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Best Romance Book Review: Written In The Stars

True to the novel’s title, Written In The Stars is focused on a romantic life of a Twitter astrologer named Elle Jones. Elle has declared through her official Twitter account, Oh My Stars, that she has dreamed in finding her soul mate And Elle is so sure that her soulmate won’t be the no-nonsense, analytical, and skeptical Darcy Lowell.

Darcy Lowell herself has gone tired of her so-called well-meaning brother’s matchmaking game. Now, her entire families have been so overbearing of her that they arrange a marriage for her with a complete stranger. So, Darcy in Written In The Stars decides to save herself through a fake relationship.

The romantic relationship between Elle and Darcy in Written In The Stars starts by acting as the fake girlfriend. Then, they start developing authentic loving feelings toward each other as soon as they get together.

Now, that’s what we refer to as an opposite attraction. After all, the love between Elle and Darcy is Written In The Stars, And starting from here, everything is literally possible.

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of Written In The Stars

Elle Jones

Written In The Stars Elle

Elle Jones of Written In The Stars is an astrologer who is famous through her Twitter account, Oh My Stars. As an astrologer, of course, Elle believes in meeting that “one true love” and the “soulmate” concept. However, meeting someone so strict and logical as Darcy Lowell is not something that she would normally consider.

Elle has to change her mind as soon as Darcy begs her to pretend to be her girlfriend. From there, the two women with completely different personalities start to develop loving feelings toward each other.

Darcy Lowell

Written In The Stars Darcy

Darcy Lowell of Written In The Stars is the complete opposite of Elle Jones: Realistic (Elle says she is too “stuck in her ruts”), logical, pragmatic, analytical, no-nonsense, and skeptical. No wonder Elle doesn’t see any future with her, at least in the first few parts of Written In The Stars novel.

At first, Elle feels she’s forced to be in a relationship, just because Darcy begs her. Things start to get more awkward as Darcy’s brother starts to see the romantic sparks between the two women. Then, Darcy and Elle start to write their love stories in romantic ways.

Part 2: Story Of Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars Novel

Have you ever read Pride and Prejudice? You will see similar story patterns when you read the stories of Written In The Stars novel. After all, Written In The Stars is a rom-com that features a lesbian couple. Elle Jones and Darcy Lowell are the two women in this novel who are involved in a romantic relationship.

Elle Jones is an idealist and dreamer who becomes one of the most well-known Twitter astrologers in the novel. “Oh My Stars” is her Twitter nickname, and there, she has posted her desire in finding a soulmate. Meanwhile, Darcy Lowell is a logical and analytical woman who sees astrology, Elle’s field, as something not to trust in.

In Written In The Stars, it all starts when Darcy’s brother tries to play a matchmaking game to her. Not stopping there, Darcy’s entire family members have also been tired of her not getting close to any so-called significant others.

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Story Of Written In The Stars

Then, Darcy in Written In The Stars novel becomes so desperate to find anyone who is willing to pose as her significant other Even for a fellow female. She knows Elle is not interested in her at all. Not only because she is also a woman, but also because Elle doesn’t see the personality compatibility between her and Darcy.

Still, Darcy forces Elle to pose as her girlfriend. At first, the jargon “Written In The Stars” doesn’t apply, since Elle feels reluctant to date an icy-cold woman like Darcy. However, Darcy’s brother who happens to be Elle’s colleague spots their closeness earlier and continually teases the two women.

One of the most interesting things I find when reading Written In The Stars novel is that Darcy and Elle start to develop romantic feelings toward each other. So, this novel is all about going from a fake relationship to a more serious romantic relationship. Who knows, if two completely different people can attract each other and if it’s all Written In The Stars?

Part 3: Meet The Author Of Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

“Swoony contemporary romance” is the specialization of Alexandria Bellefleur, the award-winning author who is also the person behind the success of the Written In The Stars novel. As one of the most popular romance novelists, it’s not unusual for Alexandria Bellefleur to picture her MCs as either “loveable” or “sunshine”.

In Written In The Stars, Elle Jones is “the sunshine” to Darcy Lowell’s “loveable grump”. The Twitter astrologer is an idealist, dreamer, romantic at heart, loving, and kind-hearted woman, while the daughter of the overbearing Lowell family is just her opposite: Analytical, logical, always on time, a no-nonsense woman, and so on.

Even though I’ve always believed in the idea of opposite attracts, I haven’t read any novels with so contrasting MCs like the ones in this novel. Even Pride Prejudice’s MCs have some similarities, but not in the ways Alexandria Bellefleur writes about Elle and her girlfriend, Darcy, in this novel.

Anyway, Written In The Stars itself is the debut novel for Alexandria Bellefleur. Since the author herself is one of New York’s Best-Selling Authors, I’m not surprised that today, we can enjoy reading this novel through various platforms and so many translated languages.

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