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Danielle Nelson had no option but to be concerned about her image, she was instructed to work on generating some positive publicity.

A brilliant professor and reclusive royal, Prince Jameson prefers life out of the spotlight, only leaving his ivory tower to attend weddings or funerals. But with the Queen’s children involved in one scandal after another, and Parliament questioning the viability of the monarchy, the Queen is desperate.

In a quest for good press, she puts Jameson in charge of a tribute concert in her late husband’s honor. Out of his depth, and resentful of being called to service, he takes the advice of a student. Too late, Jameson discovers the American rapper is popular, sexy, and raunchy and not what the Queen wanted. Danielle knows this is the good exposure she needs to cement her deal worth an American Royalty.

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Part 1: Author of American Royalty

Author of American Royalty

American Royalty was written by Tracey Livesay. She writes contemporary romances that are smart, sexy, and emotional, with strong, successful heroines falling in love with powerful, passionate heroes.

She has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, and CBS This Morning, in addition to winning the 2020 Emma Award for Best Interracial Romance.

She is a former criminal defense attorney and a graduate of the University of Virginia and the University Of Virginia School Of Law. Tracey lives in Virginia with her three children and her husband, whom she met on the first day of law school. She watches planner videos on YouTube and fantasizes about her next designer purse purchase when she is not answering the phone as a wife, mother, or author.

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Part 2: Core Story of American Royalty

Core story of American Royalty

Here is an American rapper called Duchess, a sexy and majestic young lady who falls in love with the queen’s grandson the Duke of Wessex in American Royalty. Of course, it is never a usual thing to have a daughter of an ordinary citizen mingling with royals take more having an affair. Danielle always had her normal life which she wanted to live, she is the world’s most prominent rapper, but she chafes at the constraints placed on her by her manager, her fans, and the press.

Danielle aspires to be a public figure or a movie star, and she hopes to leave rap behind to focus on expanding the line of skin care products she created for Black women. This was her primary goal, and it kept them awake at night. She had spent so much time researching the skin product that she didn’t want anything to detract from her goal.

When a shady White singer tries to ride Dani’s coattails to fame, the media frenzy devastates Dani’s chance to sell her company to a cosmetics conglomerate. Frustrated, Dani accepts an invitation to perform at a royal family-hosted concert, an event designed to boost the Crown’s public image.

Story of American Royalty

His Royal Highness Prince Jameson, the Duke of Wessex, has managed to live a quiet life as a philosophy professor, but he’s forced into the spotlight when the queen orders him to fulfill his duty by acting as host of the concert in American Royalty.

Determined to keep the paparazzi from Dani, the queen’s event coordinator asks Jameson to host her at his country estate. Jameson and Dani give in to their undeniable attraction, believing they can have a secret affair before returning to the limelight in London.

Dani is a fantastic heroine. Dani must fight tooth and nail for everything she has because she is trapped in an industry dominated by men. Dani is a brilliant young woman who is determined not to be just another rapper. She is forced to play the game as an entrepreneur and determined businesswoman in order to advance.

You’ll appreciate her character’s humility, never taking anything for granted and always making time for her fans. Dani has grit and is extremely multifaceted, and I adored her character. Prince Jameson so freaking much! His life has been marred by tragedy and scandal and his family is an absolute mess.

Plotof American Royalty

He is not the typical royal and is never one to handle change well, Jameson just wants to live a quiet existence outside of the public eye, living out his days as a professor of philosophy. This forced proximity enemies-to-lovers romance was super steamy and every bit of it was worth the read in American Royalty.

The banter between Dani and Jameson was absolutely amazing, leading to explosive chemistry. Dani elicits extreme reactions out of Jameson and you will love seeing how she pushed him outside of his comfort zone. Jameson’s sweet acts of love were so swoony and anyone will appreciate how we saw all sides to their relationship.

The plot is clearly intended to appeal to readers looking for Meghan and Harry’s energy. The opening focuses on how they both crave autonomy, and every issue raised during this lengthy exposition didn’t just fade away in the heat of their affair rather it gained momentum and had a sweet end.

Dani’s character is interesting and complex, but the relationship’s development is rushed, especially in comparison to the almost unbearably slow start. An appealing, modern premise stutters, then sprints, but never comes together as a whole. It is such a nice time reading this book

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