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A lot of us probably found the book when we were searching for something capable of combining our two greatest interests: werewolves and dragons. While some of us were basically looking for the novel that’d make our bodies warm and our toes curl. Wild as that is, you found it. The Dragon King’s Seduction is a tale of enticing relations.

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Part 1: The Story of The Dragon King’s Seduction

The Dragon King's Seduction: Aslantha

The Dragon King’s Seduction follows the upended life of a young female werewolf called Xendaya. Everything was fine… well, not fine per se, they were just barely keeping their borders safe. But that was still a livable situation until the Alpha King brought grave news about the development of everything and his solution. Then, everything changed.

The kingdom needed an alliance and the only powerful person that could salvage the situation was a Dragon King known for everything that was vile and annoying in their race. He was a king that took until there was nothing left to take. It was his right as a regal dragon, therefore why should he hesitate? This is the entitled bullshit that really raises my temper a few notches higher than I need right now.

But back to the Alpha King’s solution; he wanted a marriage alliance between the two territories, and his youngest, Morwena, came up to accept her fate. However, there’s no way Xendaya would see her younger sister married to a monster. So, Xendaya bit the bullet herself. Rather than let her sister take that suffering, Xendaya took her place upon the Dragon King’s arrival.

She didn’t like his nature in the first place, nor did she like that she was just one of his many women. But after their marriage, his demands of her are quite enough to heighten the dread in her heart. However, she reached a compromise.

The Dragon King on the other hand, is dissatisfied with this new wife who refused to give herself to him. But he would have her someday.

Part 2: Main Character of The Dragon King’s Seduction


The Dragon King's Seduction: Xendaya

She is a lovely young woman who grew up in a loving family. However, these days she doubted the affection of her father. He decides that the kingdom is more important that his daughters’ lives, and Xendaya can hardly contain her hurt. While Morwena willingly accepts the responsibility, how could Xendaya watch her sister go straight into the dragon’s maw.

Xendaya knew what she had to do, and nothing could stop her. Not even whatever it was that she had with Lycus. The male was persistent, but Xendaya was more determined.

However, upon entering the territory of the Dragon King, Xendaya is surprised by what she finds. Not to mention the man behind the mask of a wayward beast. He did have his shortcomings, but compared to everything he’d already been through, maybe being the monster was the only choice he had.

When we get close enough to something, we’re able to see the different sides, colors, and aspects that it has. We can finally understand its true nature.


The Dragon King's Seduction: Agnarr

He is the Obsidian Dragon King. Agnarr is known beyond his territory for his cruelty, ego, possessiveness, and disregard for any other species. He cares not for the way of others, only wanting them to bend to his will. However, when he meets Xendaya, he’s surprised to find that she has no qualms about disobeying him. She did whatever she liked and would never submit to his will.

Agnarr has been through quite a lot and there is a goal he must achieve. He hopes that Xendaya could be the one who would give him what he most desired. She had to be the one that he was told of. Agnarr was running out of time already.

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Part 3: Thought and Critical Opinions of The Dragon King’s Seduction

The Dragon King's Seduction: Xendaya and Agnarr

My thoughts on the story could make you raise a ‘what is this weirdo saying’ type of brow. Hope you’re prepared for it.

I’d say that the story really surprised me. I didn’t know exactly what to expect while going in, but the cove looked nice. Opening it though, and comparing it with the silent promises of the book’s cover? Well. Let’s just say that it gave me more than I realized I was looking for.

The Dragon King’s Seduction finds a way to convince us that two species of really strange temperament and unexpected behavior, could actually be united. I always find it hard to accept these wild ideas in the fictional world (Don’t come for me, I’m not a racist). Sure, a rabbit and a chicken could work something out, but dragons and werewolves have really large egos.

Fortunately, the thing that I dreaded would happen, didn’t. No, something funny and appalling did.

In The Dragon King’s Seduction, the author transports the reader to a world at war, and we see a father at the end of his ropes. Without making a hard choice, just how is he to expect that his kingdom and his people would survive? Something’s got to give, someone’s got to sacrifice a little bit and be the bad guy to those he loves.

The actions of the Alpha King of Claire de Lune probably made some of us condemn him in our hearts. I tried to hate him, but I couldn’t. Yes, he gave his daughter to a really infamous bastard in order to keep his kingdom safe, but what father could bear to let go of their child, dropping them in the territory of killer? It’s a painful decision, but he chose to do so something for the greater good. I’d never do that though; the world could burn for all I care.

The Dragon King’s Seduction gives us the world of an imperfect marriage. A Dragon King is entitled to the best of the best, but in my opinion that makes them arrogant trash. The bastard even had the audacity to boast about the hundred women in his harem. Well, then again, he did have to ensure the survival of his bloodline. But is that truly a good excuse to marry every woman that you think is perfect for breeding children?

See what I was talking about earlier? I’m not the weirdo here.

Part 4: A Really Nice Chapter from The Dragon King’s Seduction

Chapter Five

The Dragon King's Seduction: Lycus

In the grand hall, Agnarr observed Xendaya’s striking appearance—her red skirt accentuating her figure, revealing a thigh slit, and a matching wrap barely covering her breasts. A tattoo adorned her skin beneath the jewels, and her braided hair supported a crown. Agnarr, sitting in a chair, complimented her beauty, leaning over the arm.

As the kingdom toasted to their new queen, Xendaya Araqiel, Agnarr’s wife, Dagnoth’s words resonated through the hall. The cheering crowd embraced the celebration. Aslantha, though smiling, expressed a forced sentiment, and Xendaya, thanking everyone with a hint of reluctance, caught Agnarr’s casual observation—women.

Amidst the escalating cheers, Agnarr suggested leaving, offering Xendaya his hand. She hesitantly accepted, and as they rose, he playfully lifted her, prompting a shriek. She protested, demanding answers for this action.

Agnarr asserted that he was taking her to bed, carrying her toward the exit. Behind them, the cheers continued.

In the private quarters, Xendaya, placed on the bed, voiced her displeasure. Agnarr, showing no concern, ordered her to undress. With a hint of defiance, she questioned the rush.

Agnarr snarled, tearing off her top. Xendaya, covering herself, faced Agnarr’s cold demeanor. He circled her, noting the differences in the wolf kingdom.

Provoked by his words, Xendaya turned, her eyes blazing green.

Agnarr coldly referred to her as an item of pleasure, asserting his dominance. He pushed her back onto the bed, straddling her. Despite her resistance, Agnarr gripped her throat, conveying his authority. He proposed a deal—12 months to bear him a child, promising her freedom afterward. If she failed, she’d join his harem.

Accepting the deal but asserting her terms, Xendaya pushed him back. Seemingly, the power dynamics shifted, and Agnarr watched her, intrigued by her persistent defiance.

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