Something Worth Having


Something Worth Having

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But she may have just made the biggest one of her life.She's agreed to go on a road trip with hunky Aidan Walsh, the Irish bloke she's been lusting after since the day they met.Problem is, Aidan isn't single. Never has been and probably never will be.So, as much as his smile may make her stomach flutter, she most definitely cannot go there.It'll be okay. It's just one week.She can restrain herself for seven days.Really, she can.The bigger problem will be keeping from Aidan— who's possibly her best friend and the only one who will ""get it""— the fact that she may just have the same cancer that killed her mother.No biggie.She's just on the verge of a complete and total meltdown and can't turn to her best friend for support.It'll be fine. Really. It will.Now if only she could believe that..."]]>


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