Alpha's Rejected Luna


Alpha's Rejected Luna

Length: 15hrs 59mins 123 episodesCompleted
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At the point of getting married to the wolf prince and becoming a luna queen soon afterwards, Ursula's dream is aborted. Tovia steps into Williams' life so suddenly, her place is lowered to a personal maid who faces utmost cruelty from her mistress. She runs away with her pregnancy, the result of a one-night stand, never hoping to be luna queen again. Along the way, something happens that turns everything around. Would Ursula still become what she once dreamt of becoming? Would the complication of the case be sorted out, who will it favor, Ursula or…


  • Paranormal
  • contract marriage
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • self-improved
  • omega
  • twisted
  • pack
  • weak to strong
  • virgin
  • intersex


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