Raging Hearts(Book 3 of The Guardian Heart Crystal Series)


Raging Hearts(Book 3 of The Guardian Heart Crystal Series)

Length: 10hrs 19mins 31 episodesCompleted
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The Guardians have always loved and protected their priestess above all else, but when it comes to just whom she belongs to… jealousy can be a dangerous game. Among the immortal brothers, one has always loved her the most. Toya would fight all odds to stay by Kyoko's side whether it be demons, his brothers, or his love. In a moment of passion, Toya finally claims his heart’s desire. That moment is forever changed when Kyoko is taken from his world by the heartless fates above. Believing he is cursed, Toya gives in to his demon blood, falsely accepting that his reason to live has forsaken him. When another guardian claims her, Toya finds he must defend her against the worst enemy of all... himself. Guardian Heart Crystal Series The Heart Of Time (Book 1) Defy Not The Heart(Book 2) Raging Hearts(Book 3) A Light In The Heart Of Darkness (Book 4) A Guardian's Possession (Book 5) Vampire Gemini (Book 6) Black Winged Angel (Book 7) Cursed Hearts (Book 8)


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