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3 Best Horror Movies Ever

Have you ever watched the scariest movie ever made in the world? That is one hell of scary but you still prefer to watch! Why? Well, because horror movies are entertaining, and aside from that, horror films are popular especially now with the pandemic, the virus is terrifying us, so most people prefer to divert their fears into something that’s fictional. A kind of escapism, that is on the hand, is entertaining.

Horror movies offer an alternative outlet for you to express your anxiety, which according to experts, is a healthy way of channeling negative emotions.

For example, instead of feeling anxious about relational problems, looming deadlines, or any other anxiety-inducing events in the real world, your anxiety is now attached to the monster on the screen.

The good thing with consuming horror movies is that you control your anxieties, you are choosing to feel anxious, which is healthier than being anxious at something that just happens to you outside of your control.

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So, if you want to be relaxed and entertained at the same time, I am here to suggest the best horror movies ever that will best convert your negative emotions into positive ones.

3 Best Horror Movies of All Time

1. The Shining 1980

Horror Movie: The Shining 1980

This is one of the best horror movies ever that has been topping the list for decades. So, I would say this is also one of the top horror movies of all time since its charm never fades for horror lovers. This horror film is more creepy than scary. This is one of the scariest horror movies of all time even though it is not as bloody and gory as the typical one, it will leave deeply unsettled emotions in your stomach. So, where is this getting its horrific elements? This horror film is frightening. The story’s central plot focuses on trust. It would make you confront yourself with questions about trust, so, I’d say this isn’t for those who have deep trust issues.

The horror movie is about Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), a father who intends to spend the winter alone and isolated with his wife and son. He’ll be in charge of looking after the snow-covered Overlook Hotel. Jack assures them that he and his wife will be safe during their isolation in that hotel. He even claims that his wife is fascinated with the idea despite his employer’s warning about a former caretaker of the hotel who was said to murder his wife and two daughters, then committed suicide.

This is the best horror movie ever because the movie itself is giving some kind of disturbing emotional feeling, blended with suspense and mysteries, plus the setting of the story is a creepy atmosphere. Mentioning all those elements, I would say that this is one of the best horror films ever.

2. The Exorcist

Horror Movie: The Exorcist

This, too, is one of the best horror movies ever which makes this the scariest movie of all time. The movie’s amazing effects shine. It makes all the terrifying scenes convincing like when the little girl is possessed by the most repulsive of spirits when the bed is banging, the furniture is flying, and the vomit is gushing forth. The movie graphic shocks the viewers with absolutely unimaginable profanities.

However, on the other side, this is tagged as the best movie ever not just in the light of having scary elements, but its deep storyline and emotional factor added to the flavor. Like how the mother character was being set to an emotional role, making the viewers sympathetic to her frustrations, and to their situations. The rollercoaster of emotion is masterfully combined with sorrow and horror which increased the movie’s impact. I would say that this is one of the best scary movies of all time because what you will get from watching this is not chills of enjoyment but a horrific, raw, painful experience.

This horror movie begins in Hatra ruins in Iraq. An ancient Babylonian evil figure was dug out which makes an elder priest worried, since the figure is said to be powerfully connected to the devil, and he is aware of the dangers brought by demon worship.

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Horror Movie: The Exorcist

Regan is a kind 12-year-old kid who, like many children traveling with their parents, looks for activities to keep herself entertained while her mother is gone at work.

Tragically, Regan has started using an Ouija board to amuse herself and has been in contact with what her mother and others believe to be her imaginary companion, Captain Howdy. Regan starts acting abnormally soon after she first meets the Captain, including stealing and cursing. These odd behaviors are subsequently followed by paranormal events like weird noises and Regan displaying unusual strength. The story plot moved forward with Regan’s mom asking for the help of two priests, which later on worsened the demonic activities going around.

Combined with paranormal and demon themes, plus scary distorted figures and musical suspense, I would say that this film had reached the criteria of being the best movie ever. And with its continuous popularity among horror lovers, this film too was considered the greatest horror movie of all time.

3. Halloween 1978

 Horror Movie: Halloween

Who would not be intrigued by a horror movie with a Halloween theme? This holiday is used to be associated with spooky concepts, but brace yourself for this horror film is not what you’re expecting. Don’t get complacent with its familiar title. This is the best horror movie ever, I would say perhaps for those with low tolerance for violent graphics.

This is the best horror movie ever because it has real suspense and a haunting atmosphere. It is genuinely scary. The psychological thrills it gives are so merciless that you would want to jump on your seat or hide your face under your pillow while you watch some scenes. Though this horror movie is a classic, it’s a gem worth rewatching.

 Horror Movie: Halloween - Pumpkin

I would say this is also a top horror movie of all time. The plot centers on a purely evil character who at the age of six had committed a murder. He is sent into an asylum and was locked up there for a long time which at any point hasn’t made any improvement, as psychiatrists claimed. He grows up there, becomes a man, and gets away. On Halloween, he returns to the same city and street where he committed his first homicide and then resumes killing again.

If you don’t like watching a horror movie that is scary, then don’t watch this one for this will not just scare you, but this horror film will terrify you with a kind of frightening feeling that’s torturing. I think this is even the scariest movie ever made in the world. Also, this horror movie has plenty of violent scenes and obscene language, which I suggest, watching this comes with parental guidance though its rating says this horror film is appropriate for ages 17+.

These 3 Horror movies are undoubtedly popular, still being on the top list of greatest horror movies of all time. I think they are similar in ways that all of their storytelling is done superbly. The direction is done in a way in a way too that pulls out how the vibes of these horror films are intended to be. They are all uniquely best on their own. They are all the best horror films of all time, in their own way.

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