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Save Myself From Desperation Novel By Cara Agnes

Childhood jealousy manifests differently than grown-up resentment does. Preteen jealousy involves pulling pigtails, locking her into a room or being nasty to draw her attention.

These things can usually be misinterpreted by the other person, especially when she is young. She may easily believe that you have a grudge against her. And this is exactly what happened to Ashley who believed that her husband, the handsome Valentin, used to bully her when they were little because he disliked her so much.

What will happen when she learns the truth?

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Part 1: Save Myself From Desperation Novel Storyline

For the past two years, Ashley had been living with her biological family, yet she received no affection, just insults and mistreats.

She hoped that by being a docile, doting daughter and sister she could make them love her, yet their affection was only reserved for the daughter they had adopted when they lost Ashley.

Jessica knew just how much her brothers and father loved her even though they didn’t share the same blood and she took advantage of the situation in order to make everyone disbelief Ashley and resent her.

The girl kept troubling Ashley, devising all kinds of plans to make her look evil, while Jessica seemed to be a mere victim.

Once again, she pretended to have fallen down the stairs and claiming that Ashley pushed her. Jessica was wallowing with fake pain while pleading with her brother Jeremy to not blame their blood sister for the fall and forgive her.

Jeremy couldn’t comprehend how Jessica could so easily forgive Ashley. He knew that Jess wasn’t his sister by blood, but she was very important to him, they grew up together and Ashley’s return wouldn’t change that for the world.

To make Ashley have a taste of her own medicine, Jeremy threw a glass at his sister, which shattered into pieces, piercing her skin. Ashley’s calf was covered in blood, yet no one cared.

As a last resort, the girl took out a recording device to prove that Jessica framed her and she never pushed her down the stairs. Even with the evidence in front of him, Jeremy still took Jessica’s side, urging Ashley to let the matter go.

This time, the girl took an ultimate decision. She would give up her blood family and leave, disowning them for good.

Save Myself From Desperation Ashley

As she carried her bags outside, a luxurious car parked in front of the mansion and a handsome man stepped out. He helped Ashley with the bags and told her that Zane Kingsley was waiting for her to join the family.

All the Ramos family was stunned to see the Kingsley family assistant helping Ashley. Jessica Ramos actually believed that Valentin Kingsley was interested in her and sent his assistant to announce his visit and Jeremy Ramos thought the man was there for business.

When Ashley got into the car, she was stunned to see that Valentin Kingsley, her childhood friend and enemy altogether was there as well.

Zane and her grandfather were best friends, so she and Valentin used to hang around a lot when they were little. At first, they were best friends too, even joking that the two of them would get married one day. Even their grandparents joined in on the joke.

Everything changed when Ashley told her grandfather that the marriage jest had been taken too far and that she was interested in another boy. The truth was that she only said that to make everyone stop from hoping of arranging a marriage between the two of them.

From then on something happened with Valentin too. He was rude to Ashley and she retaliated, even biting his hand.

Reaching the Kingsley mansion, the girl was greeted by Zane, who told her that he wanted to fulfill her grandfather’s last wish and marry her with Valentin. It was the only way he could still live peacefully.

Ashley had to agree. Within hours, she married her childhood frenemy. What will be Valentin’s attitude towards the girl who used to be his best friend? Does he still resent her? Or were there other reasons behind his sudden change of attitude?

Part 2: More About Save Myself From Desperation Full Story Online

Save Myself From Desperation Valentin

Save Myself From Desperation is a refreshing story that you can read online. The novel explores themes such as romance, betrayal or revenge and it’s a true rollercoaster of emotions.

The author Cara Agnes has skillfully portrayed a beautiful romance development between two people, two former best friends who seemed to have lost their connection due to a misunderstanding and now they are forced to find their way back to each other.

Ashley goes through a rocky journey from weak to strong. After being a docile daughter and sister for several years and enduring humiliation after humiliation from her blood siblings and her stepsister, she finally decides to disown them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Our heroine finds the inner strength she never thought she had while retaliating against her own blood relatives. The desire she used to have of being accepted by her brothers is now gone and replaced by pure resentment.

While becoming cold towards her family, Ashley warms up to Valentin, learning the secret behind his attitude all those years ago. The mystery, the passion and the commitment that Ashley and Valentin show towards each other make this novel a pleasant reading.

Part 3: A Similar Story To Save Myself From Desperation Romance Novel

Save Myself From Desperation Romance

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