Dark Solar - Wolfsbane


Dark Solar - Wolfsbane

Length: 05hrs 12mins 35 episodesCompleted
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Dinah isn’t just a private investigator, she solves unthinkable mysteries in the multiverse, and has never lost a case until her best friend becomes a victim in a series of mass murders. Someone is toying with the human race and sending threats across the cosmos.Arik, an Oxford professor in mythology, holds the key to several secrets in the multiverse. When Dinah travels to Earth to seek help from him, they discover one of the secrets he knows could make him the next victim.As the danger increases, so does their mutual attraction. But fate might have something else in store for them in a twist of a fairy tale.Dark Solar is an urban fantasy trilogy, full of action, magic, surprises, science and romance.More information about the book and the series can be found at http://dnleo.com]]>


  • Fantasy


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