Alpha Braxton


Alpha Braxton

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Sweet, abuse 19 year old Virginia "Rae" Elliot has been through a deep tragedy involving her mother. She was only 16 when her mother was killed on her way home from a business trip and to make matters worse for Rae it was on her birthday! She never knew her father so she was left in the incapable hands of her step father, Neil Carrington! She thought that after that tragic night that her life couldn't get any worse but she was soon proven wrong. Neil had always seen her as an attractive woman and would go out of his way to make inappropriate comments about her and what he would like to do to her body! She had been held captive except to go to school. She was beginning to feel like the house that she once called home was quickly becoming her prison and Neil her warden! She has always believed that there were other beings in this world other than human but she could never prove it so it was mostly just her imagination that she would escape too sometimes believing that she herself was a werewolf that could aid in protecting her from the increasing torture she was receiving from her step father. Would she be able to escape him before he damages her so bad that there is no hope of repair? Alpha Braxton, was a newly appointed Alpha of the Shimmering Falls Pack in Oregon state. His parents were so power hungry that they tried to manipulate their only son into a forced marriage with a neighboring pack so that they could still call the shots of the Alpha rank by using their son. Braxton knew exactly what his parent were up to and held his ground about being forced into something he was not ready for or wanting. His wolf was adamant about finding his mate and would not settle for anyone else, Braxton was of course in agreement with his wolf. He blocked every thing they tried to do to him. He had hoped that they had gotten the hint and would leave the decision on who he would be mated to to him but unbeknowst to him they had other plans. Would he be able to be with his mate if he found her or would he finally be forced into whatever plans his parents had in mind? Would these two broken people find each other and would they accept each other with everyone in their lives trying to keep them apart at all costs?


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • shifter
  • mate
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • abuse
  • supernatural
  • lonely


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