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What To Do When Bored In Quarantine?

With the pandemic, life has become online. The virus has drastically affected our lives, not to mention how it knocked out economic stability and family dynamics, plus the loss of lives. It has indeed changed our daily lives. Wearing masks and alcohol has become a handy necessity that we can’t leave our houses without.

Well, those were just minimal hassles caused by COVID. How much more of those people are infected and have to undergo quarantine? Surely they won’t just be spending their days anxiously but boredom would then be around. Imagine being bored in quarantine alone, counting days to pass by in that confided four-walled room.

For a generation that’s always hustling, quarantine is a new thing, and adjusting to this setup would be challenging.

So, what to do when bored in quarantine? You can do stuff that will entertain you until you don’t notice your quarantine is over.

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What to do when bored in quarantine? Here are 8 fun things you can try:

Part 1: 8 Fun Things To Do When In Quarantine Alone At Home


Stay fit when bored

When bored at home during quarantine you can click some “workout along” videos on your phone, or dance along with some Zumba videos. This activity has been very common since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Staying physically active while spending a lot of time at home might be quite difficult. With the working setup being shifted into a work-from-home type, one may be sitting for a long time, inactive compared to those who commute or drive to work daily.

Thus, individuals’ health, well-being, and quality of life might suffer from these insufficient levels of physical activity. So, exercise is the best advice for this kind of lifestyle.

Exercising isn’t just a mere substitute for what to do when bored in quarantine, but this activity has lots of benefits, even to our mental health. Our bodies that have been affected by the virus need to recover during this quarantine period.

Exercising would help you stay fit. It increases one’s body’s ability to fight off sickness and strengthen our immune system. Aside from that, Your body produces endorphin chemicals when you exercise. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling. In simple words, exercising would make you happy.

2. Try Out A New Recipe

Quarantine recipe

When bored at home during quarantine and you are the chef type of a person, then, why not try a new recipe? This is surely fun. Cooking has been a kind of therapy to some, their stress reliever, because one benefit of cooking is that it can help you build your routine.

And routine is said to be beneficial to our brain. In quarantine times where threats caused by the virus itself can certainly be stressful, this activity is pretty fine to unload ourselves from stressful life events.

There is a study that recognizes cooking as a creative activity. It is found that cooking can lighten one’s mood. The evidence is clear, so we cannot argue with it. Putting on aprons and bravely exploring your kitchen can result in feeling better than ever.

3. Painting

Painting when in quarantine

What to do when bored in quarantine? I love this activity. Well, if you are into art and love painting, then this one is for you. What now when travel has been restricted? Or worse when quarantine has stopped us from even going out of our homes? Then, maybe painting those sceneries you like to go with during travels is the relaxing thing you can do when bored in quarantine.

During Covid people sit for too long and just think of the stuff they want to do, or some would be anxious about being stuck at home for a long time. Well, that depends on one’s personality. But my point is, instead of overthinking and staring at walls, or scrolling your phone the whole day, why not paint all your emotions out on a canvas?

In return, your mind will be at ease then, which I think calm, inner peace is a very thing one needs when in quarantine and fighting the virus.

4. Make a Journal

Journal when in quarantine

This may sound a bit old school and emotional but writing a journal is really a fun thing to do when bored in quarantine alone. Writing a journal is like having “me time” for yourself. This isn’t just actually clear our thoughts, but it really can relieve stress.

Journaling has many benefits. It helps you keep your thoughts organized. It makes you aware and in touch with your feelings. It allows you to self-reflect, and set and achieve your goals. And the best thing is it can improve your writing skill.

So, what to do when bored at home during quarantine? Write those feelings down and unleash your creative words!

5. Adapt To A Modified Daily Routine

uarantine daily routine

At first, quarantine, being stuck at home for long could be really boring, and stressful. With the presence of the virus, that doesn’t mean we can’t go on with our normal lives. Though our daily routine has changed, that doesn’t mean all of it has to stop.

We need to adapt to these changes, to this modification, and have to go on. You’re maintaining a sense of normalcy for your mental health by continuing with your everyday routine. You can bathe, and dress at the same time as before when work was set up in the office.

You can put on your make-up, tidy up your space, play with your pet, and cook meals at the same time. Managing this disruption in our daily routine is difficult to manage.

Even though you’re not leaving the house, get up still, make your bed, and have a shower. If you want, you can dress to impress. Even if nobody else notices it, at least you are feeling it.

6. Listen to Fantasy Stories

 Wehear fantasy stories

What to do when bored in quarantine? Let the best fantasy audiobooks transport you out of this world! This is awesome! Boredom strikes differently in the daytime than at night when all was just silence and empty spaces, especially when quarantine is spent not at home but in facilities. Boredom really hits hard differently. That’s why listening to audiobooks is a must in times like this.

Give your eyes a break with audio

Some people who listen to audiobooks at night believe that doing so diverts their attention from more distracting sounds or daytime thoughts. Instead of struggling with stress and insomnia, listeners who concentrate on the soothing narration in the audio allow themselves to be lulled to sleep. Plus, engaging in fantasy stories can boost creativity and build up your vocabulary.

Listening to fantasy stories not only enhances our auditory skills but could make us smarter in the sense that it helps in developing one’s critical thinking and interpersonal skills since these types of stories are actually showing people a model of how real problems are addressed.

If you are bored in quarantine, you can download the Wehear app. It has plenty of fantasy stories enough to drive you into a world full of fantasy, and enough to give you a companion too in that boring, stressful quarantine night of yours.

7. Enroll in a Free Course

 Free Course During Quarantine

This is really productive! There are lots of free courses online that you can be enrolled in when bored at home during quarantine. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, lots of free short online courses have been offered. So, you can tap off your laptop and go on that course you’ve been putting aside on your busy days, yet dreaming to learn in your free time.

Well, now with the quarantine you have lots of time to spend on some personal developments. So, what to do when bored in quarantine? Do not delay that dream course anymore.

8. Meditation before starting the day

Fill Your Mind With Positivity

Isolation is boring and worst but true, it’s lonely. Humans need to maintain their emotional well-being, but isolation such as quarantine times can have an impact on one’s mental health. So, I am highly suggesting this activity. Think, reflect and meditate before starting your day.

This not only eases the boredom you feel but can help you place a positive mood and outlook. What to do when bored in quarantine? Fill in yourself with positive vibes first thing in the day.

Part 2: What to Do In Quarantine With Family?

Spending lots of time at home with your families? Stuck at home and can’t go out for holiday travel? Thinking of what to do at home during quarantine? There are actually lots of activities which you can do at home that are as fun as those you can do outdoors.

Here are what you can do when bored in quarantine:

1. Catch some Vitamin D in the yard

 Sunrise In The Backyard

Yeah, the morning sunlight really helps when recovering from the virus. You can do exercise, play, set up the kid’s inflatable pool in the garden, and play under the morning sun. It’s fun and it’s healthy at the same time.

2. Watch a movie

Watch movies at home

What can we do when bored at home during quarantine? With the pandemic, we currently have issues juggling our lives and connecting with families, and maximizing our time spent at home has become challenging.

The whole family can enjoy a movie together even without that same experience of going out to a cinema. Watching movies with your family strengthens the bond.

It significantly increases the emotional connection between family members. Togetherness among family members is fostered as well as enjoyment for all when watching movies with loved ones. What to do when bored at home? Watching movies is a great way to bond with your family.

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3. Decorate cookies with kids

Decorating Cookies

This is usually done with a holiday celebration, but why not do it at times when bored in quarantine? You have plenty of time so why not?

There are ready-made cookies with icing packages that you can order online. This could be messy but your kids will surely enjoy it!

With this, being bored during quarantine won’t be a problem!

4. Monitor your progress and stay informed

 Stay Safe And Informed

Of course, this is necessary. Quarantine is mostly for our bodies to recover from the virus. So, instead of asking what to do when bored in quarantine, track down your family’s progress and be informed.

There are available online health vlogs, news, and online physicians where you can get valuable information about Covid recovery. Your family can subscribe to those, and may also do some safe, healthy, and important tips suggested in order to get well and stay healthy.

5. Chat With Your Spouse

Spouse Talk

This is like ” spouse and me time”, like at the end of the day when all the busyness folds up, sometimes spending conversation with your spouse is a great bonding. Topics can just be menial over a night tea.

You can talk about the quarantine itself, or stuff that you recently discovered, or even listen to sound stories together. You can listen together to trending podcasts or sound stories in Wehear.

6. Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping

This is suitable for parents with teens. If your kids are old enough to spend a night in a tent, why not do backyard camping? Surely, the entire family would enjoy it and won’t be asking about what to do when bored in quarantine.

So, pitch the family tent, and get some hotdogs and mallows to that campfire.

7. Tutor your Child

Tutoring Children

Now that you have plenty of time and are in a work from home setup. Why not study with your kids? With this, you can track their learning by yourself, which would be a great way to bond with them.

There are many activities we can do indoors. Activities which we can do when we are bored at home, or when bored in quarantine. We just have to be creative and resourceful.

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