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Hello Heir Book Review: A Must-Read Novel for Every Family

If you are one of those people who has a soft spot for comic novels, then Hello Heir can stand as one of the most family-friendly, entertaining books. You’ll get to see the lifestyle of Chinese people with a fictional twist involving a perky storyline.

Each character in this novel holds a strong background with a properly woven turn for believability.

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Here’s a detailed review of the plot and leads from Hello Heir.

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Part 1: Hello, Heir’s Plot Summary

When it comes to Hello Heir, the storyline isn’t as straightforward as you might think. To make it engaging, the author has used many unique scenarios and circumstances to test the love and attraction between the main characters.

The story revolves around our female lead, Zhuang Nainai, who has recently learned that she belongs to a well-known wealthy family. She belonged to the market tycoons of China, Gu Corporations.

She was lost from her parents for the last twenty-two years in a tragic incident. Once she becomes part of the family, she realizes that wealthy people can use you for their favors.

Her story took a turn when she was sent to trick the heir of Imperial Group, Si Zhengting, into marrying her to improve the relationship between the two companies.

The Imperial Group, a major conglomerate with operations in a wide range of industries, finance, real estate, entertainment, you name it, was well-capitalized. It is considered the most influential company in all of Asia, if not China.

Si Zhengting was known as a powerful and wealthy businessman who was also the most attractive bachelor, with women swooning around him.

Since Gu Corporation was nothing compared to Imperial Group, the family business was in the hands of Zhuang Nainai. Moreover, she wants 500 thousand dollars from Gu Group for the treatment of her adoptive mother.

But the main twist remains; once she enters Si Zhengting’s room, she comes to know that he is the guy she dated almost 5 years ago. Given the history and the pressure she’s facing, she will have to make the relationship work, and this story is about her struggle to achieve that.

You’ll find some traditional romance elements in this novel, too, with an unwelcoming mother-in-law paying Zhuang Nainai to leave her son five years ago, which makes Si Zhengting and Zhuang Nainai enemies. Later implementing ways to make them fall in love after finding Zhuang Nainai’s real family.

Part 2: Writing Style Used in the Hello, Heir Novel

In Hello Heir, you can see many high notes of Young Master Yan’s writing style. With a decisive male lead and animated female character, the plot is quite unique compared to traditional romance novels.

The contrast between the two characters is also exceptional, and the patterns where Zhuang Nainai seems to be chasing the love of Si Zhengting but, in her thoughts, straying away from his existence. Si Zhengting falls for Zhuang Nainai but shows tough love whenever he sees her.

Alt: Hello Heir 3

This is far from a typical fei ye novel where the author has included many details and diversity to show the struggles of an oppositely paired couple in an arranged marriage.

The way the author has shown how Si Zhengting has been saving Zhuang Nainai in many different ways while appearing to be her enemy increases the reader’s interest.

Each piece of the author’s creation, especially the part: There was no change in Si Zhengting’s face, but the chill in his eyes seemed to intensify, shows in detail every emotion felt so that the readers won’t miss out on any concept.

From this passage, you can easily decipher how angry Si Zhengting is at the moment and his possible actions.

You can also observe the massive character transformation, especially for Zhuang Nainai, from an abused idiot wife to a sensible and loved female lead. Zhuang Nainai has emerged as a free-spritted and carefree yet strong-minded female lead.

Unlike many women-oriented novels where male leads are all down for their love, the author has successfully made her stubborn enough to convince a guy into her actions.

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Part 3: Themes and Messages of Hello, Heir

The theme of this novel mainly involves family and the challenges both of the main characters have to face to make their relationship work:

Sacrifice for Family

The primary theme worth highlighting is the progress and challenges that Zhuang Nainai has to face to earn 500 thousand dollars for her adoptive mother.

The author has wonderfully represented the value of adoptive relationships and their role in people’s lives even after meeting their real families.

Moreover, it should also be noted how Si Zhengting has put in all his efforts to make sure his family name stays at the top of China’s renowned tycoons.

Alt: Hello Heir Book 4

Making Relationships Work in Every Situation

Both of her main characters have proven many times throughout the novel how people can make any relationship work as soon as they work for it.

Despite many conspiracies and propaganda created by mutual enemies, Si Zhengting’s mother, etc., both stick together until their baby completes their bond.

Part 4: Conclusion

Like every slice-of-life romance novel, Hello Heir is made up of the perfect recipe of complex characters, a unique storyline, and stubborn leads to make readers fall in love.

Most readers find this story interesting and catchy at first, but you often get bored due to the excessive length. There are many misunderstandings between the main characters, and the story shows that if there is love, there’s a bond.

If you want a refreshing comic relief in your reading palette, you should try it.

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