Ballet Lesson


Ballet Lesson

Length: 36mins 4 episodesCompleted
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Another red hot erotic short from Charlotte Edwards.Extract:We spent a full hour being run through our paces until we were finally lined back up in front of him. “The problem with you girls,” he lectured in his thick accent. “is you are soft and disobedient. I do not think you want to succeed enough!” He walked down the line and fixed each of us with a steely stare. “Is that it?”“No Sir!” We chirruped in chorus.“Really?” He folded his arms and I tried not to stare at the obvious bulge in his tights. Eventually, he seemed to reach a decision. “Be back tomorrow, dressed like proper ballerinas, in tutus and we will see just how obedient you are!” Then he just turned on his heel and marched out, leaving the three of us exchanging bemused glances.“He wants to screw us!” Ana smirked as soon as the door closed behind him.]]>


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