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Only I Level Up: A Gripping Tale of Adventure and Survival

Only I Level Up is an epic tale of Seong Jin-Woo, a young man who gave up on his academic dreams due to a lack of money. But now finds himself on a journey to save his younger sister from the same fate. Jin-Woo, a rank E Hunter with a magic crystal in hand, joins a group of strong Hunters on a mission to take on unnecessary risk in hopes of a big payout.

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Part 1. Only I Level Up Storyline

Only I Level Up Novel

The novel Only I Level Up follows the protagonist, Seong Jin-Woo, who is a hunter with average strength and faster healing abilities. He is known as the weakest hunter in the Republic of Korea, but his colleagues trust and rely on him.

The novel follows Jin-Woo and a group of other hunters as they embark on a raid in search of treasure or rare loot in a dangerous and mysterious dungeon.

The group faces many challenges and obstacles, including deadly statues that come to life and attack them. Throughout the novel, Jin-Woo must use his skills and determination to find a way out of the dungeon and save himself and his teammates.

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Part 2. Only I Level Up Intense Chapter Summary


Only I Level Up follows our protagonist, who one day wakes up to the articulate voice of a young female ringing in their head. But this is no game or dream.

As the information window opens, the protagonists are faced with the harsh reality of their daily quest: 100 press-ups, sit-ups, squats, and a 10km run. And if they fail to complete these tasks, there will be appropriate levels of punishment.

Chapter 1: Rank E Hunter

Only I Level Up Chapter 1

Meet Seong Jin-Woo, aka Rank E Hunter of Only I Level Up. He’s just your average guy, except for a bit of extra strength and faster healing abilities. But despite his lack of extraordinary abilities, he’s a Hunter, not a job he particularly enjoys. The pay is bad, the work is dangerous, and people make fun of him. He only sticks with it to pay for his mother’s hospital fees.

Jin-Woo joins a raid supervised by the Hunter Association, where he runs into some familiar faces. His colleagues joke and catch up while waiting for the raid to begin. One of them, Mister Park, is curious about Jin-Woo’s presence since he’s heard that Jin-Woo is the weakest hunter in the Republic of Korea.

Hence the nickname “Humanity’s Weakest Weapon. Despite the nickname, his fellow Hunters seem to trust and rely on him. It’s a mystery, but one thing is for sure, with Jin-Woo around, everything will be just fine.

Only I Level Up Book

They have discovered a hidden entrance that leads to another path and is contemplating whether or not to continue exploring it. The group leader, Mister Song, suggests they continue, as they could earn more money by finding and killing the boss of the dungeon.

However, some of the Hunters are hesitant, as the difficulty of the dungeon proved to be very low, and the reward for killing the boss may not be worth the risk. In the end, the group decides to go ahead and explore the hidden passage.

Chapter 2: The Dual Dungeon

Only I Level Up Chapter 2

As they journey through the passageway and continue in the second chapter of Only I Level Up, the group’s Healer, Yi Ju-Hui, expresses her worries and concerns for Jin-Woo’s well-being as he was recently injured in a previous mission.

Despite her protests, Jin-Woo presses on, acknowledging the debt he owes to Ju-Hui for her healing abilities. As they continue their quest, the group races against time to find the boss and make it out before the gate shuts down.

The group enters a dungeon in search of treasure or rare loot. They are motivated by financial concerns and hope that a successful raid will improve their lives. The dungeon they enter is described as an ancient temple, and the atmosphere is eerie.

Once they enter, they find a large chamber with many statues and torches, and in the center, there is an enormous stone statue of a god sitting on a throne.

The hunters spread out to search the area, but they are all nervous, and it seems like there isn’t a single monster or bug in the place. One of the hunters notices that the symbols on the walls and statutes are written in a language that is called the Rune alphabet in this thrilling novel of Only I Level Up.

Chapter 3: The First Law

Only I Level Up Chapter 3

In a dark and mysterious dungeon, danger lurks around every corner. Only I Level Up’s hero, Jin-Woo, is a skilled hunter. Still, even he is taken aback when he witnesses the eyes of a giant god statue move toward him and his team.

But the real heart-pounding action begins when the statue’s eyes turn red and attacks the team with deadly light beams. Jin-Woo manages to save himself and a teammate by tackling them to the ground, but tragically, not everyone is so lucky. The screams of the survivors echo through the dungeon as they realize that the statues are not just lifeless sculptures but deadly enemies.

Only I Level Up Story

Their group was trapped in a temple by stone statues that were intent on killing them all. But our hero is determined to find a way out. He teams up with his fellow Hunter, Song, to stop the bleeding and get their bearings. But, things are not looking good. The other Hunters are losing patience and crying, and it seems like the end is near.

But, the hero of the Only I Level Up novel is not one to give up so easily. He starts to notice patterns in the statues’ behavior and realizes there must be some rules to their actions. With the help of Song, he begins to piece together a plan to escape. And, just when all hope seems lost, he discovers the key to their salvation.

Part 3. Read Only I Level Up Now

Only I Level Up Online

Only I Level Up got everything: action, adventure, danger, and a touch of mystery. If you’re looking for a page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Only I Level Up is the perfect novel for you. So, don’t wait any longer; pick up a copy and dive into the exciting world of Only I Level Up today!

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