the town where Anne lived. Even so, they couldn’t easily say, “Hey, I still like you. Do you still like me?”

Will Anne Elliot choose to fight for her old love again and have a crush on Frederick? Or on the contrary, they won’t be together again after their separation when they were young?

Persuasion is the world’s best love story movie that became one of the best love story movie favorites for several reasons. As a woman Anne allows herself to be persuaded not to marry the man she loves and she must face the consequences.

The next thing I need to underline this movie became Hollywood’s best love story movie list a few times, is that the length of the short storyline is another reason I like it, but that’s just a personal opinion of course.

2. Purple Hearts

Best Love Story Movies: Purple Hearts

It’s going viral on social media. The figure of Cassie and Luke Morrow are forced to marry to get a living allowance. Luke, who works as a member of the military, needs the money to pay his debts, while Cassie has to buy medicine for her diabetes.

Despite starting from hate, the two begin to fall in love with each other. they became more romantic after the two decided to live together.

The full romantic movies list was successfully loved by the audience because of the love story that managed to make. However, in Hollywood’s best love story movies list and its success, Purple Hearts is considered to have racist and misogynistic elements in one of its dialogues. Luke’s relatives who are members of the military said they would arrest Arabs in Iran, noted. This one is for life, love, and finding some Arabs, says one of Luke’s co-stars in the film. The film even ranked first on the list of the top 10 best love story movies by Hollywood best love story movies list, and also best love story movies on amazon primes even the top 10 best love story movies.

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3. Pride And Prejudice

Best Love Story Movies: Pride And Prejudice

This is an English love story movie that tells Mrs. Bannet is busy looking for a mate for his daughters. Until then find a young man named Mr. Bingley who comes from a wealthy family that owns a large plantation.

Mr. Bingley is attracted to Jane which makes her mother immensely happy. This party is also a meeting place between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Unfortunately, their meeting did not start well because Mr. Darcy who is known to be arrogant and arrogant hurts Elizabeth’s heart with his words.

Elizabeth’s hatred of Mr. Darcy is growing day by day, and many small conflicts that continue to occur between them. Their conflict culminated when Elizabeth was told that Mr. Darcy caused Jane and Mr. Bingley to part ways. As a result of this, Jane is heartbroken and has to self-isolate temporarily at a relative’s house.

However, Elizabeth’s gaze on Mr. Darcy changes when he finds out the truth and also when he invites her to fall in love. What Mr. Darcy? Then, how does Elizabeth’s romance continue until she accepts Mr. Darcy?

After watching it and definitely agree that this film is one of Hollywood’s best love story movies list and even becomes the best love story movies on amazon prime

4. Me Before You

Best Love Story Movies:Me Before You

This film is one of the best love story movies on amazon primes, and the Hollywood best love story movies list. The story begins with Louisa who gets a job offer to become a personal nurse for a disabled man named Will Traynor. Hired by Will’s mother because of his cheerful personality. He hoped that Louisa’s cheerfulness could help bring Will back to life.

Traveling Time To Find True Love This psychological condition makes Akan turn cold and rude to everyone who wants to help him, including Louisa.

Louisa couldn’t stand Will’s attitude and told the truth that she wanted to take care just because she needed money. After this incident, Will’s attitude began to soften and they slowly became close.

Louisa was also aware of the fact that she would have tried to kill herself by slicing her hand. This was done because he refused to register Akan in a “suicide program” through an organization in Switzerland.

Louisa persuaded Will to submit his intention, but Will refused. He was also in debt to fulfill all of Will’s wishes as long as Will was willing to survive for at least another six months. During these six months, Louisa would make Will believe that his life still meant a lot. Can Louisa help bring her spirit back to life?

5. The Last Letter From Your Lover

Best Love Story Movies: The Last Letter From Your Lover

In modern-day London, Ellie Haworth, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, must write an article about her recently deceased newspaper editor. Passing through Rory’s official files to access the editor’s archives, she finds a misfiled love letter, to someone identified as “J”, from “Boot”. Moved by the passionate feelings between the mysterious couple, Ellie is interested in learning their identities and how their love story ends

After a car accident, Laurence hides the last letter Jennifer received from Anthony to prevent him from remembering the affair. Jennifer feels lost as she struggles to get her memory back. He begins to find some love letters from “Boot” hidden in his house, leading him to find a box above his name that Laurence has closed.

Ellie returns to Anthony and encourages him to write one last letter to Jennifer, in which she asks him to meet her one more time at Postman’s Park. Ellie and Rory watched from a distance as the two lovers reunited. It’s the best love story on Netflix that touched me while watching it.

My and some. friends recommend the best love story movies of all time This is Hollywood’s best love story movies list which means, Although there will be action movies, horror movies, comedies and whatever love story movies they need to release, like, now.

However, if you are a fan of the world’s best love story movie, of course, they have it, such as the top 10 best love story movies, and also have several options available in that area. so I got its best love story on Netflix.

I watched it and didn’t find it more than enjoyable, although I must admit that I loved the best love story movies on amazon primes.

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