Dogging The Ex-Wife


Dogging The Ex-Wife

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Extract:As the evening progressed, things had got a little warmer in the Michaels’ lounge. The two women were sitting a lot closer together on the couch and had finished their first bottle of wine. “I know exactly what Tom saw in you,” Heather slurred. “You are just his type. Blonde, slim, gorgeous… and young.”“Well, I can see what he saw in you too,” smiled Hailey. “You are all of those things and clearly very intelligent too. Tom’s attracted to intelligent women,” she said meaningfully.“Of course, you are very intelligent too,” Heather grinned, pleased at being caught out. “But I’m far from young any more. If I was, I’d be chasing you, not Tom.” She put her hand up and casually stroked the younger woman’s cheek.Hailey had to stifle a laugh. She could see clearly that Heather was trying to seduce her, thinking her to be the naive and ditsy blonde she appeared to be. She certainly found the other woman attractive too but was unsure about how Tom would react to her taking on his ex-wife as a lover. She’d let the thing play out for a while anyway.]]>


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