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The Royal We | Best Romance Novel Review

The Royal We are an urban romance novel where the MCs from the United States and the United Kingdom reunite in a form of romantic relationship. The twin American MCs in The Royal We are Rebecca (a.k.a. “Bex”) and Lacey Porter. The romantic reunion starts when Bex is on her holiday adventure in Oxford’s Kensington Palace.

There, she starts dating Great Britain’s future king, Prince Nicholas a.k.a. Nick. However, Bex’s relationships with Nick aren’t always all about fine dining and enjoying royal-like activities.

In The Royal We, she also has to deal with Nick’s controversial brother, Freddie, and his ex-girlfriends. All of these royal family members are used to getting special treatment while keeping their private lives as few as possible from public exposure.

Reconciling with Nick means leaving so many things behind for Bex in The Royal We: Her family, home, career, and even herself Question: Will The Royal We ever be realized in this novel?

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of The Royal We

Rebecca “Bex” Porter

The Royal We Bex

Rebecca “Bex” Porter of The Royal We are different from her twin who likes dreaming the impossible in terms of romantic relationships. However, she is more adventurous and willing to travel abroad than her twin, and her curiosity leads her to Oxford’s Kensington Palace, a castle where she finds the prince.

Bex’s stories in The Royal We book are examples of how enjoying privileges as royalties don’t only involve dealing with royal family members. It would also mean leaving our previous lives behind, no matter how unpleasant we would feel afterward.

Prince Nicholas

The Royal We Nick

Prince Nicholas of Great Britain is the future King of the country. In Royal, We, Prince Nicholas (or “Nick”, as the MC and other supporting characters, refer to him) is the first son, and he has a younger brother named Freddie who is so troublesome and behaves controversially.

Unlike Freddie, Prince Nicholas is a dutiful, serious, and responsible man. However, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any playful sides – after all, he enjoys going on ski trips with his girlfriend (later wife), Bex.

Other Characters

The Royal We Other Characters

Other characters in The Royal We include Lacey Porter, the dreamy and imaginative twin of Bex. We don’t see her quite often as we turn the pages to the latest chapters in The Royal We novel, and we only know that Lacey doesn’t get out as often as her twin sister despite being more optimistic about her dreams.

Freddie is yet another character we will find in the novel. He is the naughty younger brother of Prince Nicholas who never seems to move on from his long list of ex-girlfriends.

Part 2: Story Of The Royal We

The Royal We Novel

When we read the storylines of The Royal We, we will realize that The Royal We is a general description of how the British royal family behaves when they are in a relationship. More precisely, it tells us a story about Rebecca “Bex” Porter, an American woman who finds her love upon encountering a prince in Kensington Palace in Oxford.

The first chapters in The Royal We start by introducing Bex as one of the twin sisters. Bex is unlike Lacey, her twin sister, who never stops dreaming about her perfect romantic relationships. Instead, she studies hard until she makes it to a study exchange program at Cornell University, her university, that collaborates with the United Kingdom’s Oxford University at that time.

It is when Bex was in the study exchange program that she discovers the beautiful, luxurious, and legendary Kensington Palace. Like any other student, she arrives at Oxford with dirty, smelly, and disheveled figures. No wonder, the English Chap (instead of some sorts of Crown Prince) is the first figure she encounters as soon as she arrives at the royalty’s castle.

Story Of The Royal We

Bex finally makes it to the Palace. However, the shocking turns in The Royal We book happen when the English Chap turns out to be the prince in disguise. He is Prince Nicholas of Great Britain, the first son of the King, and also the future king of the country.

Bex eventually finds herself in love with the prince, whose nickname turns out to be Nick in the chapters of The Royal We.

Nonetheless, the complicated relationship between the two starts as soon as Bex discovers the royalty lives are more than just unlimited amounts of wealth and political influences. Instead, she should also leave her pasts behind: Her family, career, and even herself For the sake of the relationship.

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Part 3: Meet The Author Of The Royal We

The Royal We by Heather Cocks

We may wonder who is the author behind the highly-royal settings in The Royal We when we read each chapter in the novel. Heather Cocks, a woman with US and UK citizenship, that’s the person behind the success of this novel. Let’s not forget that she has had a career in the fashion journalism world.

Cosmopolitan magazine and America’s Next Top Model are two fashion media where Heather Cocks worked previously. So, it’s no surprise that Heather doesn’t only show her understanding of the fashion industry.

Throughout The Royal We novel, she also shows her capabilities to understand the romantic relationship dynamics with at least one royalty member involved.

Speaking of The Royal We novel is her debut novel, which was first published on April 7, 2015. In my opinion, this novel is like fiction of the real world’s British royalty’s relationship dynamics. We can even see wedding attires so similar to the ones we witness in the real world. No wonder, The Royal We becomes one of the award-winning romance novels on some platforms.

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