The Man with the Black Box


The Man with the Black Box

Length: 07hrs 56mins 17 episodesCompleted
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EVERYONE'S DYING TO KNOW.An international crisis threatens to plunge the world into war at the dawn of the Twentieth Century, but the British Foreign Office finds itself blinded by the bizarre deaths of crucial agents and informants as it struggles to stave off the coming conflagration. For help, they turn to an unconventional outsider, Inspector Jenkins of Scotland Yard, who soon finds himself on the trail of a mysterious man with a deadly black box and a host of devoted accomplices. Innocents transform into monsters. Men of God become agents of destruction. Good men rise from the flames of damnation to become soldiers in the coming apocalypse. The Man with the Black Box is a terrifying examination of the corruptibility of mankind, a riveting twist on the classic battle of good versus evil, and a fantasy thriller of historic proportions.]]>


  • Fantasy
  • spy/agent
  • curse
  • monster


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