It's My Turn


It's My Turn

Length: 15hrs 47mins 125 episodesCompleted
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Ashley killed her Half-Sister Sarah in order to get married to her boyfriend and spread the news that Sarah eloped. She was successfully about to get married to Ronald when Sarah arrived with Ronald's elder brother and Ashley's plan got ruined. Ronald asked Sarah, why did she elope and why doesn't want to get married to him. Sarah put forth the condition that if he wants answers to his questions then get married to her as she is or if he distrusts he can marry Ashley. Now, what will be Ronald's decision? Why doesn't Sarah want to answer any questions? Will Ashley let them be together?


  • billionaire
  • contract marriage
  • decisive
  • CEO
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • genius
  • city
  • gorgeous
  • Romance


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