First Crush


First Crush

Length: 06hrs 30mins 22 episodesCompleted
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One simple word, yet so incredibly complicated. Well, that's how it feels for Jake Cooper.Living with his best friend, Sienna Forrester, he's used to having a woman around, twenty-four, seven. So why is he wanting to pull his hair out?Lukas Dark, the lead singer and guitarist of Dark Falkon, that’s why. Sienna is obsessed with him, and it's driving Jake to seven kinds of jealousy that's getting harder to hide.For as long as Jake can remember, it's been Lukas this and Lukas that, and oh my God if I could only meet Lukas--and now, thanks to winning a contest, she will.Jake's out of time. He needs to find a way to make her see the truth. That it's him, not Lukas. Jake is the hero she's in love with and always has been.]]>


  • Romance


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