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Best Werewolf Romance Novel Review: Saving His Feral Mate

Saving His Feral Mate novel introduces us to a werewolf concept that we may rarely read in other werewolf novels: A feral wolf. Sure, we know about rogue wolves – the werewolves who run away from the pack for whatever reasons. A feral wolf, however, experiences what the 19-year-old Omega she-wolf of this novel, Chloe, experiences.

In Saving His Feral Mate, Omega Chloe is originally from the Desert Hill pack. Her mother brainwashes her to be submissive and never show her wolf, making her pack members think she is weak and wolfless. Not stopping there, her Alpha doesn’t only reject her; he kills her mother in front of her eyes. Chloe runs away from the pack, and her human side retreats to her mind.

Thankfully, the Moon Goddess gives Chloe a second-chance mate in Saving His Feral Mate. He is also a powerful Alpha, and he has been looking for his mate, too. Question: How far will this second-chance mate go in Saving His Feral Mate and protecting her?

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of Saving His Feral Mate


Saving His Feral Mate Chloe

Chloe, the female MC of Saving His Feral Mate, has never known her father since she was a child. She is an Omega she-wolf from the Desert Hill pack. Like any other Omega she-wolves, her pack members scapegoat her and think of her as a weak and wolfless she-wolf, while it’s her Omega mother who represses her wolf and invalidates her power.

Yet, in Saving His Feral Mate, Chloe still loves her mother. She runs away from the Desert Hill pack after her first Alpha rejects her and kills her mother on the spot… And she doesn’t care about being a rogue and a feral she-wolf.


Saving His Feral Mate Cameron

In Saving His Feral Mate novel, Alpha Cameron isn’t only the Alpha of the Desert Hill pack, Chloe’s previous pack. Instead, he was also an abusive mate of Chloe. Not only that he rejects Chloe as his mate and Luna of his pack, but he also takes pleasure in seeing Chloe’s suffering, starting from killing Chloe’s mother.

After Cameron is done with killing Chloe’s mother, he proceeds in his attempts to tie Chloe inside the pack, so Chloe will forever be his toy. Well, not until Chloe finds another Alpha who is keen on Saving His Feral Mate!


Saving His Feral Mate Knox

Alpha Knox from the Volcano pack is yet another powerful Alpha from Saving His Feral Mate book. Along with Beta Jax, his Beta, the two had been looking for their mates for a long time. Alpha Knox’s parents even tried to pick from several Lunas for him to choose from. Yet, none of these she-wolves captivate his interest.

The moment Alpha Knox sees the already-rogue and wounded Chloe is also the moment he recognizes Chloe as his mate. Now that Chloe has been traumatized from her previous mating encounters, it’s time for “Saving His Feral Mate”!

Part 2: Story Of Saving His Feral Mate

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Saving His Feral Mate Novel

Saving His Feral Mate is all about a feral wolf named Chloe, who used to be one of the Omega she-wolves in the Desert Hill pack. As I read the stories of Saving His Feral Mate novel, I see Chloe as a female MC who experiences lots of hardships in her life.

Chloe may be one of the Omega she-wolves in her pack who, like any other Omega she-wolves, is treated like the pack’s slave and toy. So, she may appear less lonely compared to the typical Omega she-wolves in other werewolf romance novel series. However, Chloe’s mother is also an Omega, and she never knows her father until now.

Chloe’s Saving His Feral Mate is not wolfless – her wolf makes her a little bit stronger than average Omega she-wolves.

However, Chloe’s mother poses a huge hindrance to her growth: She brainwashes Chloe into being submissive, scolds Chloe whenever she becomes assertive, threatens Chloe to never show her wolf, and ignores Chloe’s mental sufferings as other pack members think she is wolfless.

Saving His Feral Mate Dreame Novel Read Free

Chloe’s sufferings in Saving His Feral Mate begin to end the moment Alpha Cameron, the abusive Alpha of her pack, kills her mother in front of her eyes and rejects her. No matter how much Chloe loves her mother, at least, now is the right time for her to break free.

I particularly love the part where Chloe adds the statements to sever ties with the Desert Hill pack and be the rogue. To me, it’s a brave decision from an Omega she-wolf.

Alpha Cameron thinks so highly of himself in getting a second-chance mate… Yet, it doesn’t mean that the Moon Goddess is being unkind to Chloe. As I read more portions of the stories in Saving His Feral Mate, Chloe eventually gets her second-chance mate: Alpha Knox, another powerful Alpha from the Volcano pack.

Yet, it’s not easy for Chloe to overcome her past mating trauma in Saving His Feral Mate. After all, the thought of all Alpha males is heartless and cruel and has been implanted so deeply inside Chloe’s heart. Will Knox succeed in melting future Luna’s heart? Will they be happy mates forever?

Part 3: Meet The Author Of Saving His Feral Mate

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Saving His Feral Mate by S. Lexi

Having previously worked in the law enforcement industry, S. Lexi, the author of Saving His Feral Mate, is famous for her strong and independent female MC creations in her novel. Chloe’s Saving His Feral Mate is not an exception. Even if she is an Omega she-wolf, I admire her bravery in standing up for herself and not regretting her status as a rogue wolf.

I also love the ways S. Lexi uses as the author of Saving His Feral Mate novel to introduce another interesting concept in werewolf-verses: A feral wolf. Generally, it’s a term we use to address a werewolf whose wolf has been separated from the human side, and the human side has retreated to the werewolf’s mind.

A rogue wolf can also be a feral wolf, just like Chloe; however, readers rarely realize that the two concepts are different.

In her bio on the Dreame platform, S. Lexi, the author of Saving His Feral Mate novel, states that she specializes in writing romance paranormal stories, particularly all about werewolves. When I see the book lists in her bio, I see all of S. Lexi’s books are about werewolves. Some books even have series and spin-offs, including Saving His Feral Mate.

You can read the spin-offs and series that involve Chloe with her mate and new best friends when you follow S. Lexi.

Once you follow her, you won’t regret the chapters – S. Lexi writes in a compelling way that her novels attract more than 2,404K followers to her profile. Another thing: You can also follow S. Lexi on her social media websites, such as Facebook or Instagram. Speaking of which…

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