ELIJAH |18+ (Book 1 of Mafia Romance)


ELIJAH |18+ (Book 1 of Mafia Romance)

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(warning : extremely mature content. 18+ only) "I own you Princess. No one will ever matter to you but me. Not even that scrawny looking boy who is waiting for you." He walks closer gripping my neck in a firm hold that had me creaming my panties. "I'm going to give you want you, what you have always desired. I'll ruin you for any man to come after me that's if I let him live. The thought of me throbbing inside of you gets me fucking turned on. So fucking hard I want you begging to stop but I won't and you why? Because your pleasure is mine alone." He breathe huskily on my neck. "Say what I need to hear and I'll make your wildest dreams come true." He says and I moan shamelessly watching his finger caress my expose cleavage trailing down to my hot wet pussy. "Say it Princess. Only the magic words will get you your utmost desire." And I desired him more than I ever desired anything in life. His tongue lick my earlobe as those words sent vibrations down to my core, his fingers playing teasingly with my drenched pussylips. "I-I am yours Papi." I say through jagged breathing already at the verge of eruption watching his piercing silver grey smirk darkly loving how vulnerable I am for him. A dark promising smile that holds meaning untold. I want to be scared and back away from the insanely handsome man in front of me because I know who he is and what he can do to me. I blink, darting my tongue out to wet my chapped lips. Grey eyes darken further at that motion looking at me like a beast as I am his willing prey. If love is a flame I'll gladly burn for him. ♠♠♠♠♠ Sonia Vatore have been on the run ever since she watch the death of her family brutally massacred in front of her. In fear she changed her name taking the identity of your everyday American girl. Getting under the radar of Elijah, a ruthless and dangerous man, she found herself facing her deepest fear and her darkest desires. Mature content Adult language Violence 18+


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