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Book review| Reverend Insanity

Have you ever imagined going back in time to be your younger version in life? Well, Fang Yuan didn’t.

The demon who had been the greatest master of cultivation finally tastes his defeat with enemies around him. But with Reverend Insanity he travels back in time and is reborn 500 years,

Now with his younger version and memories of all those 500 years, Fang Yuan is going to start the cultivation yet again from the scratch.

But this time Fang Yuan is going to make sure he rises above the challenges.

Reverend Insanity is full of magic and adventures.

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Part 1: Exciting Storyline of Reverend Insanity

Reverend Insanity fiction

Reverend Insanity is an eastern fantasy novel set against the backdrop of Action and Reincarnation where the main character is reborn to the past. This male lead story is full of adventures filled with supernatural elements such as demons, magic powers, and evolution.

Reverend Insanity follows the story of Fang Yuan, he was a demon who cultivated the spring-autumn cicada and a pure villain who killed thousands of people with sins that were unforgivable.

But now he was defeated, his hair was disheveled and the whole of his body was wounded and covered in blood. With enemies around him, Fang Yuan knew there would be no easy day out as he had already accumulated a large pool of blood.

Reverend Insanity - story

Fang Yuan knew that this was a situation where he would be facing death but he remained calm. With his stained feet and massive loss of blood, he had turned pale.

When he was laying watching the sunset he recalled the memories of his previous life. Before becoming a villain he was a scholar who had a hard life for 300 years and yet another 200 years had passed by.

In Reverend Insanity Fang Yuan realized that Now 500 years were over but he felt as if he had failed in the end as his life flew by in the blink of an eye.

Reverend Insanity -novel

In his last moments, he knew that if the spring autumn-cicada would be effective he shall again be a demon in his next life.

With the use of the cicada, Fang Yuan cultivated he had reversed time. He was now 500 years back in the past as he stretched his hands out and looked at his own going and soft pale features.

Now that Fang Yuan was back in the past he had memories and experiences worth 500 years that were a treasure. He could grasp the overall situation and upcoming opportunities using his memories.

This would just enable Fang Yuan to empower in the situation with some good planning in the Reverend Insanity novel.

Reverend Insanity cultivation

Fang Yuan knew that the most important thing is cultivation which in the present he had not yet cultivated, and he has not yet stepped on the option to be a Gu master.

He now had to hurry and cultivate to catch up to the history as many of the hidden locations of treasures were nothing without proper foundation.

But the main problem om front of Fang Yuan through his 500 years of empire was that Qing Mao mountain was way too small and that restricted freedom for cultivation in Reverend Insanity.

Reverend Insanity- book

Fang Yuan now had to use his previous experience of cultivation and his profound wisdom to make sure he doesn’t fail like the previous time.

But with a world full of magical creatures in Gu, Fang Yuan knew better than to rise above all with his power so he wouldn’t face the defeat of his previous life.

It’s going to be a challenge to the demonic master who was superior in his past life but now with the burden of memories which is a curse and a boon he has to make sure he sets the cultivation in such a way that it will yield his victory in the end.

Reverend Insanity is a must-read novel for all fantasy and adventure lovers who love a strong male lead and enjoy the smart planning of gaming all blended with the Reincarnation theme where you get to see the world in the past and present through the male lead.

Check out Reverend Insanity to know more about Fang Yuan the demon who got reincarnated back to 500 years.

Part 2: Characters of Reverend Insanity

Reverend Insanity - lead

Reverend Insanity is a serialized fiction that follows various characters we see around the Qing Mao mountain and Gu village. The place is filled with magic and mystery where one has to overpower the other with the help of magic and planning.

This system-based novel features Fang Yuan. Reverend Insanity follows the journey of Fang Yuan. He is a demon and a cultivator of Spring autumn cicada, but being alive for over 500 years he is now seeing his defeat.

For the first three hundred years of his life, he was a scholar, later he was a Gu master but his life was filled with hardship. He was called cruel and a monster as he had killed thousands of people.

Even at the time of his death when he’s laying with enemies surrounding him, he remains calm not fearing death. But the villain knows that this is an end. He knows that when he will have another chance for life he will yet again be a demon.

Reverend Insanity-villain

This photo comes from Coffee Geek.

With no escape from the enemies who had surrounded them to see the demon breathe his last breath, Fang Yuan accepts the defeat.

However, this isn’t the end for our male lead who goes from weak to strong as he wakes up 500 years back in the past back to his young self where he had yet to create the cultivation Cicada.

Fang Yuan now has the experience and memories of 500 years, of living through hardships and all the challenges have to plan and proceed as he starts the cultivation again.

The interesting feature of Fang Yuan is that the audience knows that he’s a villain but at his defeat, there is a strange quest to see how the demon is going to rise back again. And when he’s given the opportunity, is he again going to choose the path of a villain?

Fang Yuan’s character is a mystery, a powerful male lead who is going to rise back against all the challenges that are put forward.

Reverend Insanity is a story that shows how the character Fang Yuan and others around him rise through challenges and seek opportunities. The story is well crafted giving each character its powers, magic, and strength in this evolution novel.

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Part 3: A Must Read Novel Reverend Insanity

Reverend Insanity - time

Reverend Insanity is one of the intriguing novels that should make it into your Library. As a book lover, the fictional tale has all the selling points such as a strong storyline and powerful characters that will keep the readers booked till the end.

Reverend Insanity follows the story of a villain Fang Yuan who is laying in his blood as he knows his life of 500 years has been a defeat.

But when he travels back to the past he is reborn. Now with his going version but with memories of 500 years of the life he had to deal with all the hardship, he will have to grasp the opportunities and chances in front of him.

Reverend Insanity - rebirth

Fang Yuan will have to start his cultivation yet again to become the Gu master he was once. However, will Fang Yuan change his ways now that he’s given a second chance in his life?

The demon who was a villain, a killer, and a murderer is back again. But this time will he rise to be a hero or again chooses the path of the antagonist who is going to rise above all to gain power and make sure he never sees defeat again?

Reverend Insanity is a must-read fiction. The reborn concept with memories of the past makes it an interesting pitch for the readers who gets to see the evolution era of the past and present.

This unique story is interesting and captives the reader’s attention easily. Check it out.

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