The Reunion (Daniel McPherson Book 3)


The Reunion (Daniel McPherson Book 3)

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“What do you expect me to do? Pop out a baby every year?’ Carol said jokingly. “I don’t think so!”“Of course not!” Mrs. Williams laughed for a moment, and then turned serious. “I just told you, no questions asked. I don’t care where you get the child, or how.”“I don’t see how...surely you don’t mean, kidnap or...?” Carol gasped.“I didn’t suggest anything like that. That was your idea, not mine.” She looked at Carol without so much as a blink.“Any infant will be acceptable, however the fee could be considerable if you bring me a child of the requested race, and gender, and coloring. How, and where, you get the child is your affair, none of my business.”*****The investigation into a series kidnappings in Denver, leads to an unexpected, and uncomfortable, reunion between a father and daughter.The daughter, Meddie McPherson, had been raised in a string of foster homes after she was orphaned as a child. Her mother died young, and the child grew into a woman, believing that her father had abandoned her and her mother.Book 1 The Family TreeBook 2 The Elusive AncestorBook 3 The Reunion]]>


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