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Omniscient Reader: A Story of Survival in An Augmented Reality

Omniscient Reader is a thrilling and thought-provoking novel that explores the intersection of fiction and reality. Follow protagonist Kim Dokja of Omniscient Reader as he is thrust into a world where the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred.

He must navigate a game of survival against unknown terrorists and strange creatures. This novel will not only take your breath away with the amount of adventure but also make you question the nature of reality and the power of literature.

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Part 1.Omniscient Reader Main Storyline

Omniscient Reader Novel

In the Omniscient Reader novel, the protagonist, Kim Dokja, is thrust into a world where fiction and reality are intertwined. He encounters a creature called a Dokkaebi, which brings tragedy to thousands of lives in the novel “Ways of Survival.”

Dokja realizes that the situation mirrors the story he has read and questions whether he is the same character. He receives a novel from an unknown sender. He discovers he has special abilities but can’t access them until he gains coins by killing living things. The coins are used to level up his skills.

With his own knowledge of the story, Dokja must navigate this new world and make difficult choices to survive. But as the stakes get higher and the body count rises, Dokja must question whether the end justifies the means and if survival is worth the cost.

This is an action-pack augmented reality novel. Although the hero knows the story from the beginning to the end, he must still survive in this new world.

Part 2. Action-packed Free Chapter of Omniscient Reader (Summary)


Omniscient Reader Book

“Ways of Survival” was the protagonist’s favorite romance novel. He had been reading it for years, since middle school, and it had seen them through some tough times. He couldn’t believe it was over. The novel was fantasy and had 3,149 chapters.

The protagonist re-read the comments section and wrote a heartfelt message to the author, thanking tls123 for everything. He learned that the novel had only had 1 hit per chapter, but that didn’t matter to the protagonist. It was their life’s novel, and He couldn’t wait for the epilogue. He recommended the novel to others, but it was flagged as spam.

The protagonist was embarrassed but was then surprised to learn that the author was the one who had messaged him and that the novel had won an unknown competition. He couldn’t believe it, but he was happy for the author and wished he could have done more to support them.

Chapter 1

Omniscient Reader Chapter 1

Meet Kim Dokja, a 28-year-old single man whose hobby is reading web novels on the subway. One day, on his commute home, he meets Yoo Sangah, an employee from the human resources team, and they strike up a conversation. Despite the fact that they come from different worlds, they bond over their love of novels.

However, Dokja is hesitant to reveal that he reads “The World after the Fall by Sing Shangshong” too, not wanting to disappoint Yoo Sangah with his taste in literature. But as their conversation continues, Dokja finds himself becoming more and more entranced by Yoo Sangah, who seems to be the shining star in this novel of their lives.

Dokja receives a notification that the novel “Ways of Survival” is about to become paid at 7 p.m. He opens the app to leave a comment but finds the novel and bulletin board have disappeared without a trace.

Suddenly, the subway train he’s on suddenly stops, and the lights turn off. Panic ensues, and an announcement tells everyone to run away. At that moment, the world, as Dokja knows it changes. The genre of his life has officially changed as “Ways of Survival” takes him on a wild ride.

Chapter 2

Omniscient Reader Chapter 2

Kim Dokja was thrown into a world where fiction and reality overlap. He was face to face with a creature that was too strange to be a fairy, too evil to be an angel, and too tranquil to be a demon. That’s right, it’s a Dokkaebi.

But this isn’t just any Dokkaebi; it’s the one that opens the door to tragedy for thousands of lives in Ways of Survival book. The tension is high as Kim Dokja is thrown into this new world and is faced with the task of communicating with this strange creature. But he knew what was about to happen, so he stopped Yoo Sangah from rising to her seat.

As the Dokkaebi speaks in Korean, the people around her start to relax, but that’s short-lived as the Dokkaebi reveals its true power and starts to kill anyone who causes the slightest fuss. The subway becomes a bloodbath, and the once-chattering people are now silent, watching the Dokkaebi with terror.

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Chapter 3

Omniscient Reader Chapter 3

The people on the train are in a lot of confusion and panic. Yoo Sangah tries to call the police but is unsuccessful. Dokja steps in and tries to calm her down. He tells her they are in a game and that she should do as he says. Dokja also mentions that he recognizes that this situation is similar to a novel he has read called “Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World.”

As the situation escalates, a soldier, Lee Hyunsung, takes control and tries to keep the situation calm. He explains that he is an army lieutenant and that he has received a message from his unit about a level 1 national disaster situation. Some people are relieved by his presence, while others question why he is taking control.

Dokja recognizes the name Lee Hyunsung as a character from the novel he has read and starts questioning whether this is the same character.

Chapter 3 of Omniscient Reader ends with everyone turning on their smartphones and watching a speech from the prime minister about unidentified terrorists being active in the area. Dokja recognizes the speech from the novel he has read and starts to question the current situation.

Chapter 4

Omniscient Reader Chapter 4

In this chapter of Omniscient Reader, Kim Dokja is given a gift in the form of a novel by an unknown sender. As he reads the novel, he discovers that he has obtained an exclusive attribute and skill slot, but he is unable to activate the Attribute Window to see what they are.

He continues reading the novel and soon realizes that the scene in the book matches the scene happening on the train carriage they are currently on.

Since the Dokkaebi told them the only way to survive is to kill another living person, everyone starts to kill each other. Kim Dokja is convinced now that they are living in a story written by a mysterious author. The country is in a state of emergency, and people must start choosing who will die.

Meanwhile, a young man named Kim Namwoon starts physically harming an elderly woman because she is the weakest.

To stop him and the people, Kim Dokja released the grasshopper he caught to let people kill them instead. The Dokkaebi’s instruction is to kill living things, and insects are one of them.

Chapter 5

Omniscient Reader Chapter 5

As time runs out, the carriage’s tension rises as people frantically search for the remaining insects. But 19-year-old Kim Namwoon is a dangerous young man who quickly takes center stage. As Kim Dokja observes the scene and interacts with Namwoon, he uses an exclusive skill called “Character List” which reveals information about the people around him.

It turns out that Namwoon is a “Chuunibyou,” a term used to describe someone who has a delusional fantasy world. He also has a special nickname, “Delusion Demon,” and has adapted to this new world at a remarkable speed. However, as Kim Dokja gets to know Namwoon, they begin to dislike him and refuse his offer to team up, ultimately leading to a confrontation.

Kim Namwoon revealed his MacGyver Knife to threaten our hero. Then using the egg of the grasshopper he squeezed on his hand, he earned 100 coins in compensation and reached 6,200 coins since they are living things as well.

But Namwoon doesn’t know about that knowledge. Kim Dokja leveled up his physique using all the coins he acquired. At the end of this chapter in Omniscient Reader, Namwoon died, and Kim Dokja achieved the ‘Mass Murderer’ label.

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