Darkness Falls On The Righteous


Darkness Falls On The Righteous

Length: 01hrs 13mins 7 episodesCompleted
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In the city of Memphis, Tennessee a group of six individuals known exclusively as Christ Walk is commanded to go to different parts of the United States and help rid the sludge of evil that exist throughout the nation. Their weapons of choice are fasting and praying while reading the word of God gives them strength for the battle. Satan has placed a wager that the Christ Walk team will not succeed with their new assignment to Edenville, Michigan. A place for which massive evil of all forms has risen, and the heavens have been alerted of its fury. Satan’s assignment is to do what he does best, distract the group from achieving their purpose. The Christ Walk team must make it to Edenville, Michigan before the darkness consumes the entire city. Will they be able to stave off the grip of Satan while in Memphis? Or will they too succumb to the drum of the evil one? ]]>


  • Fantasy


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