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Her Alpha’s Orders Werewolf Book Review

The straight-up bad personality of male lead characters is naturally appealing to readers perhaps because in the middle we wait for their redemption. That is how it is in Her Alpha’s Orders. It would be a little harsh to say that the Alpha here is a jerk.

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Her Alpha’s Orders is basically about a Luna who runs away and an Alpha who isn’t done ordering her around. The story of Her Alpha’s Orders is from the hate-to-love story of two mated wolves. This is a fantasy werewolf romance book that involves many elements you are looking for in a werewolf novel.

Part 1: Main Characters Of The Alpha’s Orders

Her Alpha's Orders Characters

Joanne Morris

Joanne is the female lead in Her Alpha’s Orders. At first, she was shown as the weak, victimized she-wolf who’s the next Luna. Her love for her alpha mate has placed her in a submission that sometimes makes her disregard herself, and worst endure all hurts and abuse.

In this novel, Her Alpha’s Orders, we are given a female lead for whom we would be rooting for her character growth.

I guess as a reader, I would want to see Joanne in the end, a fighter and a kickass, and I think we will get to see more of her strong personality unfolding in the latter chapters as the turning point of her is when she runs away that time when she was about to become a Luna.

Westley Carlton

He is the Alpha who’s bound Joanne not only by their mate bond but by his orders too since in the werewolves’ world alpha’s orders are laws. So, Her Alpha’s Orders refers to Westley Carlton ordering Joanne, causing her to submit to him despite that Joanne yearns for freedom.

Westley is the male lead here in this novel, Her Alpha’s Orders rating his personality, I should say that he’s a jerk. He took advantage of Joanne, using the mate bond, and treating her ill most of the time.

Westley is the kind of male lead whom you would long to have its redemption in the middle. But here in Her Alpha’s Orders, we could get to see both of the main characters growing into improved individuals.

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Part 2: Main Story Of Her Alpha’s Orders

Her Alpha's Orders Story
I think what makes Her Alpha’s Order attractive is the element of a runaway luna in its plot. Here, we have a female lead who has got what every female wolf in the pack wants – to become the Luna, but she throws it away when she was about to become one, and runs away from her pack in pursuit of one thing – freedom.

In Her Alpha’s Orders, we are introduced to an opening scene where Joanne wakes up marked and mated to Westley without remembering what happened. All she had was body sores. Bound by the mate bond, she chooses to stay with Westley despite his coldness and ill-treatment of her.
Her Alpha's Orders Story Lonely Mate
Her life with Westley was tough. She was always longing of being away from him and from the pack until she got the voice and courage to do so that day when she was about to become a Luna. She rejected Westley and left.

Joanne builds herself to become better. She finished school and had a good life away from the pack until after 10 years she was ordered to go back to her pack to attend Westley’s Alpha Ceremony. Here more conflicts and exciting events stirred up.

Her Alpha’s Orders is attractive perhaps because of the second chance mate elements in its plot. Plus, as I mentioned a while ago, you can’t help but root for the characters here in Her Alpha’s Orders, the worse they are the more their growth and redemption feel satisfying.

Part 3: Jennifer Francis, The Author Of Her Alpha’s Order

Her Alpha's Orders Author
We hate the characters but we root for them. Jennifer Francis, as an author of Her Alpha’s Orders, had done a great job in crafting such effective characters in this novel. Another thing that is commendable in her is her writing style.

She presented the plot as well-structured and easy to understand. Her style of writing naturally begins with the main characters being weak at first and then growing strong in the latter.

Aside from Her Alpha’s Orders, Jennifer Francis also has other works published on Dreame, some of which are Unscentable and His Luna is already a Luna. Most of her works are themed like a second chance mate, like Her Alpha’s Orders

Part 4: Books Similar to Her Alpha’s Orders

Her Alpha's Orders Similar Books Saving The Hybrid's Past
People who love Her Alpha’s Orders also read Saving The Hybrid’s Past. I would say that this book has an intriguing premise. And the female lead here, Amara is a kickass one. Saving the Hybrid’s Past is the third book of the Hybrid Series of Alcione02.

Saving the Hybrid’s past revolves around Lady Amara. The turning point of events began when the Queen suddenly fell ill. The coven, pack, and the entire family became frightened.

The Queen is known to be invincible, and her sudden illness is suspicious. They were able to determine what was wrong with Amara’s help. They find out that the present and future of the Queen are at risk because her past is in danger. And so now her grandkids have to save the past to save the present and the future.

Unlike Her Alpha’s Orders, we are given a strong female lead in Saving The Hybrid’s past. These two novels are the same in ways that some scenes of the plot center on family relationships.

Although, Saving the Hybrid’s past has more family scenes since the story revolves around certain families and fighting for the family. For you to get familiar with the characters of the Hybrid Past I suggest you read the entire Hybrid series of Alcione02.

All in all, Her Alpha’s Orders and The Hybrid’s Past both have their distinct charm and elements that are attractive to readers. Read the books now on Dreame.

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