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The Alpha’s Broken Mate | Best Selling Fantasy Novel

The alpha’s daughter is treated as a slave throughout her whole life just because it’s Taboo for an alpha to birth a female.

After years of being abused by her pack and bullied at school, Catherine meets her alpha mate.

Tyler Anderson will not let anyone hurt his mate. Not anymore.

Can Catherine’s life change for the better with the arrival of her mate?

The Alpha’s Broken Mate is a young adult fiction with a cute love story that will remind us of our first true love.

It’s beautiful and heartwarming, to say the least. Check out The Alpha’s Broken Mate now.

Young Adult Romance The Alpha’s Broken Mate To Read

Part 1: Trending Story Of The Alpha’s Broken Mate

The Alpha's Broken Mate Is A Young Adult Love Story

The Alpha’s Broken Mate is one of the best-selling novels that’s filled with tons of suspense, sharp storytelling, and a second chance at life.

Here’s the storyline of this Trending story to know more.

The Alpha’s Broken Mate begins with Catherine Walker who is woken up by two other pack female members calling her lazy and ordering her to get to work.

But Catherine was the daughter of the Red Moon pack’s alpha. However, her life took a turn when she lost her mother. In her pack, they consider it Taboo when an alpha gives birth to a female kid who they deem to be useless.

In most cases, alphas just end up killing their female borns but Catherine’s mother didn’t allow her husband to do so. Hence the alpha’s daughter was treated like a slave in her pack.

For years Catherine was able to survive her father’s wrath but after her mother’s death, she’s left alone where her father doesn’t hesitate to hurt her. She’s abused and hated.

The Alpha's Broken Mate Catherine Is Always Bullied At School

In her school, she was always targeted by the rich popular girl Stephanie who bullied her further making her life even harder.

But what Catherine wasn’t expecting or hoping for in her hard life was to find a mate. When a new boy arrives at her school, her wolf Caroline immediately feels the sparks and takes the word…


Tyler Anderson was rich and handsome. The girls at Catherine’s school were in awe of him. Tyler was simply gorgeous and Catherine just wished he would reject her

Because the popular rich guy had no reason to be with a thin slave girl like her. But then Tyler takes her by surprise when he pursues her.

The Alpha's Broken Mate Finds Her Alpha Tyler

Will Catherine’s misery finally end now that she has finally found her mate? But will Tyler will change his mind when he learns his mate is abused and her demons will not let them live a fairytale as all the teens wish?

The Alpha’s Broken Mate is a heartwarming young adult fiction that revolves around a beautiful love story between Catherine and Tyler. If you would like to know more about Catherine’s journey of becoming the alpha’s mate, make sure to check the story out.

Young Adult Fantasy Romance The Alpha’s Broken Mate To Read

Part 2: Characters Of The Alpha’s Broken Mate Novel

The Alpha's Broken Mate Female Lead Catherine

The Alpha’s Broken Mate is a young adult fiction that surely had me wanting to read more. It was the way the characters developed with the story, we had our innocent heroine, the charming hero, and the mean girls who we wanted to teach a lesson.

Let’s check out the characters of The Alpha’s Broken Mate to know why this is one of the best young adult fiction out there.

Catherine Walker, she’s a fighter. When I say she’s a fighter, it doesn’t mean she can fight the bad guys. But when we meet her, she’s a slave. She’s trying her best to survive in a world where they are hated because she’s a girl.

How sad is that? Especially when your father is an alpha but considers you to be useless. The writer gives us a glimpse of Catherine’s journey through flashbacks that help us to understand how far Catherine has made it.

The Alpha's Broken Mate Lead Tyler

I was so rooting for her to find her happy ending, just wanted to see her happy in the life she deserves. That’s when Catherine met her mate.

Tyler Anderson, he’s a charmer. When he’s introduced in the story we all are in awe and crushing over him just like the girls at Catherine’s school. But soon we find out that Catherine is mated to Tyler.

I had a bad feeling that Tyler will reject Catherine because of how she’s treated like a slave by her father considering Tyler is an alpha himself. But he stole her heart when he decides to have Catherine and make her his.

I enjoyed Catherine and Tyler’s chemistry, their cute budding love story surely made me remember the good old-fashioned rom-com that we enjoyed.

Part 3: The Alpha’s Broken Mate Interesting Facts And Review

The Alpha's Broken Mate Catherine Journey To Love

The Alpha’s Broken Mate is one of the trending novels on the Dreame app by author Annoymousq3 X. The story has over 180 thousand more reads with thousands of readers following the story.

The first thing that attracted me to check out this novel is the one-line introduction author mentioned in the story.

“Her beauty is a myth but her love is a legend”

I always love to read good fantasy stories. But in each werewolf fiction, we see how slave girls are rejected by their mates.

However, in The Alpha’s Broken Mate, we have an alpha who will stick up for his mate and will protect her.

The Alpha's Broken Mate Catherine Gets Her Happy Ending

The Alpha’s Broken Mate begins with Catherine who is abused by her pack just because she is a female. Despite being the alpha’s daughter, she’s treated as a slave.

But then her life takes a turn when she meets a new boy at school who happens to be her mate.

Her true love.

If you love a good fantasy novel, with a young adult setting then you should check out The Alpha’s Broken Mate

Fantasy Romance The Alpha’s Broken Mate To Read On Dreame

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