Sweet Betrayal


Sweet Betrayal

Length: 16hrs 46mins 104 episodesCompleted
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Dakota and Luca were in love and had been embroiled in a secret affair but one night everything changed, Dakotas’ father was murdered trying to protect an elite businessman but he was framed by his colleagues making it look like he had tried to assassinate him. Dakota and her mother were humiliated by the media constantly. And just as they were trying to cope up with their lives Dakota was thrown out of her school. Everyone bullied her. But she still had a hope that Luca would stand by her but he r***d her and humiliated her to the edge. She wanted to commit suicide but thinking about her mother she stopped herself. When she came back home, her house was on fire and everything was destroyed. They finally bid farewell to the city, which had taken everything away from them. After three years she returns to the same city to get back her father’s glory and honor but what will happen when she meets Luca who destroyed her innocence?


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • dark
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • comedy
  • twisted
  • sweet
  • humorous
  • serious
  • mystery


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