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3 Best Horror Stories That Drive You Into A Love World

The best horror story is commonly blended with romantic themes. Horror and love stories are a unique combination of creepy and romantic themes. Why not? Some readers like it to be romantic and terrifying.

Though fear is not a positive emotion, people like to consume good horror books. Why is that? Reading good horror books is a way for us to be stimulated. Exposure to scary events stimulates us in two different ways either positive or negative, but let’s concentrate on the positive impact of reading horror books. Good horror books safely satisfy our curiosity about the dark side of the human psyche in the form of entertainment. Another is horror book experiences, like touring a renowned haunted home, which can even increase our sensation of accomplishment. This kind of adventure helps us feel braver or more adventurous.

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So, who’s up to more love and adventure? We are recommending 3 best horror stories that will energize your daring spirits.

3 Best Horror Romance Books

1. Ghost See Me But I See You: Book 1

This is the best horror story that talks about a ghost that is needing help, the typical ghost stories plot, but what’s enticing with this horror novel is the action and romance elements. It sets this book apart from the rest, so, therefore, this is one of the best horror books to read.

Tansy Luna and the detective she encountered in one uncanny occurrence, seemed to be a medium. Luna has the gift to communicate with dead people, like the ghost of a boy she always sees.

Best Horror Story: Ghost Boy

The boy happens to have a connection to the case whom the detective is working with, which in coincidence, the ghost boy was asking for Luna’s help too.

In return, Luna was too emphatic not to ignore the ghost boy. And so later on she finds herself on a scary adventure with Detective Matthew, as he is the only person who would believe that she’s seeing the ghost of a boy. The suspenseful scenes, cliffhangers, and mysteries are what give this horror book a creepy feeling, and the romance between Luna and the detective basically adds spice, thus, making this a good horror book worth to pick.

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2. Who Is My Husband?

 Horror Romance: Who Is My Husband?

This is the best horror story in the sense that it is intriguing. The plot is fast-moving, plus the unexpected beauty and the beast type of romance story will sweep you up to the next pages. The horror book started with Kailee being set up in an arranged marriage to a guy she didn’t know. Their first meeting after the wedding was done on an occasion where she can’t even see his face. She was only prompted by his voice, but she was aware then, that the man she marries was wearing a mask. So, she was curious not only about how her husband faced her, but about his secrets and past, and his real identity. But beyond all that, Kailee was unaware that the man she married is not even human.

So, what kind of creature is he? If he’s not what he’s expecting, if he will scare her, would she still stay? So, the conflict in this horror book lies in whether Kailee’s love for her mysterious husband is strong enough to defy all shocking and horrifying truths about him. I also would like to take note of how anticipation is masterfully built in this horror story which is important because the key to a best horror story is anticipation. It is what makes a good horror book.

Horror Romance: Who Is My Husband?#2

I would say, this is one of the best horror novels of all time because this engaged its readers in stages of anticipation. The best horror story increases your fear as you anticipate and that’s what this horror book is giving. It will hook you first to the mysterious husband, and as you sympathize with the characters, you’ll get scared because in the first place you don’t know what to expect from that mysterious husband of Kailee.

There’s so much to tell about this good horror book, but if I tell much, the mysteries might be spoiled. So, therefore, overall, I would say that this is one of the good horror books worth picking since the plot has its own way of surprising you. This is definitely not boring.

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3. Billionaire’s Wrong Bride

I like the way of storytelling in this horror romance, so I would say that this is one of the good horror books. What makes this a best horror story is its unique theme. This is like Cinderella and his prince charming expressed with a dark horror theme.

Mia’s suffering began when her mother died. She was mistreated by her stepmother and was forcibly married to a Mafia Billionaire, Xavier Lenordie. She was mistreated in her stepmother’s house and was badly treated even more when she got to Xavier’s house, after the wedding.

Horror Romance: Billionaire's Wrong Bride#2

The bullying scenes are emotional. I think this horror book got its scary impression because the male lead’s personality is likened to a devil. He is spoiled, heartless, cold, and ruthless. Not to mention his being high and selfish too. He’s the exact opposite of Mia, who’s pure and fragile. If I would rate this horror novel, I would say that this is more romantic than scary. The male character was crafted in a way exactly like how Mafia romance male leads are.

When you read the horror book, you’d feel creepy with its suspenseful scenes, but it’s not the kind of feeling that is haunting. Just enough suspense, something that you can tolerate because the emotional and romantic vibes that this horror story is giving, outdo its own scare factor.

So, this horror book perfectly suits those who like light scare and romance. The difference between this Billionaire’s wrong bride and the Cinderella story is that the male lead isn’t as sweet as the prince charming, and also the female lead’s struggles are far different from Cinderella’s life. Nothing is made easy for Mia.

And her suffering is quite a torture to the readers, as you dive into the scenes where Xavier is hard on her, you’ll get to have the feeling of getting into the phase where events are favorable to Mia. The author didn’t fail to ignite in the readers to be emphatic about the book’s characters.

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Good Reads Horror Books

Overall, this is still the best horror story. Mia’s character development is some kind of teeth gritting. It chills us especially when you’ll be reading scenes of her being bullied, her rise to strength and power feels like the only way to her redemption, and so as you read this horror novel, you would be asking when will she change?

In good horror books, it’s not just the creepy atmosphere that holds us, that hooks us, and entices us, but the romance between the characters is always entrapping. Perhaps, it’s the feeling of getting scared and thrilled at the same time, that makes the best horror novels of all time.

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