Betrothed to a Prince, In Love With My Bodyguard


Betrothed to a Prince, In Love With My Bodyguard

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* THE PHOENIX WOLF SAGA, BOOK 1 * To read the sequel, click on THE QUEEN, THE LOVER, THE HUNTRESS AND THE ROGUE on my page! - - - - - “You…” He can barely speak. “You smell…” I know what he smells. I take a step toward him, eyes bright. “Yes?” I ask coyly. “You were…” I take another step. “Yes?” He suddenly explodes, closing the gap between us in half a second and pressing me against the wall behind me so aggressively, my breath catches in my throat. He pins my arms against the wall on either side of me and presses himself into me, digging his hardened bulge against me with a motion that nearly sends my legs buckling out from under me in dazed pleasure. His lips find my neck, and for an instant, I think he means to mark me. I should think about what it would mean for my future, what it would mean for my pack, but in that moment, I don’t care. I want him to mark me. I want to be his, and I want him to be mine. - - - - - Tempest Elianna Crescent, also known as Red, is the Princess of Canis and daughter of the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. When her father tells her that she is to marry "Prince" Dominic Gibbous, the future Alpha of the rival Gibbous Moon Pack that once ruled, she reluctantly agrees to do her duty to keep the peace. But her eighteenth birthday is looming, and the inner wolf stirring in her desires someone different: Rowan, her family's bodyguard and the future Beta of her pack. Can she force back her desires for the sake of her responsibility, putting her pack before her wolf? What if the Gibbous Pack hasn't relinquished their desire to reclaim the throne? This story is told in alternating first person POV's between Red and Rowan.


  • sex
  • contract marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • royalty/noble
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • magical world
  • childhood crush
  • feminism
  • Romance


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